Instructions for vape pen from VapePlay [HD]

Basic instructions for novice or first time vapers. This video will teach you how to fill the tank, charge the battery, and the operation of VapePlay’s vape pen.

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Spoder Mane says:

Oh, yeah. I’m totally ordering a vape rn.

Benjamin Kennard says:

About how long do the pens take to arrive after being ordered?

deleted hoe says:

Thank you this helped me a lot

Chris Martinez says:

You guys still in business want to Order

isis benjamin says:

How long does it take for the tracking information to become available

KING says:

Who wanna send me one

Kitty Kat says:

I got one.but it cannot light

lowkey dissnat says:

Does vape pen and regular vape uses the same juice liquid flavour?

Rick Ter Velde says:

How do you change the strenght?

AB VLOGS says:

I have also pen but when I smoke I have Burning in my mouth why??????

Alex Conor says:

Just ordered a couple of these in different colors for my mates am glad I saw this video now I know I made a great choice!!

Sarah Lane says:

Hi what if I put it in the tiny hole

Tarkansas says:

when i go to charge the battery the tank opens up instead… is there a fix for this???

grouchyflame plays says:

How long dose it take to get here

Mantas Kaminskiene says:

Can I have the vale plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Matthew Abt says:

what if theres some remaining juice from the last fill up , wouldnt it mix together with the new juice and taste bad

Marcus Stanich says:

Where do you prime it

Dêvïl hūñtēr says:

Is it harmful for health

Kashan Fazeel says:

Is it dangerous for health

B1u Toast says:

How long to these typically last before dying (in a breaking sense)

MemeMasterMcLeod says:

These are my favorite beginner vapes, the mouthpiece is the best in my opinion

TSM Takeout says:

I got a pen and e juice and getting in my mouth and it is leaking from holes that are on the sides. What do i do

Madden Annabelle says:

Approximately how long does it take you to ship to areas in the U.S?

Jeffyfanboi063 says:

By far the best help I have gotten out of Atleast 20videos and also instead of buying a new battery just get a portable charger

Aditya Negi says:

can I leave the liquid inside it and keep it at rest for a night?

Nelson Caballero says:

Thank u I’m a beginner

Gdogvolt says:

Does the juice have tobacco?

C4rtel says:

Does every vape pen need a new Coil once in a while?

Viral Videos Weekly says:

In past radioactive element are consider safe…
But today we all know what it is…

Same problem is with e cigarette, we know some side effect…, but for fun we are using them..

Filip Rettmanski says:

What happens if you fill the air hole

Papi T says:

Can you Do It Without The Juice?

early man says:

Does the vape pen come charged already?

Zilla23 says:

Can you use any e liquid juice? With this vape pen?. Great video btw!. I already subscribed!.

norazila mutar says:

smart nya vape pen

حبيب صادق says:

كم ااوقت للشحن

Ry Time says:

How do I get the bottom part off it is stuck together ?

Klaimz says:

Does the plastic come off ? Where you fill it or is it broken

Vishesh Saini says:

Why light flashes when we hold button for 10 seconds ??

Rahul Barman says:

My pen hookah’ light gets off after it’s charging for 30 minutes… Why is it happening?? Please reply

Howard Brown says:

I’ve been debating going full vape, but I don’t want to give up women.
# decisions, decisions

Miguel Perez says:

I have one it’s really cool

AK kaymyter says:

Do u have to keep it horizontal to avoid fluid going through air hole.or there won’t be any problem if I keep it slanted

Ambien Arts says:

Just ordered one a few days ago can’t wait to get in the mail

Hayden Luke says:

I want one plsssssssss

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