Review: The Davinci Portable Vaporizer – In Use

Could this be the Pax killer? Offering many of the same features, I do my best 2 give as much info as possible. Decide yourself.. Pick up a Davinci for a great price on Ebay: Other great vapes at ~


datkillaboy5997 says:

I’m sure that when they were making the design of the Divinci they didn’t say “hey lets put pot leafs all over them!”. The first thing that is great about vapes is the fact that they are much better for you; your lungs, and secondly that they are discrete. Much more discrete. Why do I think it looks the way it does? Maybe because the real medicinal users don’t want to be patronized in public by others. The makers of this item obviously nailed it. “Why dafuq does it look so much different bruh?”

Franken Peter says:

Have used this for 6 months and have also used many other vaporizers also. This is still my go -to everyday. Now i dont have this exact model. I have the 2.0 with the magnetic flip out piece and not the button one like in the video. I never have to worry abou combustion with this model and that is my most important feature in a vape. THe oil vape on this is garbage though. I do nothing but flower in this. 

tree woman says:

great tip about the air flow from lid

Slam Dango says:

I love the VapeLife Baby intro! Watching this old review I can see how far you’ve come in a short time. This review was a little stiff compared to your later ones but still very informative. Spontanaeity and just being real is key and you got into your groove quickly. Interesting that the airflow sealing issue is not new with DV – you warned them way back in this video! Obviously not an issue you just dreamed up for the Ascent but something you care about. VapeLife Baby!!!

Channa Miriam Knuckey says:

what’s “The AVP”?

Joe Peters says:

Just placed my order!

Sam McFarlane says:

Just wondering if your davinci is still going strong? I’ve heard stories from people who said that theirs gave out in a month or two 

j co. says:

I have had this for a year and I really think it sucks! Hard to load, hard to clean and chamber is way too small. Weed taste like chemicals! Plus the battery packed it in after light 6se in just 3 months! Don’t waste your money.

PhiWong207 says:

Say you had a full pack of herb, grinded normally, not too fine but isn’t still chunky. Packed the chamber all the way to the top and set it to about 375, how many big hits would you get from it?

Riley Snaps says:

the new da vinci’s weed stash area is held together via magnets, air tight as fuck.

Eleman says:

inserts ? how long efects?

Spencer Hoy says:

How low do you have the temp when you vape on low?

no15145 says:

Great review man. Goode to see a def. Honest opinion review. I just got the pax, but will keep what you said in mind. Btw how is the battery life for your pax?? Have you notice it doesn’t hold a charge as well after only a few months of use? Or is that just my unit.

Юлия Апаева says:

Does it feels like vape devices or oldstyle jamming? =)

zi0n420 says:

Try the Firefly real pax killer!!!!!

Paul Miller says:

only have had bad experiences with davinci chargers ,the thin wires always crack and expose the wires and seem to short out .with my new one am going to use liguid electricle tape to try to give it support at their ends.

bb8 says:


Marek Dvořáček says:

glassy from cigar-store:)

ceddie23 says:

have you heard of the davinci ascent? its smaller. what would you say the ascent or the regular davinci?

Uber Malts says:

What are oiyoos? Stoner kneegrow lol

joshua baza says:

oh ya thanks man i found the perfect temp

joshua baza says:

whats the best temp to vape the sativa herbs at because i vape at 345f but it works good sometimes and sometimes it doesnt please help

Elliot Chapo says:

I appreciate that this guy has been very critical about the Da Vinci, but it seriously is a amazing portable vaporizer

Marek Dvořáček says:

I have problem with DaVinci, display is twinkleing and vape not work…Its mi second reclamation and with no response from daVinci team so far…

bigbooms517 says:

EBAY $125

Herson Avalos says:

What’s with the lighter lol

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