Legal smoke review checking at another great herb

This video reviews a new blend I got from the blend is California dream 4g bag 8-10


ƬΉΣ ᄃЯΛᄃKΣЯ says:

so i found you could buy this (Mugwort) what if i try it once trust me i’m not easily addicted and i barely have money if i try it once nothing should happen right

Brianna Keezer says:

Are you sure it’s not spice ??

deathpony698 says:

I typed in dream herb and this is what came up. Wtf is even in this shit this guy has?

ಠ_ಠ says:


Popeyes Chicken says:

Thats really shity weed if its even weed

Fizzy Fiz says:

Smokins’ for fags.

Ricky Daniels says:

Why is This legal and weed is illegal ?

brendan collins says:

They spray roach spray on this shit

Puppy Girl says:

Can you please review Rasberry Leaf? Thank You. 🙂

ii MULAZ ii says:

That is k2 cuz its grinded up in the bag

Oraine Swaby says:

Are they dead yet?

Alienoid says:

hahaha wtf are you smoking

ANo Name says:

lol get a vaporizer faggot

Thomas Wilson says:

This is why weed should be legal nation wide because people are using dangerous chemicals to mimic the effects like why don’t world leaders pay fucking attention

VillYum says:

Its not k2 you faggots

that person 1234 says:

Is that weed

Zac Stewart says:

Your so fucking stupid, this is the shit that puts you in a coma, might as well shoot up heroin if you don’t care about your health that much

PHDinCBDs says:

It could be natural herbs, but the NFHC label would make me a little bit leary. If it was just herbs, I don’t see why they’d add that to the label. A lot of the “100% natural” blends I’ve tried felt like synthetic cannabinoids. I found one on eBay recently that’s supposedly just a bunch of exotic herbs and herbal extracts called evolution smoking blend… didn’t give me that weird synthetic feel but still gave a unique lift/stone.

Quintin Christ says:

That not bud

No name Asshole says:

This is so gay


so many idiots in the comments, this stuff is for people who are under investigation and cant smoke weed because it will show up in drug tests, this will not.

Hnix Nation says:

k2 is fucking horrible

σπιναλογκιτης κομπρακιας says:

stop this.smoke only in nature

Gavin Bread says:

I smoke from headshoponline . org

KeNtuCKyHeARTersAcE says:

“not for human consumption”

FiveForty says:

I like this guy he’s thinning the herd lol

Isaac McKinney says:

Stop smoking this stupid shit. Smoke cannabis. You can’t even tell me exactly what’s in that shit. K2 can straight up fuck people up man. Ignorant Dumbasses.

Dreadie Andy says:

Stay away from that crap people it kills….. Literally. I know people who smoked it to pass drug tests and they got super addicted

Julie vosika says:

this is all k2 and most likeley sprayed. some day your going too trip

Pj Roberts says:

Looks like spizzy

Chazz says:

If it’s not for human consumption what is it for??

Rallycturbo says:

y does he say emmmm so many times

Ethan Lay says:

Why would u smoke k2, if u wanna get hight just smoke weed, it’s illegal but at least it won’t kill you

Shakxy says:

Bang that shit in a spliff that bowl will killlll you

Domenic Masotta says:

Niggas goofy smoking k2 fuck that

BNT7575 says:

Gross lmfao, smoking grass and sticks to get high, marijuana is the way to go I don’t trust this shit.

David Knowles says:

Only reason people are writing bad comments is probs cos they cant handle that shit and have to smoke shitty swag cos they get scared looooooool

David Knowles says:

So fuckin funny hah

yuyucor4 says:

In Japan, weed is illegal. This herb is legal, so I’ll try.

Nicole Smith says:

where u get it from

Trump 2020 says:

you don’t know it’s k2 it could be all natural herb

Plasma Lockx says:

That shit is addictive as fuck your gonna kill yourselves

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