How to Vape Damiana Herbal Smoke – Damiana Vaporizer Video How to Vape Damiana Herbal Smoke

Watch this video from OZ Health Shop learn How to Vape Damiana Herbal Smoke and discover how vaping damiana can help you.

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of damiana herb, it’s most popular uses are for relaxation and to enhance libido and improve sexual function. Damiana also reportedly helps people with depression and anxiety, and some people even report lucid dreams after vaporizing damiana.

In this video, Kevin will show you:

– How to use a damiana vaporizer
– Damiana recommended dosage for vaping
– Recommended damiana vape temp

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REM lag says:

the damiana has a particular taste, generates a slight vapor and produces a small effect, me, I love! I talk about it on my channel

lynda renaud says:

I am sorry to say that this is not the place to learn anything about vapourizing Damiana or to learn about its effects.
But, the header says it all. So, if you already are using a vapourizer for your dry herb, then you already know ”how” to do this.
Put the dry herb in the heating chamber and turn on the vapourizer to the selected temperature and enjoy.
This is a non educational how-to video…on how to take herb out of its container/bag…..& how to fill a herb heating chamber…set temp (which is different on different devices) & vape.

Justin2000 says:

how long do the effects last when smoked ?

Tony John says:

Lose the music . I’m trying to listen and learn and couldn’t .

Mark Anthony says:

What kind of vaporizor?

PHDinCBDs says:

While i have gotten effects from drinking a large amount of Damiana tea, smoking/vaping it has never done a thing for me. I did try some evolution smoking blend I found on eBay that has damiana extract and felt noticeable effects from that, but apparently it takes an extract or large amount of tea to feel anything significant.

MrFreebrowsing says:

It’s not vaporizing if you place dry herb on a heating coil. It burns the herb.

Justin2000 says:

how long do the effects last when smoked ?

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