Making Super Easy THC E-Juice!! (Wax Liquidizer in 4k)

Evelyn, Spike, and I make some E-juice out of wax insanely fast with one of the Social Weedia Hempfest sponsors, Wax Liquidizer!

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kickzfanatic says:

How potent are the vape juices using rosin? Is it worth turning into vape juice as rosin itself is potent. I have shatter and rosin and want to start making my own vape juice. Can someonr guide to best cartridges for beginners for a good and even burn and taste. Thank you

Arnaud Arent says:

Deb & Dank!! lol

Adam Ostrowski says:

how are these people sponcerd? i can make way better vids then this. plus i know how to promote a product that i get for free to help them out since they helped me out

Sharp™ says:

Where I live is almost impossible to find the wax, is it possible to make this using hash?

Clutch28 says:

How long before you burned out your coils? What was the wattage used? Is the liquidizer PG based? You didn’t answer a LOT of questions.

Ezekiel 47:12 Herbs For Healing says:

doesn’t the wax built in your lungs?? is that even good for you ?

GodOfDoor says:

Can I just make rosin and mix it with normal e juice?

Michael Senal says:

Can you sell me some, PLEASE. I desperately need it for medical use, but live in a state where getting thc is almost impossible. I PAYYYYY

G-vapes And Modz says:

can i put this in a dripper

Jake says:

I know this is late but a response would be great would this liquid function in a Juul and if not could you make a video on how to make THC Cartridges for juuls but use flower as the base and not wax because where I live we only have access to flower not wax

Moe Fawkah says:

One hit and I’m HARD AF!

t block says:

What wattage do you run that at

wheymonster says:

What wattage etc is best?

kaan hasip says:

wax2017 for 15 % off go here

MAD says:

Does it smell like weed when you take it out of the microwave?

wheymonster says:

These two are BAKED. Look at the guys hands lol

Nico Nico says:

What kind of tank you use?

michael stephanakis says:

Hi guys. Can you give a brief ratio as to how much mix of each

Wayne Clark says:

Hey lets glorify drug use ridiculous


Can i use any e-juice ?

tyson wilberto says:

Top quality Vapes cartridges for hookup
Call or text 4433517044

David Swan says:

Does it work with and rda or rdta

Jordi Lomarron says:

You can buy one liter of PG + another of PEG200 + another of PEG400 in your vape store for 60$, and you have 3 litters of homemade wax liquidizer by the price of 60ml.

Wheelie boarding says:

Why does the girl always interrupt that guy and echo him it’s so annoying sorry but not sorry

Shawn David Meister says:

Discount (AREND)-$16.65
Thanks, can’t wait to try this stuff.

cali 420 says:

Dam girl wit glasses thick af

Tim Stam says:

So when your saying wax, you actually mean hash right?

Watch Blip says:

I liked using for liquidizer they have some hot strains.

Hendrick Valles says:

how do you get the wax

Fanboys KillGames says:

Nobody needs to see these retards in 4k

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