Vaporizers 101 – A Basic Guide – Portable & Desktop – Sneaky Pete’s Vaporizer Reviews

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Switching to vaporizing is one of the best things you can do for not only your health, but your wallet as well. There are many benefits to vaporizing, but also a lot of choices. How do you make sure to pick the right unit? It’s important to first identify how/where you intend to use the device. Will it be used mainly by yourself at home, or at a concert with friends? Do you want something less expensive that heats up fast, or something higher end that has a better vapour experience? Join me as I cover Vaporizers 101, a basic guide to the general classes and vaporization methods. A must watch for any beginner!

0:23 Portable vaporizers
1:37 Desktop vaporizers
2:58 Conduction vaporization
4:47 Convection vaporization
6:45 Portable vaporizer considerations
8:18 Desktop vaporizer considerations
9:06 Vaporization vs smoking
10:23 Vaporization benefits
13:01 Final thoughts

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Jasper anders says:

I am looking for a portable vaporizer und can´t realy figure out witch one to by. My prise range goes from 50 to 200 max. Do you have got any advice?

Soham Sanyal says:

Hey man! I’m from india and I’m looking to switch to vaping for the healthier option. Your videos have been very helpful so far. What I’d like to really know is what mid level price range vape would you suggest that is reliable (considering most of these companies have absolutely no support centres in this part of the world)?
And also if vapes are only good for hydroponic strains or would it be good for local strains as well (I’m not sure if you have any experience with such strains).
Thanks ✌️

jack van lierop says:

Can you do a video testing the grasshopper battery life?

JasonV856 says:

I have a Grenco G pen, and it’s nice and all, it gets the job done. But it feels cheap (because it’s plastic), and gets really hot (the oven is right below the mouthpiece). I want to upgrade but don’t know what to turn to. Definitely has to be stealthy with the power to put out. Suggestions?

Āris Plūģis says:

is Magic Flight Launch Box a conduction vape? confused….

Pete, i would dearly suggest you to try FocusVape. first Korean vape. ordered it for around $100. i’m sure they would send you one for free if you asked. they have sent them out to other vape-reviewers.

 thought it would be some cheap, crappy on go vaporizer to use while waiting for GrassHopper. but Jeez….. that thing really rips!!! conduction vape with ceramic chamber, user changeable battery, adjusting air flow and leather coating. universal 14mm, 18mm bong connector and other nice quality tools included! this thing can do really well in your shop. at price range in between MFLB and an Arizer Air. very pleasant surprise that FocusVape. can’t express enough… and what a flavor and taste from those massive clouds!

and one more question. you have had a GrassHopper for a while now. any issues with hot back end or flashing red-blue “police” lights? or any other reliability problems? thanks…

Shampoo Wow says:

Awesome video! I like it

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

Check out this blog post, more great advice for anyone in the market

noah MacLeod says:

take into effect ;p

Sithizit says:

How bad do these smell just sitting around the house?

shesdoinit says:

Excellent video. Thank you!!!

Chris B says:

another great video! have you used any butain torch powered vapes? The Lotus, vapman and vapcap get very good reviews

Cole Byre says:

Pete you make some excellent videos. Really glad I found your channel.

brayden fontaine says:

Amazing video man, Literally dying to get my hands on a Grasshopper. Mighty isnt stealthy enough haha. Anyone think the Grasshopper looks like a Doctor Who gadget? lmao

Thomas Q says:

Hey Pete, I’ve been watching your videos and want to purchase my first vape. I feel like I’m undecided between the grasshopper and crafty. I like the price of the grasshopper, but the thing I’m looking for is smooth and tasty. your reviews are great, just wanted to personally here from you what you would recommend. I’m not a heavy consumer if that helps. Thanks

Hun Tar says:

I like vaporizers, but I just hate the current market. A lot of overpriced products that are all clones of each other.

MrBroFo says:

Dude, another outstanding review! You know I love ya, right? You changed my life. Thanks!


