Making THC Vape Carts with Terp Liquefy

An educational review of Terp Liquefy. 100% pure organic terpenes specially formulated to turn your concentrates into a medicated E Liquid for use in a vape cartridge. I demonstrate how to easily turn your shatter or wax into a vapeable E juice in just a few simple steps. This process also works great with Rosin!

You can get Terp Liquefy here-


Nathan Cortright says:

Will the oil turn dark once i get to the last 1/4 of the pen like wax liquidizer?

KRMA GamerZz OG says:

I got blue dream so I’ll let y’all know how it turns out

boston bakedbeanz says:

lighter,horrible idea!. keep the oven on as u mix and if it cools too fast, remove oven pan and set tube of concentrate on this pan to warm. mix while u let it sit on the pan. great video!

James Johnson says:

What’s the difference between the terpenes and ej mix

User0928484466 9 says:

Where can i get empty carts at?

Tazz Tizzle says:

Where can I get the terp to buy ?

Christian Burton says:

Does anybody use the EJ mix and it leave a nasty taste? Will terepenes fix the nasty taste? I’ve only been using EJ mix and shatter. And there is no taste of dabs just a weird taste from the EJ mix. Can somebody PLEASE help and point me in right direction. (Also my shatter is a lil on the darker side and not as clear and golden as what he used in video)

Larry Bird says:

wow bro way to knock off MassTerpenes 100%

matthew sanabria says:

Why won’t my oil stay in a liquidy state? I add the right amount of terpenes but it will still go back to it’s sticky hard state. Any tips?

Jonathan Jimenez says:

This vid seriously deserves a mil

justin magee says:

Rosin is not a concentrate my man youd still have to concentrate it after rosin creation. Easiest way is grain alcohol as you can self sustain recover and reuse again and again. Also with the alcohol you can winterize so alcohol is definitely the best way. Not to mention no machinery except a roto vap if you so choose. Good vid thanks for the info. Fyi you can also extract and concentrate with terpenes alone.

Jason Solis says:

Nice production

MyDog Barks says:

Hey buddy! Your original video from May 2015 on how to make your own vape cartridges literally changed my life ! All these years later 760Glass is still my goto place for EJmIX.. Thanks for the videos

Adam Jay says:

4:09 someone grandma just got exploited

Dylan James says:

100% sponsored video

THRGUY says:

3:59 How many pounds do you think she ordered?

KRMA GamerZz OG says:

This will allow you to get the highest thc content but wax liquidizer will allow you to stretch your concentrate further. It’s up to you but I’m using a little of both

Tri says:

Most terpines are not real terpines. Real terpines are hella hella expensive that why most major companies don’t use it.

Rey Reyna says:

What im i doing wrong, my live resin is too sticky sometimes i cant even get it of the parchment paper. Then when i place in tube the get stuck on the sides. So what temp to you press and how long? I really like the consistency of the one you have in the container.

Deanglles Lee says:

How can you tell if the liquid separate???

Clyde Anthony says:

I really enjoy your videos, your information is really helpful and a breath of fresh air in a convoluted world full of people putting out false info. Keep up the good work and thanks again for passing on your knowledge!!

Don't Comply says:

Damn, gmaw bought a whole thang thang.

Salman MH says:

All is good till the lighter reheat method, I mean sure it works but it’s ghetto, just warm a cup of water and dip it in there it’ll warm it up without the soot from the butane lighter. EZPZ

xxmrkillswitchxx says:

Wow man! Kicking straight knowledge! Can’t wait to watch your other vids! Subd

B&A Gaming And Streaming says:

Still waiting for a dispensary review where the person tells you at least the city the item was bought in. They almost never tell

BigMacBook1300 says:

Make a video of this with rosin please thanks.

boston bakedbeanz says:

sundae driver is cannarado genetics i think…


Is there a way to find the THC percentage from the carts

Mr. Stitch says:

Are terpenes illegal in FL IDGAF jw cuz I just wanna Know if I can buy it and would I be able to make a entire half gram cart using an eigth

BigPapi says:

Is the microwave method a good idea?

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