How To Use a Pre-Filled CBD Cartridge Vape Pen

This is the CBD Vape Pen I use on the go for fast relief of aches and stress. People are using CBD products for a wide variety of things in regards to their health and wellness, and I get a lot of questions about this product in particular so I made a video to help! This product does not have any psychoactive effects and will not get you high. It is meant for health and wellness purposes. I even utilize this CBD vape pen for my guests on my cannabis tours who consume too much THC and they need something to balance out the intensity of the THC. Because CBD is a natural anxiety reducer, it can be really effective in conjunction with THC products to not only provide excellent pain relief, but also a wonderful calming effect should you get too high from THC products. You can purchase Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD products at and use my coupon code ‘Laynie15’ for 15% off!

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Cindy M says:

What’s the website to purchase this from

Arwandt Kleynhans says:

If Say You Use Your Mod (Voopoo Drag). On What WATT Would You Vape It ??

innseed nikky says:

we manufacture cbd cartridges and vape battery,welcome inquiries

Kris Ma says:

Thanks for your video

John Hughes says:

Outstanding!! I learned a lot!! I agree, make more videos!

Jamal Mirzada says:

I heard that you are supposed to inhale Softly is that true?

chris c says:

Thanks for the video!


smoke till I die! 2018?

Pat Bordash says:

Excellent vid! Thank you 🙂

Compilation Station says:

Have you ever had a problem where your oil cartridge tube taste burnt? Or it doesn’t taste normal? Almost like ur burning it or burning the wick? Plz let me know!! Thanks!

Tami Holliday says:

Such a helpful video

Lana Poulliot says:

Maybe I’ll try this for my female pain; thanks!

Jr Soto says:

If you buy catridges from heavy hitters can you used prefilled ones already cause thats what I’m thinking i wanna do:) thanks in advanced

Andra123 says:

Hey! So I have the same bottom piece and every time I try to pull, it will just pull air and it’s charged. It keeps blinking and my cart is full.

U Are The Gym says:

Thanks for the tips

Rising Miles says:

For those wondering about wattage, I recommend using it between 4w-7w. My sweet spot is around 5.5w but for bigger hits I go 6.5w. For those not getting good draws off their cart, please be careful and slowly unscrew the top, let it sit for a few seconds and let those air bubbles form at the bottom where the ceramic coil is so it can absorb. My cart leaks a lot when I inhale, it sucks because I’m wasting oil but it does taste good, not sure about a fix for it because juice comes out the top mouthpiece hole.

Mac Cheese194 says:

How hard were u trying not to cough

Juan Hernandez says:

Mine flashes white and wont let me hit it, plz help me:(

DVD Skywalker says:

Mine had to preheat. I just was confused while charging.

Artgirl2016 says:

Do you by any chance know if you can use the pre-filled cartridge on other vape pen batteries?

DexMeetsDexter says:

Thank you very helpful 🙂

Sandra Montez says:


BettyKrocker says:

Omg I love ur hair and awesome video like always 🙂

Saul Garcia says:

Yo send me ☝️

ceez traphouse says:

How long it last because i got one yesterday and is over already

Gil Luque says:

You video is awesome! Your the only one so far that shows us how to do everything without all the boring talk. Great job !

steve grazzle says:

Great vid…very informative thanx!

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