Legal Herbal Blend: “Dream Smoke Herbal Blend” 100% LEGAL

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TheCbj79 says:

A man form norway died of the syntetic weed /cannabis shit,,,,, Do not come to me and say this is ok!! He used this only and noting else.. HE died! Otopsy sad it was the shit in the syntetic … So dont mess whit this! Its some okay herb from flowers and this,,, But do not use the syntetic shit! Im a x user form all the drugs you can use sow i know! The only ting i mean must get legal is cannabis! Cannabis is better than all pilles and alcohol real natural medicine! Not all herbs is not okay!

The UnMellow Fellow says:

Hey man, just dropping a comment saying thanks for the review. Great work and keep it up man!

Ben Hutchinson says:

The adhd is real

Brandan Hyatt says:

Ya know I may be late on the video but yea back when people didn’t do their research or they can’t handle their shit that’s why herbal incense are banned. Thanks for review though..I think I’ll try bear first before I try this stuff because of the bad reviews but least I know how to properly try it

brandon plaisted says:

Hey man you should get back into doing reviews you got a lot of potential and you know how to deliver your message while keeping the attention of the viewer! just got some of this and after watching your video I feel more inclined to give it a chance! Hella good work my friend☺

Newgrower32 says:

I couldn’t finish this video because you continually say um like a Valley girl. Please learn to speak like an adult.

ProGrizzly says:

Good video man

Ferarri4444 says:

Your ranting is kind of a turnon. Just saying.

Herbaldreamerforpresident says:

i dont know wtf but you can rewind it to the beginning lol fuck youtube

Kody Lee says:

dude, weed doesn’t even work for me anymore. makes anxiety and depression tens times worth. It’s not the only thing out there. So people act like weed is the greatest thing! Dumbasses.

drummerelle says:

Thanks so much for this video!!you are so right, people in society just want to escape from reality completely or be popular with the hard marijuana. It’s so ridiculous they don’t even take time to appreciate the subtleties of herbs. I agree with you 100%

Ferarri4444 says:

omg, I love this guy! Cute, and funny as hell.

Ian Houston says:

hes the feds forsure

Alexander West says:

Pretty disappointed that you haven’t followed up with any more reviews man, this one was excellent. Now, I am curious as to which bud you thought was the most potent and effective? Feedback is appreciated but I know this post is over a year old now so I won’t be offended if that doesn’t happy quickly.

Dark Blade says:

This blend is good because it has Wild Dagga in it.. Wild Dagga is probably the closest thing to a legal marijuana alternative as it has some legitimate psychoactive components in it.. You can watch/read reviews about it on youtube, erowid, drugs-forum, etc. The flower petal are the most potent part.. You can get the stuff cheaper on ebay than on any herbal smoke website..

Conner says:

I hope you know any type of smoke will make resin because of the smoke not because of what produces the smoke… some legal/ illegal herbs or drugs that produce smoke will produce types of resin, not trying to knock your vid but if your going to acka fool then at least realize the entirety of it.

Cody says:

you’re a strange fella

JohniMoDz says:

great vid bro its kinda funny how we have the same opinion on the same shit. lol i just bought anoughter once of dream smoke and i love the stuff..its very relaxing.

Istarian says:

Thanks for this.  Did you ever try the other legal blends you spoke about (Wild Greens etc)  How were they?

I just got my order of Dreamsmoke…  So far I like it

Never Ever says:

No…I’m very sorry: FOREVER


Hey man I think you did an awesome review and you were really funny by the way I am definatly gonna try this stuff out

soulwave268 says:

what do you mean smoking it in a bowl??? Mine shows up tomorrow and i was gunna use a bong.


bro is this synthetic weed? like kush, spice?

david duplessis says:

Awesome review in my opinion keep it up! 😀

Hennie Marais says:

Liked your video my bro and Love my Herbal Blend .True smoker!!! where can I get some more vids?

Frosty says:

i smoked 4 joints of damiana….and got nothing, also smoked 2 joints of damiana mixed with great mullien and also got nothing. Then again i was smoking outside, but after watching this vid im not going to give up yet, im going to try the hotbox 

Terah Percival says:

im definitely going to try herbal blends because of this video. 

David Smith II says:

This is the best review ever for Dream Smoke. I’ve been wanting to try it

Celtic Connection says:

“Hey, let’s give this legal smoke a try and see what JWH-018 blasted on pot pourri is like. Might taste like shit, but hell, it does something if you clear your mind!!” you fucking goon.

Herbaldreamerforpresident says:


soulwave268 says:

I did think you where really funny though

Bob Hones says:

Other than the point that you just rambled on what’s in a bad review I’m willing to give legal herbs try

Shawn Jones says:

hey i really like ur vid keep it up and also i ordered it to it is on its way thx

sid salazar says:

cool review! also subscribed to your channel, just ordered dream smoke too! cant wait to try it!!

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