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In this video, DeucesJack shares his review of the Smok Resa Stick. Get a closer look at the Smok Resa Stick, know its pros and cons, and find out if it is DeucesJack approved.


Nemanja Miloye says:

You made me buy this one too

Toma Lipa says:

I just have a simple question is it better than a V8 or equal to a V8 or shittier then a V8

Rhia Rata says:

Resa has a very good appearance in a stick and the demo is well given. Users are provided a proper guide with this video.

Frizé la says:

That Smok Resa is a fancy stick. I like the hidden USB port.

d s says:

What a beautiful and green product! Really unique design, tank, shape, colour, simply incredible. I am impatient to have it in my hands. Thanks for the professional presentation. This is one of my favourite products.

Ismail Shaikh says:

Nice little kit. That COBRA resin skin looks good. Thanks for the giveaway. And as always another great review.

Michael Sargent says:

For those who are wondering, this baby, the SMOK Resa Stick is a unique pen style starter kit with elegant cobra resin design. Consisting of 2000mAh Resa Stick battery and 2ml/7.5ml Resa Baby tank, Resa Stick Kit will provide you an extremely superior vaping experience…. Thanks for the video man !

fourina persantti says:

its design reminds of the gum tube I used to buy from a nearby stationary store.


The unboxing is very complete!

Madlen Aram says:

I love this stick mod. Looks very stylish and solid!

Tatjana Jelisijevic says:

This is very good for smoker like me,its very intresting tematik about smoke.I think after this video i bay this produkt.Thanks very much

Sophia Shcherbakova says:

This is amazing video with a lot of great informations. Very helpful video. Thanks.

Nataly Jackson says:

I’m glad I found this video and you’re totally awesome. Keep posting more helpful videos.Thanks a lot.

Fiorenza Li Fonti says:

Amazing video with great informations. Thanks.

Fabian says:

Thank you for sharing this amazing review with us, Jack!

TrusTIo TrusTiov says:

Great review yet again, you always say the most important stuff!

somon bhi says:

its a awesome video. here nice details about Smok Resa Stick Review. and how to use this and how to work it

REM REM says:

It is very helpful for me this type of information

kuneeya kanna says:

wow this is really amazing. i will definitely give a try. thanks for sharing nice information.

Arcane Fury says:

Hey, i have a problem with the tank that i have noticed no one else has in all these reviews. The airflow cover that you adjust the airflow with keeps breaking for me. i just try to unscrew the bottom part of the tank to get to the coil but it when i grip the airflow adjustment thing to twist the bottom off, it keeps breaking apart in each little honey comb shape thing. right after i bought the vape that happened so i took it back in and they replaced it but then the exact same thing happened again! Does anyonje else have this problem???

sarkar ray says:

Wow very useful information about Smok Resa Stick Review. Thanks for sharing this video.

Nicole78 says:

Your reviews are awesome! You cover all the important info in such great detail. I have no questions left to ask! thanks!

Bibou SiSi says:

I will become an expert like we among the awesome channel

Sisir Mondal says:

He described perfectly about Smoke Resa Stick. Information and visualization is amazing. Thanks

Mimi Orbe says:

may i know how much it cost?

Lilly Lucas says:

I don’t mind the slow charging time because I can still use another in the mean time. Definitely gonna buy this.

vaki d says:

looking Cobra pattern on that mod

Magdalena Dimkovik says:

This is really great video about Smok Resa Stick. Thanks for sharing this useful information with all of us, you are the best.

Mariya Dinesh says:

I’m very much interested in this because of your review!!! Neat explanation !!

alex433 says:

Useful info and details about Smok Resa Stick . thanks!

William Khoury says:

Which is better? The Smok Prince, or the Smok Resa?? In terms of flavor and cloudage.

Christopher Newman says:

What kind of wall adapter should I use with the Resa?

James Fallon says:

This seems like quite a good product, considering getting it now!

Amit Pednekar says:

It is a very good and informative video about Smok Resa Stick Review. Thanks.

Shamsul Sol says:

very good and informative video about Smok Resa Stick Review.

James William Jacob says:

Smok Resa Stick – Vapers will benefit from its ease of use and will surely love the portability aspect of the mod. Thanks

Najib Casa says:

informative video about Smok Resa thank you brother

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