Hi Pete I have never vapes before and I need some help please. First off im an occasional puffer use to smoke everyday but stop smoking nicotine and now when I puff I use herbal cigarettes I only soke 2-3 a month when I am out in bars or nightclubs. because i don’t smoke regularly on a night out 2-3 joints will last me the night and after a couple of puffs of a joint I would feel a good buzz. Please what vapor would you recommend? I was thinking of the grasshopper but a few of the reviews on youtube say it burns your mouth and the taste is not very smooth. I don’t mind spending a few pounds on a decent one as long as it’s portable discreet and taste good what would you recommend thank you

MortallicA91 says:

I’m researching for 3 days now and I can’t decide on vaporizer. I don’t want to take it outside. Just in my room to replace smoking although I wouldn’t mind or I would even love to find that this that suits me can even be stealthy.

I want to be able to do 2-4 joints throughout the night, I don’t know how that translates to grams and vaping + I was doing 3/4 tobacco and 1/4 hemp on long OCB papers.
At first I was like DaVinci Ascent is the only one I know but a reviewer said it may give harsh hits a nd what not, then I found the firefly 2 but it is expensive (maybe firefly 1?), then looked into the Arizer Solo/Air vs Crafty or the Mighty.

And now this video and many others are hyped about the grasshopper. Another guy uses it with a bong and produces big enough clouds + it’s cheap, it’s stealthy and uses convection.

On the other hand I could just take a desktop one cause they are cheap too and fill a bag to inhale for the night, but it’s a big device and I want to be able to hide it.

Everything is confusing again even though this video is one of the best out there and thank you for it. Please help me decide. Could you keep vaping with the grasshopper for a night without destroying the device? Any alternative to it? The pax 2 doesn’t fill my eyes for heavy usage at a time.

And if I can take the hopper sneaky outside… oh man… although I’m too afraid, that’s why I put stealth last. I usually want to sit the night with my pc. Thanks guys.

mpkp2011 says:

Great Vid as always. You should have mentioned using the Magic Flight with the wall adapter and whip/bong combo tho. It pretty much makes it a powerful mini desktop vape.

Nicolaas Bosma says:

what’s the worlds best hands free desktop vaporizer?

Anthony C. says:

Awesome video man. Just left active duty and have been shopping for a good reasonably priced desktop vape. What are your thoughts on the Arizer V Tower? Seems like its a quality product without unneeded bells and whistles.

Jakub Levine says:

Super helpful, thanks man!

PocketableTech says:

Excellent video man! very thorough and in-depth vaporizer info!

josh sparrow says:

Great video man! thanks for going into the benefits of vaporizing at the end of the video. i Agree so much! improved effect for health, taste, smell, and much more efficient than smoking. Pax 2 is Great. wainting on the Grasshopper 🙂

aussem says:

Hey Sneaky Pete, great review!

I heard that the Pax 2 is definitely an improvement over the Pax 1, but for the best vaping experience at home while being careful with herb usage efficiency – Is the Arizer Air still the better choice?


Deebo Guwop says:

Stay away from PAX2. I wish I would’ve got the Crafty.

omgmmm3 says:

Absolutely awesome video! everything you said was spot on. And as a public service announcement to everyone, CHECK OUT SNEAKY PETE’S WEBSITE! It’s awesome!

Qt Animu says:

Thanks for review, but what about liquid vapes?

jean-luc landry says:

No clue how i found this channel a few months ago but you are by far the best vape critic i’ve seen and i really hope your channel takes off big time.

Gabe Mags says:

Thank you for putting in the effort to be as thorough as you are in your videos, Sneaky Pete! I can definitely appreciate your attention to details that a lot of other channels won’t take the time to address about the products they feature. Keep making awesome videos!

harlots_ hello says:

Hey,Pete,great reviews! do you know if its possible to vape BHO/rosin in Arizer Solo? i think about putting the concentrate into some japanese organic cotton first.

FvckTheRadio says:

Pete, can you recommend some ABV recipes?

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