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Here we look at the Puffco Pro, an entry into the higher-end Vape Pen market. Boasting a huge chamber with all metal and ceramic construction, this coil features no wick, glue, or plastic. It also has a variable temperature battery to adjust to your taste. But how does it perform, and is it worth the higher price? Join us as we answer these questions and go over the specifics of the device.

0:25 Kit Contents
1:28 Charging
2:01 Atomizer/Coil
3:11 Battery
5:26 Variable Temperature
7:50 Before First Use
8:37 Cleaning The Unit
12:47 Battery Life
14:02 Chamber
14:52 Heat Up Time
15:30 Vapour Quality
16:13 Size Of Hit
17:30 Harshness
18:15 Smell
19:33 Ruggedness
21:27 Stealth Factor
22:43 Final Thoughts

A special thanks to Roger at Puffco for sending me this unit to review!

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Kyle Ritchie says:

Don’t put .5 in the chamber at once because it will bubble and travel up the stem of the device. Then every time you clean it with alcohol/swabs you notice all this unused stuff – and the substance is really hard to collect and get back into the chamber. I hope this comment helps somebody save some $!

covenant11 says:

nice use of the bit of Rush music…

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

Wtf? 218 downvotes in 1 day? Hmm…..

Aaron says:

I really wish it recharged faster. Takes many hours to fully charge.

ThatOneDudeSkidz says:

HEY! Can i use this Puffco Pro Atomizer on my Ego V V3??? Is it 510 threaded to fit and work with this pen? How about my Ego Twist?

yarb says:


Troy Gonsalves says:

Any modifications one would be able to do in order to use dry herbs/non-concentrates with this pen?

Dan Vallee says:

I have beat the shit out of my puffco pro and it still burns just like the first time. good review dude thanks.

Andre Garlington says:

I just got mine last week and bought shatter and enjoyed it now a week later I bought crumble and it feels like it’s not really pulling. Does crumble hit the same in your pen?

Jason Greene says:

great review though bro.
keep up the niceness

Lucas Rocha says:

does anyone know a store in Toronto where i can buy this

Jonathon Lopez says:

Thanks for the review! I had a couple questions…1)I clean it the way you showed, but I must have either had the temperature too high, or left the atomizer piece on the foil for too long because it looks like the finish got messed up :/. Has this happened to you? 2)I put a MASSIVE amount of wax in the chamber and was surprised at how fast it went. When I looked in the middle piece (between the atomizer and tip), there was a ton of soft waxy stuff. Should I reload this into the chamber?

xo xo says:

Can you use all kinds of concentrates with this pen (i.e. kief, hash, oil, wax, shatter, etc.)?

Brandee Guerrero says:

just received my puffco vape pen today.. can I grind up herbs and load it straight into the pen where the concentrates would go?

Harris Payne says:

Any advice on how to clean these atomizers?

Ayahuasca Jones says:

I want a Puffco SO bad. When you said they it feels like a luxury own the second you handle it, seriously they do that was my original thought as well. The ceramic makes it taste like a real dab too I love it my buddy j traduced me to them last summer I want int asap

Richard Annor says:

Just got my puffco what an excellant unit work so well with soft oil based hash.

ThePunkasaurusrex says:

mine has a blue light on all the time and it doesn’t seem to turn off. any one else experience this problem?

710 Javi says:

You can also hold the coil upside down and press it the button. Let it heat up a few times and the reclaim will slowly drip down. Helps if you use a cotton swab.

Cassaundra Janvrin says:

my husband just bought me this vape. the person at the smoke shop said that you can buy an attachment to use with this vape for flower as well as dabs are kinda hard to come by here. do you know anything about this?

furyus01 says:

I’m a huge BHO smoker and just ordered one of these. My other cartomizers I clean with 99.9% rubbing alcohol. Soak for an hour and then let it dry for 10 minutes. no need for a pan and heat. As long as you use electronics grade alcohol you have no problems at all. My question about it is the bowl. Can I put a bunch of honey in it burying the coil like say to a concert? of course as long as I don’t flip it upside down

Fred Camerato says:

How can you tell if the battery is low?

Justo B says:

How would you compare this to the Kandypen Galaxy?

J Wilson says:

Can you use flowers?

Bob Jones says:

can you only put wax in it?

Jason Greene says:

bro i always bun my herbs in this. Its an Electronic challice. bro stop Telling the People you cant use it for dry herbs. you can, I do. stuff A medium size zoot in there. switch it to blue. off you go. soak in 99% rubbing alchohol after a few reload. dry. sleep. eat. Repeat.

Fin Turner says:

Is it wickless? Or just a coil that heats up? Or what is the titanium wrapped around?

Gary Moore says:

Hi Pete, I wanted to ask your opinion.! I want to start vaping concentrates and was wondering what would be a good pen to start with? Thx

713blackout says:

For stealthiness, you could put a little square of electrical tape over the bottom cloud

Cj Hud says:

if you have limited access to hash. look up a process called “rosin tech” and make your own safe solventless hash without the chemicals and steep cost. all it takes is some parchment paper and a hairstraightener

FrostyonPC says:

Can i use hash oil with this?

A Duffman says:

Do you need to season the pen before vaping ?

EYEoftheneedle says:

Just ordered one, stoked. Rated #1 vape pen 2015 by high times!

goldenthroat86 says:

Very thorough review. You sold me.

abigail vang says:

can I use regular rubbing alcohol to clean the mouth piece or do I have to use that 710 alcohol instead?

thedockboons says:

How much smell do you think this vape emits compared to a flower vaporizer such as the Pax? I have had the Pax for a year or so now but is still does smell alot. Since the puffco pro is meant to be used with concentrates, if I am vaping some shatter will there still be smell? Thanks

Wade Carlson says:

Nice Review! I think I made up my mind now. BTW, cutting those outlines out of the box is known as “shadowboxing”.

Mr. Mister says:

Haha, love the animals as leaders in the background.

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