Review for 11 Umba E- Juices from the Blends juice line

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These reviews are based on my experience and please be of legal vaping age.
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Thanks for the offer but I’m happy as is. It would however be nice, if you place an order again with em, maybe tell them why you haven’t in the past and tell them, that because of my story and their exceptional customer service, that you have changed your mind. It may open, or keep the doors open for others to come. But thanks again. By the way, shouldn’t you be working ? LOL


Listen, I just experienced some exceptional customer service from the company:
“You got e-juice”
and I thought it deserves an honourable mention.
About 5 weeks ago I had ordered some juice from them, which was, of what I thought, been seized by customs. After I contacted them to let em know, they immediately resend my order without any additional charge, not even shipping fees. I just found out, after my package was obviously sitting at customs for more than 3 weeks, that my first order arrived in the mail today. So I contacted the company to let them know, and to ask if I can at least pay for the shipping charges for the other shipment they had send, and their answer was: “it’s on us”.
Say what you will about you guys down south of the boarder, but sometimes you guys blow me away. Thanks to you all and especially “You got e-juice”.

Micah Johnson says:

How’s that kaos treating you?

The Spectre says:

Another great review! Finding great inexpensive juices is always a good thing.
Thanks for sharing the video. Speaking of bourbon, I’m vaping some Jim Beam right now.
I’ll let you know how it turns ooooouuuuutttt…:D

Mando Vee says:

Bro, try The Dollar ejuice club, $1 5mls sample, you won’t regret it

Toxicgameing 420 says:

I hit 18 nic with a kangertech evod


Man, I just did some sampling on the 8 flavours I’ve got from YGEJ and I must say, for the reasonable priced juice they offer, that stuff is pretty good. I didn’t get the cherry lemonade, as you had mentioned, but their lemon cheesecake is outstanding. I’m a big fan of “lemon tarts” from “Dinner Lady”, but this stuff comes pretty close. The whole cheesecake-line is definitely worth a reorder. The same goes for the strawberry custard, and I’m not a strawberry fan at all. I would say: 5 out of 8
I will call that a win for sure.
2 I can vape and only 1 goes in the “bad-boy” pile. I’m impressed.

john schultz says:

I’m going to order the Paradise I love pineapple vapes also great juice review have a great weekend

Mando Vee says:

does it ruins your coils? Anything associated with OHM vapor I’ll pass.


Yeah no kidding, good to see you back again, was getting kinda nervous on my end and I was just about to call your company only to find out if you went down the drain or something. Hope your weekend turns out to be easier than of what it sounds like. Nice review – thanks

the pwnusher says:

good to see you again ty for review

marsha b says:

kitty cat cameos! missed your face too.

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