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It’s a pipe, it’s a vape, it’s the Sticky Brick! I call this a Piperizer as The (OG) Brick ushers in a whole new era of vaporizing. This vaporizer gets it’s power from a butane lighter, no batteries required. The Brick gives you INSTANT, insanely flavourful convection vapour in massive quantities. It’s amazingly efficient, and requires very little maintenance. Above all else, it delivers an immensely satisfying vaporizer experience, you need to try it to fully understand it. But it also requires a learning curve, and a steady hand. When used incorrectly it’s quite easy to char or scorch your herb. I’m not going to be coy here – it’s worth the trouble. Join me for this review!

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Robert Drake says:

I’ll pass on vaping butane.

Believe. says:

Looks great but can’t see spending $200 on it

Cole Byre says:

Whaaat? Dude that’s fricken awesome! That wood makes it feel like something you could hit while lounging next to a fire with a beanie on while it’s snowing outside. I love that.

Will Arthur says:

Awesome review!!! Stoked to hear you what you think of the rest of the line up.

Dave M. says:

I don’t know how much money you make but the “Cloud V” Enail looks good but pricey for me to just buy without seeing a unbiased review. Bought the volcano because your review, thanks brother

Devin Breshears says:

Dude, is that Dream Theater I hear in the background?! Subbed

E0x says:

piperize is not gonna happen…..

Nate Marinate says:

That bottom keif catcher made me cream my shorts

Āris Plūģis says:

i just got HydroMaxx Brick and i have not touched any other vaporizer since. unprecedented flavor and vapor composure. it is like a smoke. very awesome with good quality tobaccos. and HydroBrick have a wood-to-glass vapor path. no steel connectors. so vapor start to condense only when it hits that mouthpiece. amazing.

one suggestion… i noticed that material is getting roasted uneven. at least in mine brick. it is like one more darker spot in a middle. so i took a scalpel and made that opening of hot air intake hole shaped like a cone. like when a GrassHopper’s cone tip fits in. so when a hot air come into the chamber it is getting distributed more even over whole bowl. think of it as a “gramophones” effect. i have no “laser roasting” flaw now. all surface of material is even colored. and hits are much more massiveier because of that.

mikokuijn says:

What ever happened to Triihouse with Lily and Daisy? How does this compare?

Acid Skies says:

Pete, are you going to review the new DaVinci?

Hikaru Eyre says:

In my experience with butane vapes a high quality torch can really help with constancy. I noticed with cheaper torches the strength of the flame will die out as it empties. If you don’t keep an eye on it and adjust strength then you will have to constantly change your technique. When I bought a quality Xikar torch I noticed that the flame strength didn’t change like with cheap torches. This really helped with consistency of my technique and more efficient use.

Mike Cornford says:

Can you taste butane in the vapor? Check out dynavap all their stuff is awesome. No butane taste


Is the vector 14x refine safer than 5x ?

Kaisersozze says:

I just got this. Not getting the same strong high as using my goboof alfa vaporizer. So far Im disappointed. Ive held the lighter at various distances.
Cool thing about it is my alfa fits into the little glass piece and on the other end i can attach a grizzly bubbler which fits perfectly with no extra attachments.

J Borg says:

A “shotgun” is the same as a “super”. The hole on that and pipes is called a carb.


Hey man great informative vid. Would u say the taste on this is as good as the cloud evo?

Hatchett says:

I find holding the flame at a slight angle helps keep me from charring or *gasps* combustion.

Jason Ramirez says:

You do excellent reviews of product. I have a product that uses butane to vape weed at As you said with clean butane it is not harmful. The output of butane is CO2 + water vapor and heat. A company like BIC could not make lighters for 50 years with butane if they took a chance on a huge lawsuit from sick people using butane. Not one lighter company has ever been sued because of butane health issues.

Ed Cantu says:

Another great review man, hey so a little thing I noticed haha. When you bleep out fucking, who would that be for? I might just be high but this video is for 18+ audiences only, and its not like its safe for work haha. I don’t mean to come off picky or anything, like really I don’t mind, I’m just curious :p

Chris A says:

I cant wait for your review of the Pax 3

Adam Cross says:

or just get a dynavap vapcap

Jeff YouTube says:

The lighted tweezers…I use them to look into the chamber after a few sessions to see how vaped the material is. Any little light would work I guess but I find that you really do need a light to look in the chamber to get a good look. Anyways, that’s what I use them for.

Holden Miller says:

I’m so stoked on the jr version


I was going back and forth on which vape to get between the mighty and this. Decided to go with sticky brick and this video helped alot man, Cant wait to try this thing out.

moutchy says:

150US Plus … Pretty expensive for a piece of wood with hole ….. Very Sad

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