WAX LIQUIDIZER Honest Review and Demo




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LALaker00024 says:

Everybody loves a long tip your wrong! There’s nothing wrong with long tips

J Keezy says:

You can use any kind of ejuice. I use just regular nicotine free I buy at the tobacco shop. I used to use Wax Liquidizer. For the most part its the same price, but if you buy it at the store you don’t have to wait for shipping, so that’s a huge +1 to just regular vape juice.
I have the Pineapple Express flavor now. It’s pretty alright.
The biggest difference I’ve ran into is just what kind of tank you use.

Steven Russell says:

NEVER use a microwave to heat the wax, use a hot water bath instead. Microwaving destroys whatever terpenes may remain in the wax. Wax Liquidizer makes for a good wax cracker and I love their grape ape, but I find the stuff rather expensive. I prefer to spend my money on the wax and so I use a different method and save big.
I use straight, food grade propylene glycol, PG, and add terpenes to the wax in a very small capped vial I suspend with tongs in a hot water bath, shaking constantly. The PG I bought on Amazon for about $12 for a quart (a lifetime supply), and the terpenes I get from Medical Terpenes or Mr. Extractor at about $10 – $12 a milliliter. I found the best mix to be 1g wax with 2ml PG and two drops from an eyedropper of terpenes per milliliter of PG and per gram of wax. [one gram wax + 2 ml PG + 6 drops terpenes = 3 ml liquefied wax]
My experience has shown that to avoid burning the finished product and turning it black, use a battery that puts out 9 – 10 watts.

brent villanueva says:

Does it stink up your house?

Matt Ruskin says:

How long does this oil generally last after being made and put in cartridges

Jarrett P the OG says:

You’re my favorite:)

907Ronald says:

I got sad when she said microwave

The Real C-No says:

Why did you keep them so long?

Bg Walter says:

Lil yellow bus dab liquidizer is the smoothest. tastiest vape by far compared to the other leading brands and they infuse true cannabis terpenes in their dab liquidizer like 10 diffrent strains or so i get mine off ebay due to them being new company outttt.

X X says:

i hate when cute girls r doing the reviews. cannot concentrate

Angelina Rispoli says:

See like, I’d love to watch your review.. But it’s 20 minutes long!!! The other reviews come out to just 5 minutes. It only takes minutes to make one dosage. Sigh, bye!

Young Kemo says:

It’s very easy to use, inexpensive and there are a few delicious flavors available. I’ve found a 2.4-1.3 ratio works well and provides a nice, slow vape, and super good flavor profile. Natural is extra tasty (depends on quality and strain of material, though), but the strawberry and banana are good, too. I’ve done quite a few 2.0 strawberry to .5 banana brews that turned out well, and have also done an equal amount of 2.0 banana to .5 strawberry batches. Mixing at that exact ratio (with 1.3 material) really brings out the flavor of each…. not too sweet, not too pale. With this product readily available, and of course well made, it’s obvious that home brewing is the only way to go. On an end note, I’ve learned that de-carbing the material right in the shot glass, at 230 degrees (oven), for 30 minutes, really makes a huge difference in the taste, color and stability. Plus, moving the shot glass from the oven to pan of boiling and stirring for a good 7 minutes really helps to dissipate the material and makes for a good, evenly blended potion.

Brad Maue says:

She seems like she would be a dentist or Hygienist. Hmm?

Brax says:

she has pretty teeth.

Purpose says:

how long do you put in the microwave? at specific setting?

Toby_ Terpenstein253 says:

Microwave? Doesnt hurt anything?

VapingwithJan AndGoonther420 says:

Does this work with cbd isolate?

jimmy sanchez says:

Anyone know what size tank she used?

The Great Trials Treason is in season says:

Work with rosin?

Hunter Wellman says:

Thank you for the potency warning. Just ordered a 3 pack and I’m excited to try it out with some Jenny Kush wax

East Los says:

Did not heat up to activate better

Charles Head says:

Girl you are the SHIT ..I make my own e.juice from concentrates also …i use cannabis oil for a de.waxer .

Brian Stayton says:

Hi there is this the best wax liquidizer you have used?

review for the tube says:

Wow that’s crazy lol I csnt believe your actually using an aspire tank for like regular liquid zi mean it does work the same and you can actually use higher temps with that tank anyways

UncleJu NobodyLikesJu says:

Awesome video

Ronnie Beck says:

You look like a moron when you’re hitting that thing.. It’s like bitter beer face or something.

Ajax Pal says:

She’s pretty cool I like her nice vid keep it up

Peggy Walker says:

have you had it tested or does it say whats in it.

Kim Johnson says:

hash and oils dont lose potentcy for 10 – 15 years flavor of the other hand ………

Jess Adams says:

can you put this in any tank vape?

Steve Lozano says:

I’m curious as to what the yield is you get? Is it just two ml or is it more when the two are combined?

ContactHigh says:

Does anyone have a clue which resistance coil she’s using in that nautilus mini?

Fisher Kieds says:

She is baked and almost didn’t make it through that video

Chris Hallow says:

Dose this work for distillate

ty max says:

what exactly is in wax liquidizer, couldn’t you take any ejuice and heat it up with the wax and mix it?

DrJones says:

Lol i knew she was getting high as fuck at the end… I dont think she realized how high she was going to get until it had already happened lol good times!!! Love Youtube!!!

Cheapest Vape Supplies says:

Wax Liquidizer is definitely a quality product!! I prefer using smaller .5ml and 1ml cartridges to put the vape oil in. Always use a ceramic coil vape cartridge to get the best flavor from your oil!

justin g says:

PG/PEG mix. It’s garbage chemicals and you’re adding a ton of them. You can “ejuice” concentrates using a small amount of heat and terpenes.

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