Wulf Vape Digital Portable Vaporizer Review

You can buy the Wulf Vape Digital here: https://vaporizor.com/wulf-vape-digital-vaporizer.html

The Wulf Vape Digital Portable Vaporizer is a pretty great successor to a long line of vaporizers made by Wulf Mods. Don’t worry, the superior quality is still here and the special features still make it completely different than all other vaporizers currently available on the market. As you can tell from the image, design was a major issue with the production of this vaporizer and it came out brilliant. It feels really good in your hand and is completely ergonomic. The digital temperature display is a fantastic improvement and the increased run time just means that they have been listening to their customer base.

The Wulf Vape Digital Portable Vaporizer has a circulation heating system built into the device itself. That makes it ideal for vaporizing dried blends. The heat up time is 90 seconds and while that may seem like much, once you inhale – you’ll be quite satisfied with your choice. The whole thing is powered via a Li-Ion battery and with one single charge you can vaporize for hours on end.

Digital temperature control is kind of a big deal when it comes to vaporizers. The Wulf Vape Digital Portable Vaporizer is no different. The LCD makes sure you can monitor both the desired temperature and the temperature that you are currently experiencing. Feel free to play with it and set the heat anywhere between 200F and 428F. After all, we all vape at different temperatures and what works for us, may not work for you.

The automatic shut-off function is pretty neat as well. For instance, let’s say you are one of those people who like to vape and forget all about it. Well, now you can since this bad boy shuts of after one minute of being idle. This not only preserves battery but also prevents you from vaporizing yourself! If the battery level falls below normal, voltage protection option is the one responsible for notifying you to change your vaporizing pace by shutting off the heating cycle and telling the LCD to flash straight at you.


Eric Diavolo says:

isn’t this a hebe titan with a different name?

Vaporizor Reviews says:

If you would like to purchase this vaporizer click the following link and receive a 10% discount: http://bit.ly/1CUhcv3

nwnative rain says:

to take a second hit, do you have to wait for the temperature to reach your default temp or can you take a hit immediately after the first one – i have it set at 382 and after i take a hit the temperature goes down to around 320 – do i wait for it to go up or can i take successive hits

Taco Carlsón says:

Good to see they got vape pens in The Shire now..

Kate Tenen says:

Is there a way to clean the inside of the herb chamber? I’ve had my vape for about a year… It looks like that inner champer can be popped out.

eric mitchell says:

Yea but they don’t say the only work good for like 3 times of using it. Got a brand new one today. Used it 3 times. Charged it again. And now it doesn’t heat up at all. Kinda like the thing to heat it is already burnt out. In my opinion. This product is complete shit.

Alysia Norona says:

Why aren’t I getting a nice pull from it ? Plus I have to set it at 400 to get and vaper from it

Vaporizor Reviews says:

Please share your thoughts on the Wulf Vape Digital at: https://www.facebook.com/vaporizors/posts/388804377948990

Marc Jones says:

I just got a replacement and it doesn’t go past 220!

Jon Grace says:

Have you gotten a chance to use the Wulf Vape SX? I can’t seem to find any reviews on it. I’m new to vaping and I’m trying to figure out how to get the most out of it since no one in my area (Baton Rouge) seems to be familiar with vaping anything besides cannabis.

Vaporizor Reviews says:

This vape will not disappoint! Amazing temp control

Oh Here It Comes O'Shitson says:

Bought this last night, tastes like pure plastic.
Can’t even pull smoke off it, just drying my herb out. That’s it.

Rose Gonzalez says:

where did you purchase your small glass spoon?

Cannon Birch says:

does it use a coil

maddhhatter68502 says:

I just got one today. Personally I think it sucks compared to the Xvape Vital I own. Don’t give out shit for vapor and also gives a weird taste to your herb.

Dusan Durdovic says:

How hot is the vapor?  I have a Pinnacle pro which I love, but it has two draw backs – short battery life and hot vapor.  How hot does the vapor get in the wulf?

Julio Villamizar says:

Hi, hoy about battery life. I Just bought one y esterday and the duration with enterly battery full is very poor:(

Oxygorjia X says:

How is it comparison to the flower mate v5 pro? Or something like the v cloud phantom pro?
I have both the ariser solo and pinnacle pro

J Yen says:

Curious about whether the built-in lithium-ion battery is user-replaceable, I called WULF. They said the battery in the WULF vape digital is *not* user replaceable but if you have any problems with the unit within a year of purchase including battery issues, you can ship it to WULF (your cost) as well as pay them the $9.99 for them to ship it back after servicing. After 1 year, you can only buy a new unit once the battery no longer charges. This is a deal-breaker for me.

Sativa Jobs says:

Ive had no trouble at all with this vape love it like the tundra with bells on

The life of Newby says:

Mine came defective out the box

Hunnit Acre Woods says:

how do i get the best vapes because I’m at 428 and getting nothing

maadhat says:

Very nice review, your voice/accent is awesome.  I just picked one of these up and look forward to giving it a go.

Macy Huber says:

how do you hit the orinal when it’s ready

princess cadence says:

I  heard something about this and plastic gas ?


Can you use oils on this one? blessings!

Marc Jones says:

Doesn’t indicate when it’s charged. Hard to get a nice Full hit. I’ve yet to get a hit like the above.

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