Sticky Brick Jr. Vaporizer Review – Portable Convection Vape

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The Sticky Brick Jr is a portable butane-powered conduction vaporizer. The Bricks are one of the best things to happen to vaporizers in a while, and the Jr is the perfect portable option. The vapour produced in fantastic once you get your technique down, and the efficiency is off the charts. All of the glass pieces fold into a protective wooden shell that also helps in the stealth department. But can you still get the same results as with the larger units? Does the small size mean it’ll be be harsh and hot? What about scorching? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

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Jacob Lefcourt says:

I used a sharpie to mark a small line to indicate which way the top goes on. As for torches, I’ve seen people use dab-rig torches for the brick, using a different technique. Instead of pointing the flame down the tube, you just have the flame running across the tube. I think you need to hold the torch closer to the glass intake using this method, but it allows you to use a more reliable torch. I don’t have a torch that big so I can’t try it out sadly. Keep up the great reviews though!

systemdeadlock says:

What no Mighty? Then you’re for sure missing out…

187541 says:

lotus review next? 🙂

Sponge Robert says:

This is my first time listening to one of your vids with my headphones and I noticed you have some awesome music playing in the background. Idk if this is new but I enjoyed it.

DeviatesLoL says:

Have you tried the NewVape Flowerpot? I found that “piece” to be quite interesting.

mr sticky says:

have you made any firewood 4 reviews? If not you should it looks like a good unit

Jason Lee says:

where’d you buy that funnel

Red Eye says:

what about inhaling things from the butane? im not talking about butane itself (reacts into co2 and h2o when combusted) i am talking about the inpurities in there. in my 5 times filtered Tycoon butane it says 99,9% pure. but whats that 0,1% thats left over? i dont care about the small amount i care about the substance itself. i am really interested in the SB Jr. but this is concerning me. currently using Lotus & Vapman

dusten prince says:

so butane hits? so bad for you…….

Phil Imm says:

I don’t have a lot of experience with butane lighters but I have used the Vapman lighter for three years now with no issues, lights on the first click every time! The way sbl lighter stays lit after you let go of the button seems strange, I wouldn’t like that personally. Great review and this is still my top vape to get for sure! Keep up the awesome work you are definitely my favorite vape reviewer on youtube!

SurprizedDaily says:

these look like a very kool must have…. yet, am looking forward to the extended review on the hydro an hydro maxx be4 we try an choose which….just found your channel here earlier today & subbed w notices to stay informed…thanks…cheers n stay lifted

bassmansoundking99 says:

Looks nice, I just wonder about the build up inside between the screen and the output tube where you cant get to clean it…
Does the wood impart any taste in the vapor?

Lucas Smith says:

lol the toothpicks arent special, just gourmet toothpicks

Uncle Jesse says:

as visually appealing as this rig is and perfect for my style, there’s no chance that I would be willing to pay $193 Canadian dollars (less the mentioned 10% discount), granted, I don’t know the conversion rate to American currency.

Hobo says:

If you had to pick only one from the lineup which would you choose? I’m leaning towards an original for now and then moving on to a hydrobrick if I enjoy that.

Zach Davis says:

6 months later, have you found a lighter you recommend?

LB says:

Pete do the flowermate swift pro and boundless CFV

Luca Kush says:

so the falvour is better than the from the IQ ?oO

Āris Plūģis says:

hey Pete! awesome review. as always.

but one question. is Junior having a stainless steel vapor pathway like original Brick, or is it wooden like my HydraMaxx? i must say, i been enjoying every hit of that walnut chamber. and now i know that i don’t want any metal in a path. because a lot of goodies condenses on it. also, that would be awesome if the BrickMan or third party accessory maker made some kind of wooden rings or tubes to fit TheBVrick’s chamber. so one day you could put in a Canadian maple in it to hit some sweet skunk. and next day you could change it to an apple tree, and go with sour diesel trough it. i know that one convection electric portable got those rings. and people have reported that it actually works. so, maybe you can suggest this to some vape-making-people if you are in touch with them. could be a great business in future, as the Brick popularity grows exponentially.

about a good lighter for Bricks… Wavy Vaporizers got it covered in one of his videos. he say that this one is a one fat fire.

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