Marijuana Alternative! How to make your own Smokable Herbal Blend: Just for Moms!

This is a natural and effective way to soothe your worried mind, ease your stress, and relive your anxiety. Step by step instructions on how to make your own smokable herb blend.

Zen Blend- Damiana, Lavender, Chamomile, Uva Ursi
Order a blend from Mind Body Soul :

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Currently sold out! Thanks for your patience!!


Jeff Blood says:

Wow… hahaha! There really are a whole lot of DUMB people in this world. How did I stumble onto this retarded shit?? I’m pretty sure I was watching a clip from South park about the holistic medicine lady named miss information. What the fuck is wrong with you people??

shalese Gaither Willis says:

May I ask where you get your labeling and packaging from?

Ana Dowling says:

I love how you promote your own blend but yet you inform us where we can get the herbs and make our own! I’ll definitely follow your advise on how to pick them and I’ll order from your site when they are back in stock. thanks and peace!!!

Julie vosika says:

there are herbs that make people sweat more when smoked just curious if the oppisite is true . do you kbow if theres any to smoke that would make sweat less. I’m not in a state where i can smoke anything that smells like marajuania

Marcus says:

you’re gorgeous, had to throw that out there. .

# ROOT says:

Cute and grinding! <3 Great looking website also.

Harold says:

I’m watching this video even though I don’t have kids.
I feel like I’m stealing forbidden knowledge.

don johnson says:

Only herbal blend that ever gave me any effect had hemp and lotus extracts, called Buddha blend. They used to sell on eBay. Herbs by themselves without extracts, always give me a headache and little effect

lynn eller says:

hello, .. i have watched your video several times. i have been on your shop, everything is sold out .. i would love to order when will you be back and running

Heaseba says:

Since one of the traditional uses of the damiana herb was to induce abortion, it should be avoided in pregnancy.

Eric Outlaw says:

When will you have more products on your site? It says everything is sold out on both sites..

trav v says:


Jenny Evans says:

What’s the name of the book you had in ur hand. I am very interested.

Naomi Beery says:

Why do you keep looking right

will simpson says:

you got 420 subscribers lmao

Fupple Corn says:

You’re sold out?

Odd Lxrd says:

Saw the username. Disliked

Candy Mallette says:

Why would a person make a YouTube video about a product they do not have sort of pointless

Henry Jackson says:

I want some herb(s) that feel like weed. Na meen?

Mayan EZ Stegmann says:

0:35 if you didn’t know what the video is about you would think she’s gonna teach you maturbation techniques.

exit money says:

you are so pretty! 🙂

ashleigh hill says:

Is this safe for breastfeeding moms?

3rdEyeBeing says:

Lemme cop a P lowkey

keith bolding says:

Are you going to re-up your store ?

santana binladen says:

squad shit

Johnny Anguiano says:

Love The Music

Farmácia Bioquímica USP says:

Camomila and Damiana are some of the same herbs that I use in mine. Other herbs that I use in my blend are passiflora leaves marijuanila, green lettuce extract, canavalia extract, syrian rue extract, syrian rue seeds. I’m enjoying to mix it with some marijuana and tobaco.

Darryck Forrest says:

Hi I’m very interested in that first container you showed on this video as a smoking herb. I would love to purchase this item from you but am not sure how. What website do you have that I can buy from?

you are master says:

what an annoying bloody idiot with a shit mic for god’s sake get to the fucking point spit out what we clicked on this shit fucking vode for! how hard is it to tell jus what the fuck it is and what u are doing

sajil ravi says:


Red Working Party says:

Will i get high off this

Joey Darko says:

What about dad’s though, can’t we… I mean. I can’t smoke pot anymore and find I’m struggling with that everyday! I have a certain connection to it. Unfortunately I can not linger smoke because I am the provider and am drug tested for work:(

Daniel Díaz Carrasco says:

You are beautiful.

Endy Ramos says:

How about just for adults…

Lampfish says:

Why would you want to smoke anything other than marijuana I just don’t see the point. There is nothing in this to calm you down or even any nicotine which is useless anyway. Just smoke weed guys it’s the logical thing to smoke

msmeekavision says:

What wrap would you suggest for hand rolled cigarettes? also is mug mugwort safe for breastfeeding moms?

Vadim K. says:

good video helps a lot thank you <3

Ahmed Hassan says:

any side effects for lung or whatever of smoking such herb

Bridney love says:

When will everything be back in stock

52 26 says:

Herbal Smoking Blend
All organic: Damiana, Lobelia, Marshmallow leaf, Mullein, Skullcap and Uva Ursi – $3 for 2 grams ~ Free Shipping

Cesar Brito Jr says:

Love this and everything you’re doing going to order

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