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2019 Dynavap M
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Sneaky Pete Globe/C-150
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Dynavap/DaVinci IQ Adapter
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The Dynavap series is another killer vaporizer that doesn’t need a battery! The on-demand conduction/convection heating is provided by a butane lighter, or a regular lighter, or a candle, burning stick, stove element etc! The units are absolutely tiny but provide an amazing vapour experience. The ever-popular Dynavap M has now been updated for 2019 to further increase the performance of this amazing ultra-portable, ultra-affordable vaporizer!

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!




The M is a very important vaporizer for DynaVap. We hear more about the M helping smokers quit than any other vape, due to both the familiar heating experience and the thick, rich vapour that this brand is known for making. The M is extremely popular, so expectations are usually high when DynaVap releases a new model. They have made several improvements this time such as better airflow and a more findable carb hole along with some other nice touches to the newest version of DynaVap’s wildly successful M vaporizer.

The Cap of the new M has a sharp looking updated 3D logo with depth to it. Removing the Cap shows the first real functional upgrades. Instead of dual wrap-around air channels, the ’19 M has serpentine style switch-back air channels, the idea being better air flow and heat up. They succeeded on both points and the draw is for sure easier on this year’s M. DynaVap also cut notches into the air channels at the end of the tip, like the titanium tips, making that improved draw even more enjoyable. The stainless CCD is the same and there is still only one screen position inside the tip. The new tip is also the same diameter so you can still use the same replacement CCDs. The fins appear to be the exact same or very similar to the last version.

Moving down to the body of the 2019 M there are more design changes. It has an awesome 3D texture which I’ve heard described as a “stoner fishing lure” effect. It is an intricate looking pattern and really plays in the light. Just above the textured area at the end of the body, there are ridges that I like to call the warning track. If you feel these ridges you know you’re getting close to touching the tip and potentially getting burned. It’s a very smart addition instead of just having the 3D pattern go all the way to the end.

Farther down the body of the ’19 M is the now unmissable carb hole. They’ve made a huge cutout notch around the hole itself so you really can’t miss it. DynaVap definitely listened to their customer’s feedback here. It is almost comically noticeable. They should do this across the entire lineup.

On the opposite side, there are two teardrop cutouts positioned next to each other so there is a raised peak between the two. This “rocker” is dual-purpose in both clearly indicating the exact opposite point on the body from the air hole, and then mechanically enabling you to easily roll your M tightly between your fingertips controlling that airflow without losing a firm grip on your piece. This was another well thought out addition for the new model. You’ll notice towards the end has a longer mouthpiece that’s more gradually tapered than the older edition. However, the condenser and body are all the same length so they still fit Dynastashes and Silos.




Tyler Butts says:

I modified my 2018 M a bit.
I engraved a vertical line opposite the air port. I Put 5 small o-rings over the grip for added grip and filed 6 groves at the end of the air channels.
It works awesome. I’m glad I did it for sure.

El Jefe says:

Are there any M XL models in the works?

m fizzled says:

Was waiting for your review on this, watching it whilst using my 2018 m. Do you reckon I should go for a hydrobrick or a lotus? Still can’t decide.

heondo k says:

Honestly as long as you have a ti tip you’re gonna have a great vaping experience. Stainless steel is too slow to heat and cool down

Shawn Boss says:

just bought one a few days ago, it was a 2018, im annoyed

Matthew Tellas says:

The M plus dyna coil has replaced $500 plus of equipment for me. I preordered the 2019 and got some of the accessories for 20% off. Thank you sneaky pete!

daedra40 says:

Dense and thick, baby.

rudeboymon says:

Already have a 2018M. Not interested in the 2019M. Im just here to watch Pete blow clouds


On. There website says 2018

kfir hefers says:

Good review,shitty vape..using it looks so narcotic and complicated…..

Private Domino says:

That’s the device the MIB use to erase your memory

Warren Buffoon says:

Great video Pete.
In average how much cannabis do you vape daily?
And what is your preferred strain?

AnVom_1130 says:

Just got a 2018 shadow M recently, not even mad I’ll buy this one too. Once you learn the trick to using these, they are one of the easiest vapes by far

MNDFND says:

I think I might gift my 2018 to my Friend and get a 2019 =) . Really want him to experience it.

Atostay says:

where can i get this lighter?

Alex Hand says:

It’s clear the M is their best selling device, so they keep making new versions of it, but as an old school woody owner, I think most Dynavap users are missing half the experience. With the wood body/mouthpiece vapcaps, you can prop the dynastash up 45 degrees and leave the vape hanging from the magnet between hits so the hot cap isn’t sitting on the table, because the wood pieces are so light. The M’s metal body is too heavy to stay propped up so unless the dynastash is lying flat with the M pointing straight up, it falls off. The M is better for reckless situations like camping but my every day vape is the wood one. Sometimes I leave the dynastash clamped in my dashboard cell phone holder and leave the vape hanging at 180 degrees (no, not while the car is moving). The woody will stay on the magnet even when it’s totally upside down. I hope they bring the fancy wood bodies back.

Private Domino says:

That bitch is a whole flashbang

A Fox says:

it always surprises me that there are other vape/cannabis accessory reviewers who get more views than you but aren’t nearly as thorough, or their videos are edited poorly and therefore it’s tough to filter out relevant information. then there are some who just “review products” AKA they just get obliterated and offer nothing useful to potential consumers (while i want my products to obliterate me, and i see the merit in watching someone have that experience, getting high isn’t necessarily a great feat — i also want to know what i’m buying and why i’m buying it, and why i should spend my money on product A versus product B). please note i’m not intentionally singling other reviewers out, this is just a trend i notice in general when it comes to the cannabis industry.

sorry to go on a mini-rant, my point is, you’re a true professional in every sense of the word and i really appreciate that. part of me wishes this industry had more petes, but another part of me recognizes that even if people tried to emulate your style, they wouldn’t succeed, because your personality lends itself so well to what you do.

i recently purchased the globe to use with my M and i love it so much, it’s the perfect size. thank you for creating quality products and reviews!! your hard work does not go unnoticed!

Barry Dawkins says:

where is the link for the Dynavap stainless case?

M Wu says:

He finally stopped holding his vapes underhanded like a nerd pretending to be a pothead.

Lilly And Dans Beard Product Reviews says:

So glad I literally just bought my shadow lol
Yes that’s sarcasm 🙁

Rohen Serna says:


Samurai Jack says:

Ha I pre ordered mine today so hyped!

El Jefe says:

Pete is right. This is the perfect vape to give to combusters. I find that your friends have at least a 50% chance of conversion.

tronnyplaysguitar says:

2019 m looks dope, are you expecting dynacoils for that April 1st delivery? Been waiting for a while

Mandatory Late Term Abortions for All DemoKKKrats says:

You talk just like Jordan Peterson.

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