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shinma demongod says:

So my question is “how do the make the flavors that go into e juice” like, will say blueberry, what do they do. Boil blueberries and extract their juices and add them to vg or pg? I understand how to make my own advanced flavors combos, but I’m really trying to understand how they make the flavors to begin with. Do they make them from chemicals, do they extract them from a fruit?


What is your clan name? I want to join!

Sian Colman says:

My fav juice is star burst and rhubarb with custard its very popular

Mömmustrákur says:

i am 13 and when i was 12 i started smoking weed and ciggarets and i was hook my dad bought a vape for me and i started vaping and it helped me so fucking mutch im sober right now and the vape has saved me and my parents

bradly dechant says:

Check out Big E’s Vapor store. Can ship to any location on earth. Just order on line or check out one of our stores near you!

Tom Dunkman says:


DudeUDontKnow says:

Jam monster is that good shit

Ross Pendleton says:


Godly ActionsZ says:

I tried the cum flavor… It’s a little to salty

Vincent Scafidi says:

11517 Cranston dr.

Notgoing Totellyou says:

Valcon m1 coil… bubble tank… best…… dammit…. best.

Hector Ossandon Gaete says:

Best juice Bluedrago from ivape

Marx Westaway says:

So basically you like to vape colours

Mario Urteaga says:

do you guys send to mexico?

Bre Cringy says:

Just bought some from u

R.I.P.Squirt& Jinxy says:

What taste great in the Prince tfv12?

Mr Autry says:

lab rat brown Betty

Ash The Duke says:

Have you tried coca cola flavor??

Mick Bosscher says:

Glad to see that im a year to late for the discount code xD

Richard Davis says:

Hey Ryan could you send me sum vape juice

8Bitkasper says:

stopped watching cos you took well fucking too long to get on with it

Lloyd Christmas says:

Greetings from n.w. Ohio ryan and crew!! Big fan!.

Notgoing Totellyou says:

Nasty Juice…. Cush man… Slow blow… the best… Flat out! 100% no joke…..SICK GOOD!!!!!!!

Jeremy Vannatter says:

I love Clash Royale

Joseph Peters says:

It’s all about vaporfi!!!!

Carri Moser says:

Ryan, I have a very private question and I don’t want to post it here. Can you and only you send me an email. I’m kinda a new vaper, been vaping since February 10th, 2018. Never picked up a cigarette UNTIL this past weekend. I’m upset and I need help with someone that knows e-liquids. If you have never read or answered an e-mail please please answer me.

Kevin Cruz says:

That’s a lot of aids

Kodi B says:

Ryan!, I need to know what’s your favorite RDA for flavor?

Jay krupa says:

Al the aid juices r trash

music love says:

Hi your store cant do delivery to Canada but can to all other countries in the world?lol

Sarah Weiss says:

Ryan, I lovvvveeee your videos.

First Name says:

Vaping has severe impact on your health 2018 report

The bad news just keeps pouring in for e-cigarette smokers, after a study last week found that they do damage to smokers’ DNA and increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Scientists have now warned that flavouring chemicals and liquids used in the devices are toxic to white cells in our blood.

Research into which particular flavours are most harmful to smokers  found that cinnamon, vanilla and butter are the worst. But, on top of that, mixing e-cig flavours – much like mixing drinks on a night out – has the strongest impact on your health.

Aaron Chapman says:

The best juices I’ve had are juice recipes I’ve created n my kitchen

West Coast Clouds says:

Great list! But you forgot us man! Where can i send you samples

Emanuel Abraham says:

Vape should be allowed at 15 and allowed buy 0 nicotine stuff

AlecChrz says:

Anyone know a good cucumber melon flavor?

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