5 Tips for Big Dynavap Hits | Tips & Tricks | Sneaky Pete’s Vaporizer Reviews

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The Dynavap series is another killer vaporizer that doesn’t need a battery! The on-demand conduction/convection heating is provided by a butane lighter, or a regular lighters, or a candle, burning stick, stove element etc! Despite it’s tiny size and simple design, this vaporizer is capable of producing massive hits with the right technique. Here I discuss the Top 5 tips & tricks I’ve used to get the biggest hits with my DynaVap.


James de Luna says:

hmm i never go past the click in fact i stop before and then it clicks ….
been using these since they came out and although i agree with some things you said i think you waste energy spinning that fast and could save time by using a triple lighter but one that heats a small area like a maxim jet lighter … just saying man
respect the click … 🙂

Dan Flict says:

Great musical choice with Plini! 🙂

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

These were great tips! My personal tip is to gently rest the dynavap in your palm and index finger and then using the side of your thumb, roll the vape like a log rolling in place on the water. This gets me the most even heating out of all the techniques i’ve tried. Cheers!

aquathraxxe says:


Asad Patel says:

can u provide a link on Amazon or eBay for the lighter your using ??

Red Eye says:

only butane powered vapes for me. i have sold a mighty+haze v3+pax2 when i tried the vapman and the vapcap. only vapes i own now are lotus+WPA , vapman, vapcap

Raymond B says:

Lol bro you look like a crack fiend sitting in that chair twirling your crack pipe around to heat it uo

Smacksalad Productions says:

Respect the Click

Infinite Concatenate says:

I just use a standard Zippo with my M, is that bad? I just like the style a lot more, I hate the way torches look.

Darin Mitchell says:

Is the Blazer Big Shot GT too big of a torch for this?

op0614 says:

extra thumbs up for the Rush t shirt!

Gesgeral says:

thank you so much man.

James R says:

came for the rips, stayed for the plonko. plini rules.

Jam says:

word of warning…don’t heat your DV while watching this video… I couldn’t tell if I was hearing my clicks or the ones on the video 😀 😀 😀

Wilt Williams says:

Got the volcano, mv1, Plenty and Mighty now

Krigsmjöd says:

Would toking while heating it make for a better experience at all?

REM lag says:

Hello, pay attention to the combustion, it arrives quickly !
Cheers !

Sami Parsegov says:

Awesome video, straight to the point and great tips. No wonder you have no dislikes! Subscribed!

Nathaniel C. says:

If I was blind, I’d report this video for smoking crack.

Michel laust der Affe says:

Hey Pete,
Can you give a tipp on Lotus Vap vs Dynavap X!? Not easy to choose for me….
Help would be great!
Greetings from germany! Michael

Kimnbrad Squires says:

I was da 1st to watch this video!!!

mountain goat says:

Can i smoke hard indian hash in it

porcelain says:

What song is playing in the beginning?

Captain Crooks says:

Worst smoking experience ever, Dynavap is shit !

Jonnathan Fernandes says:

I know that vaporizing does not smell too strong, but does the vaporizer itself smell?

Johnny Qush says:

You are suppose to heat it up with the tip pointing up gives you a really big hit

rq says:

Only guitar players listen to plini lool

YouorMe says:

I’m confused how’s this considered a vapor when you got to use a flame and it kind of looks like a one hitter

Lenar Rodrigues Lobo says:

I really like my ´´m´´ i am so happy I didn´t buy the glass one because I let it fall a couple of times already, this info is very useful I prefer to heat just the center of the cap. Hey Sneaky Pete do you prefer to use with the airhole open or closed ?

SuperCyril2 says:

Hey Pete. Do you cover the air hole when you take a hit?

Jack Gustafson says:

You sound exactly like steven suptic

Matthew Garcia says:

Subscribed, awesome video!

Vince Noir says:

Love this. Great, concise tips presented in a manner that works well for beginners and more experienced Vapcappers alike! 10/10

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