Marijuana Product Review: FlowerMate V5.0s Portable Marijuana Vaporizer
Bogart reviews the new FlowerMate V5.0s Marijuana Vaporizer from Wizard Puff now with Multi-Temp Control System and a Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece!

In The Box:

FlowerMate V5.0s Vaporizer w/ Glass Mouthpiece
AC Wall Charger
Cleaning Brush, Packing Tool
Replacement Chamber Screens
User Manual
Vaporizer Features:

3 Temperature Settings (385ºF / 400ºF / 415ºF)
Premium Glass Mouthpiece
Ceramic Baking Chamber
2 x 2600 mAh Samsung Batteries
10+ Sessions per charge

Bogart concludes the new FlowerMate 5.0s is highly recommended based on it’s nice design, low price and quality vaporizing performance along with excellent marijuana flavor.

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TheMhendee says:

i love how clearly baked he is at the end

FunkyFreshWS6 says:

How do you turn off the light in the flower chamber?? Mine won’t shut off when not in use (powered off)

giorgio zarantonello says:

i also bought this vaporizer,but it can’t do so much vapor when i inhale,is my vaporizer broken?

Professor Daddy says:

Sorry but this dude looks more like a business man that should be doing cocaine than a fellow ent. Still love the video, great review.

Hodenmensch says:

How to make Weed look constipated:
Step 1: this guy.

Little Dealer says:

Will the device itself smell of weed? if i were to keep it in my room should it be in a bag or what?

Tom Jones says:

recon I’d get away with putting some hash in there ?

lateparadise says:

this guy makes me feel less degenerate. feels good man

TheEnlightenShadow says:

Hey! comment section and/or Ruffhouse. Big fan. never owned a vape but been interested in one and been looking around and so far this one for my first vaporizer has been and ideal choice it seems convenient, compact and durable. My main thing since I’ve never vaped I don’t really know much about heat settings. I always read different comments about people’s preferences but I don’t really know any pros and cons to each setting. Bogart you said you always prefer the vapes on the highest setting yet you said you’d like a lower setting, how come? I’d just like to learn more about vapes before buying one and just winging it. Any advice is appreciated, thanks guys!

headsl0t says:

hi i just ordered mine and its a brand new world for me so i would like to ask you something.
Can i put exactly the quantity of weed i want or do i have to full load it every time? Will the session be 5 minutes again even with half load?
If i full load it and then i want to take a break for an hour can i switch off the device and then reopen it and continue from where i left off?
Which method is better if u dont want to smoke a full load immediately and u just want to take a hit or 2.

Sorry for my eng, not my native. Thank you!!

eduugr says:

This makes 100% vapor??

MerKK says:


Doc Undies says:

I have this unit & recommend it. I would cough my guts up with a huge toke straight off the bat like this guy does though lol

ginger cox says:

Alive had my unit since last christmastime. I need to clean the screens. The one closest the oven came out and cleaned up easily. How do I get the other screen. Or clean it?

Aquilla S says:

Man this vap is crap.

Christian Gasior says:

Wanna try my unit?

Bearded Toker says:

fuck i miss bogart

Hector Rst says:


ruhtra619 says:

the dignified stoner…

Toggle Hertz says:


Francesco Dandrea says:

I bought this today on Amazon, but it won’t arrive until monday!! I’m probably going to die while waiting

Hector Rst says:

Does it still have the Oder?

Kobe Bryant says:

Someone reply,
How’s the high?
And do you not have to hold a button down to inhale? And what if you want to wait between hits? Turn off? Cheers

HybridLifter says:

How many hits/how long do you get from half a bowl? (Thats what i load currently). Thanks

Your Mother says:

this guy looks like a total cocksucker

Mystic Snoop says:

What difference does the temperature make? Is hotter stronger?

7777Ralph says:

I will speak for the Arizer Solo.  I think I got a clone because I ordered it from China and it’s got no Serial Number.  But I must say, it works great.  Perfectly vapes without combusting.  So it’s either a really good clone or they got their hands on some real ones in an “extra production run.”  But the point is, the Arizer Solo is great.  Vaping in General though, as compared to bong hits, is more time consuming because what you can normally suck down in one huge bong hit now takes a vape session or 8-10 minutes or even longer, and 4-7 hits off the vape as opposed to one or two hits out of a bong.  Bong hits are still much more conveniently, and I think the bong gets you higher because of all the CBDs and other stuff that doesn’t get not enough to vape, but they do have some effect as per the feeling of the high.

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