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The Pax 2 is the follow up to the genre-defining Pax 1. It set the standard for what to expect from an ultra-portable dry herb vaporizer. The Pax 2 sets to improve on every aspect of the original Pax; battery life, vapour quality etc. Were they able to improve these aspects and more for the device? Join us as we answer this and much more.


0:21 Components Of Kit

2:12 Mouthpieces 

5:18 How To Use

6:29 How To Pack a Bowl

8:13 Flexibility

8:31 Cleaning

14:09 Pax 1 vs Pax 2

16:57 Easter Eggs 


17:44 Battery Life

19:30 Heat Up Time

20:00 Taste

20:20 Size of Toke

21:03 Harshness / Smoothness

22:08 Smell

23:04 Efficiency 

24:14 ABV

24:26 Stealth Factor

25:04 Gripes

26:38 Final Thoughts

A special thanks to Kate at Ploom for sending me this unit to review!

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Jeffrey Leung says:

I clean mine every two sessions. “A clean Pax is a happy Pax”

Ian Smith says:

Can you use it in party mode?

Cat Hulbert says:

How in heck do you get the one mouthpiece off!

Logan Faught says:

should i use choof inside the pax 2

Ryan Irizarry says:

I do agree as well, that there should be a booklet or a small manual

Hraptor says:

Very thorough fella

FatGuyLilCoat says:

Top notch review, brotha.
Top notch

Daniel Flores says:

i just bought one and it burns like hell and almost no vapor comes out. what can i do

Luney Jester says:

Hey Pete. Yeah, excellent man. I got a great deal on a 2 since the 3 is soon to come. Based on what I saw in your video, you were grinding and packing about .3 grams in a bowl? Just looking for a proper pack for this. I have my finishing grinder to use as well. Thanks for this review. They should pay you cash for creating such an awesome video users manual for their product.

No I Still Don't Want to Use My Real Name says:

Hello! You can get those textured pipe cleaners at cigar shops and things. They’re just coarse pipe cleaners. They are like $1.25 for a pack of 100 cleaners that are twice the size.

Joey D says:

Thanks for the review. I found it the most informative of all the reviews I have seen so far. I just bought the pax 2 and my question to you is how many hits should I be getting from one filled oven? So far for me I only get about 4 to 5 hits that creates smoke on the exhale. After that I’m not getting anymore substantial smoke. Am I hitting it wrong?

Austin C says:

I just purchased my pax 2 gold. And I’m not gonna lie every single time I’ve tried to hit it it burns tf out of my lips with little no no vapor. I don’t know what the issue is but it needs to be solved please help

phancci says:

Review is very well done. Thank you for this.

rESAM Z says:

how many hits out of each bowl would you say you got on average?

Joey D says:

Why am I only getting a couple of smoke producing hits per bowl?

skybowl456 says:

what grinder do you use to get a good fine ground for this?

Michal Valta says:

+Sneaky Pete Vaporizers
Hi, I am looking for some portable vaporizer that would allow me having many sessions during the day. Not one that forces me to finish a large bowl. I want to switch from rolling small spliffs to vaping. I am mostly interested in vapor quality and efficiency. I wanted to grab Crafty but it is so deffective, I don’t want to risk it. My question is, is PAX 2 the best for that? I just want to have a lot of sessions with some at least decent efficiency and some quality vapor. Would you recommend something else for that? (Not Crafty)

RoachForLife says:

Sorry for the dumb question but when you say a ‘session’, does that constitute like 4 draws?

Marc and a Dog says:

one word. q-tips

Krizzle Sizzle says:

Is your computer USB 3? I thought the Pax2 was supposed to charge faster from a mains?

Willie Vanderlaan says:

layer weed hash weed works great!

QueerAndUnplugged says:

OMG…this is the BEST review of the PAX w2. You’ve loaded a lot of information into this video. THANK YOU. I’m off to the local dispensary to pick one up.

Thor of Asgard says:

Nice “thing”.

Giovanni Brusco says:

awesome review broz. i’ll hope you’re gonna do a flower mini review anytime soon.

Martin Jacob says:

How did you get the oven to pop open… I tried using the pipe cleaner to get the top open… then I tried a pen but it just keeps going through the hole.

Kristen Kalmanson says:

this helped me sooo much! thanks for such an awesome tutorial/review!

J Miller says:

Definitely better instructions

Fer Sáenz says:

Hey nice review! You speak very fast but clear. I just purchase the PAX2 and I have a doubt about that noise it makes when shakes it. Is that normal? is not a loud sound but is a little annoying


i stopped smoking weed a a couple weeks ago due to it giving me anxiety. iv had my pax 2 for a week. vapes nice and smooth. produces nice vapor clouds. gets me at a nice level with no anxiety at all.

Jimmy Foot says:

spot on review – same one I would give – Thanks!!

Clau Lopez Films says:

Thank you! But man! You TALK!!!

Ryan Irizarry says:

One other detail that I found as well, the power cable used for the pax charger can be removed and used in the pax 2 base charger by inserting it into the round receptive

trillmatic420 says:

can you turn the unit on with the protruding mouthpiece? or does it need to have to flat mouthpiece on?


You are one of, if not the best reviewer of this kind stuff on YouTube! Your word is the law to me. Keep up the good work!

Unknown says:

So how do I turn it off?

Bike Rider says:

I usually have to watch multiple vids to get all my questions answered but you got it all covered! hopefully I can pick this up at a local shop for $200
also you sound like Mr repzion haha

fred glutch says:

How do you get the baking sheet to stay after cleaning

tac0 says:

where do you find nice herbs to buy?? I cant find good (tasty) herbs anywhere! please educate me or give me a link!

mannicalavera says:

Absolutely great review!

Congrats man

Ryan Irizarry says:

I saw the video and heard you say “I wish there was instructions…”, and decided to tell youwhere they are located in the pax 2. The cover box or sleeve that is over the box, can be opened and on the inside is general list of the four mayor factors with pax: charging time, warranty, temperature adjustment and powering on/off.

duckzor says:

Fantastic review, thank you!

TheLance3185 says:

I’ve had one for two months. Not one fucking cloud, eh.

KingUncaged 91 says:

my pax 2 flashes red 3 times.
I’ve cleaned it…but I can’t fit the screen in. is that why it’s flashing red??? because the screen isn’t in properly???
I love the pax 2 but this is kind of pissing me off….any help is greatly appreciated..

Kathy McMillan says:

I am attempting to charge for the first time. The cord is attached to my computer and After about 30 minutes the colors are still flashing white.
It does not feel warm. Any suggestions? Am I doing this incorrectly?

ladduro says:

what scale are you using ?

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