Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review Demo- Vapir Rise unboxing and demo Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review Demo. Watch this Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review and Demo. It shows the new Vapir Rise review, it is a great desktop vaporizer that you can use with up to 4 people. The Vapir Rise vaporizer is the best vaporizer we have done a review on. This Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review and Demo is great.

The Vapir Rise is basically what you would get if you crossed a hookah and a digital vaporizer. This Digital Tabletop Vaporizer is great because it has the option to use a bag (AKA-Balloons) or a whip hose to inhale. It also comes with an attachment so up to four people can use it at one time. It is a great digital vaporizer for parties and other functions because it is interactive. Besides being able to vape with up to 4 people at one time, the Vapir Rise can also vape both dry blends as well as liquid blends with its aromatherapy essential oil cup. The Tabletop Vapir Rise has a whisper quiet mechanism that lowers the amount of noises put off by the fan and it also has a digital display that shows the temp and it also comes with a replaceable HEPA air filter, So If you’re looking for the most versatile new desktop vaporizer for a great price, the Vapir Rise has the most features compared to the other tabletop vaporizer systems and the price is less than half of the Volcano. You might have heard of Vapir from other Vapes like the the Vapir No2 or the Vapir One 5.0, but the Vapir Rise Vaporizer is the best tabletop vaporizer for under $250 at

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