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The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) is an institution in the portable vaporizer market. This is vaporization in it’s purest form; a device stripped down to the absolute necessities. When you put this to a Pax 2 it can’t compare – can it? Join us as we delve deep inside this magical device and go over all of it’s amazing features and functions.


0:15 Components Of Kit
3:24 How To Use
6:55 Flexibility 
7:26 Cleaning The Unit
8:13 Flexibility
8:31 Cleaning The Unit


8:26 Battery Life
9:35 Heat Up Time
11:01 Taste
11:34 Size Of Toke
12:32 Harshness / Smoothness
12:57 Smell
13:21 Ruggedness 
14:03 Efficiency 
14:59 Stealth Factor
15:50 Strength Of Effects
16:32 Price/Value
17:20 Accessories 
19:36 Favourite Things
21:15 Gripes
23:06 Final Thoughts

A special thanks to Joe at Magic Flight for sending me this unit to review!

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


pimp2hoes says:

Good review, but I DO freel that the PA is a game changer, tha batteries, are more like if i take it out or emergency use, its not the same…as 1 battery is aproximatly 2 trenches which is what i need to fly a bit…and yes, you packed it to mutch it works better just loaded until the rails….

Aaron McFarlane says:

You can simmer the glass stem in milk for about 10 minutes and get a little buzz from the oil. ;-D
Plus it completely cleans the stem too, just rinse it with some water after.

Nick 401 says:

what would u rather use daily your mfb or grasshopper i have a mfb but want to look into the grasshopper

Tulder says:

Just got mine. Great review, thanks

Jabbawokeez4 says:

I’ve used mine every night for 2 years straight. It wears out after 2 years. Takes longer to get hot, doesn’t get as hot, battery life decreases significantly b/c of recharging them too much. But it is an amazing vaporiser (my first and only one) and I’m going to buy another one to replace mine. Agree with everything in the video. 10/10

Helvegen says:

is it possible to use regular AA batteries with it?

david osullivan says:

excellent review

Sean Rogers says:

Thank you for the Animals as Leaders in the background bro! Very nice touch

Rreptillian says:

Link us your music please! Sounds good but I can’t quite make out any of it enough to identify. Thanks!

Spencer van voris says:

I was on edge because of the price and stealth. Bout to be going to school and I dont know how my roommate will feel about smoking. This review was full and comprehensive, I love that you put an itinerary in your bio. Totally convinced me to buy one, thank you!

Tatu Lukkarinen says:

Help me this or arizer solo?

TheResistanceAsylum says:

I just ordered this as my first herb vape- so glad to hear good things, can’t wait to try it out!

sono-neko says:

Fantastic video Pete, You’ve gained a sub!

A few notes from a seasoned pilot for anyone interested in purchasing this amazing vaporiser.

Like another commenter has suggested never fill it above the rails. Filling the trench is just the right amount.

After your first few pulls on a fresh trench you’ll maybe notice that the herb gets “stuck” it’s just a little toasty and will need a poke or two, I’ve found that the back of the dry brush works wonders for this.

Get the power adaptor.
I have four batteries and they have lasted me three years but having to remember to charge them when you’re high is just a nightmare haha.

You can get quite a bit of life out of this tiny box of wood if you treat it with some care and perform the proper maintenance.
Cleaning it often if you’re a regular user is so important to avoid the resin building up and blocking your mesh screen.

Also with the glass stem, instead of just cleaning it you can pour some milk into a saucer and place the stem in the milk, keeping the flame on the lowest setting and watching the milk so it doesn’t burn you can melt the resin and watch it just melt away from the glass. Then make yourself a cup of tea or coffee with the milk and you’ve got yourself a good time.

Del guerrero says:

This is a great tutorial. Thanks for posting..  I have an issue with my Launch box… I get no vapor however, my herb does burn and it leaves a lot of toasted ash that I have to dump out and throw away because it looks toasted. Am I doing something wrong ? The instructions say to inhale when you see smoke through the little window but my Launch box doesn’t produce vapor.. Any suggestions, opinions or advice ?

Harry Lawson says:

I got this recommended to me because it’s safe and smells less than joints. I’m very new to weed and would consider buying this as a noob. I’ve never owned a vaporiser and I’ve hear most of them don’t work and just combust. So does this unit actually vaporise? Should you recommend it to a complete noob to vaporisers and weed in general? If not, what unit would you recommend? Thank you.

Heinrick192 says:

You might as well be a spokesman for the company, because you sold me on this. Thanks for the honest review!

Fadi Hasan says:

You answered every question i could have asked,and you explaind them epicly.I just ordered my self one and now the hype to try it is real,thanks to you!

Fakroun7 says:

So how would you go about collecting the honey from the Orbiter?
I’d love to get that without making a crazy ass evaporate-some-alcohol-and-blast-your-house operation!

whelkshuffler says:

only half way in…. I want one.

2-Bit Gamers says:

Editing and reviews are better than The Vape Critic. (IMO) You deserve so much more. High quality!

Spencer Clizer says:

Want one so badddd

zDaunt says:

wet weed?

Timbo Slice says:

Grinders are the biggest waste of money. Use any woodwork screw, grinds better than any grinder

Jimmy Chadwick says:

Thanks for the detailed review. I just may buy one of these things. You seem to value qualities in the vape that I think I would give weight to myself.

Nathaniel Hornblower says:

For a guy that smokes a lot of herb – sure can talk

Andrew tf says:

Great review , I m gonna get one , I just wanted to ask if using that AC adapter makes higher amount of vapor? thanks

Tom Canfield says:

Great review. I caught the bronchitis going around and decided I don’t want combustion anymore. I am looking at getting this because it looks really low maintenance. Can you use regular batteries?

onereactor says:

I’ve only vamped a few times, is the left over weed at the end now just throw away garbage? Does resin build up in the well like it does in a pipe just slower or no resin?

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