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The Puffco Pro 2 is the follow up to the venerable Puffco Pro. The original Pro was a very popular pen, known for great battery and huge, tasty clouds. The Puffco Plus was released last year, featuring a coilless ceramic chamber – and it was an impressive leap forward. When Puffco released another coil based pen I was initially skeptical, I felt that the coilless chamber was far superior than the original model. However after testing it extensively, I can see why they decided to release a follow up to their original model. But is it a worth successor? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Craig McDermott says:

Thanks for making choosng my first vaporizer. I chose the Arizer Air.

Trey Bulleri says:

I have had every puffco and enjoy the original the most and new one is being shipped after first one broke

clubbnbabyseals says:

did it come fully charged ready to use out of box? or is it recommended to charge it fully before first use?

Thurgood Jenkins says:

On my puffco pro 2 the ceramic piece that the coil wraps around went black after only a few uses is that normal?

VapeLife Will says:

I love this vaporizer. VL

lipsticklezy says:

Thanks for video now I want this pen ! Ive never bought one before nor I have done wax etc I mean shit back in the day we had hash oil but no concentrates I’m really dying to try concentrates and need advice on using my digital volcano for them ? I can’t afford a rig and one of my many arthritis problems painful is my hands can’t handle rigs etc either

Thurgood Jenkins says:

when do you think puffco will come out with a new pen?

Tom Sedor says:

The pop up code around 4:00 for $5 off does not work. Just tried to use it when ordering mine.

Joe Mods Cars says:

How often should you clean it? And do you ever have to replace the coils?

Miguel Robledo says:

Looking for a vape pen where I can leave my concentrate in and just hit it whenever I feel like it, little puffs at a time. Which would be best

clubbnbabyseals says:

yes you can load this pen up with an alright sized dab, but if you put enough in to even fill the atomizer half way, say to the top of the coils, you may end up loosing some wax because it bubbles up and sticks to the splash guard. i’m considering removing the guard and seeing if it makes a difference. overall the Pro 2 is pretty dope and worth checking out. actually just ordered another atomizer because i charred mine up pretty quick due to heavy use i assume. hopefully i’ll learn how to prolong the ceramic rod.

Rudyard Mai says:

Do you prefer this or the lynx hypnos zero?

juiceman271715 says:

FYI this can’t be taken through metal detection.

Bruno Erick Gomez says:

I just got it but had a problem where some of my wax be going down under the atomizer where the screw part goes and it started been very sticky when i tried screwing it up

bassmansoundking99 says:

Do you think the CBD slaps or powder will work in this?

Gary Moore says:

Good “A” mate…great review…

Chris Simon says:

This pewn is fire I have two of them. The clouds you get from this thing are crazzzzzy. Just don’t over fill BC it bubbles up

Jonathan Cruz says:

What is the charging thread on this? My old charger broke so I need a new one

ashley jannette says:

Sooooo, can you use an oil cartridge with this vaporizer? or are there only certain ones they are built for?

Kasey Crocco says:

Are there other atomizers available for purchase? Like a quartz coil maybe? I like the ceramic ones but I’m really into quartz right now.

Chris Pope says:

The bottom does light up anymore? That’s kinda disappointing

Kareca Avel says:

great vid!!! i don’t understand one thing why going back to coil system? thought the ceramic would be, and for me is!, the method to vaporize oils and herbs avoiding combustion… would be great a vid comparing both these pens ups and downs… im thinking purchasing one but i have the huge doubt… i have the Linx ceramic wonderful pen previously i got coil based pens and for me it was a huge step going for the linx and ceramic… common sneaky do this comparing vid for us mate 😉 cheers wonderful job

J. S says:

great review.

silkvein says:

I just simply don’t trust ceramic atomizers anymore after some of the lab tests I’ve seen. They deteriorate over time and degrade into glass shard looking fragments when viewed with a microscope. Too freaky for my taste.

Rudyard Mai says:

Do you prefer this or the lynx hypnos zero?

tyler fagone says:

atomizer is stuck any tips to get it off?

Deku 420 says:

I had one for 3 days and threw it out it was that bad lol trust me if youre searching for a pen there are many other better ones.

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