How To Turn Wax into Vape Juice Easily (Using Wax Liquidizer): Cannabasics #58

Learn How To Turn Wax Into Vape Juice Easily Using The Wax Liquidizer Today On Cannabasics. Learn more or purchase wax liquidizer here:

This video uses Wax Liquidizer to show how to convert a low grade shatter, a mid grade Budder and also a high end solvent-less wax cannabis extract into e cig juice for vaporizing in low wattage tanks. It’s very simple, in fact the easiest method to achieve very high quality marijuana vape juice if you have access to good cannabis concentrates.

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Carlos Vapes says:

Can I use hash

charlie Dilltardē says:

all i heard was no box mods and lost my drug boner this sucks

Bruce Leef says:

does this work with dry sift

Nathan Dracup says:

Does this work with rosin?

Hummy says:

After making the juice with a gram of wax, how many ml is made out of it?

Suh Dude says:

Do you think I can put this in my smoke badge or any other refillable pod mod system?

Emilio Don says:

I made a pint worth of weed juice using VG & PG and concentrate and it divided in 2… Do anyone knows if i did something wrong ?

Husam Jawdat says:

How we can buy the wax

David Crazy Dron says:

Coño! Pero si eres tú!!!. He visto muchos vídeos tuyos. Muy bien explicado y muy buen resultado. Tiene muy buena pinta.

Solo una cosa. Se me dió la vuelta el corazón cuando después de coger el BHO y mezclarlo con el Wax Liquidizer, LO METES AL MICROHONDAS!!!!.



Solo eso. Un saludo

Sweetbutterflykripperino says:

matt, I’ve watched this video several times, and I officially feel like we’re buddies now lol

Brian Paiz says:

The liquidizer taste good, but im upset that it makes your oil turn dark after acouple hits and ends up very dark after 2-3 days

Kelly Wallgren says:

do you get high though?

Daniel Castellon says:

Can you add Terpenes in this to boost thc levels?

Aldo Mayorga says:

I’ve been making cartridges for way to long now and take my word for these two pieces of info ima say; Wax liquidizer is perfect if you want to mask the smell of weed and dont care about terpene profile. But if you could careless about concealing the smell and want terpene profile in your mix use EXTRACT SOLUTION’s mix trust me.

Jdubb Wallace says:

You don’t have to decarb the wax first?

Kaan T says:

can you mix this solution into your base? otherwise i have to feeling this could clock up your coil.

berrynrrd says:

hi i have ordered this waxliquidizer
i have a normal e sig justfog
i have used this 1 gram to 2 ml but when i hit like the 10 e hit it gets a burnd coil flavour is there a special coil ohm you need im using 1ohm coil please tell me what is you best experience with coils or ratio ml to gr

Mary Nestoros says:

Why is mine so harsh?? I’m so tired of this not working!! I’m a mixologist. I’ve been doing eliquid for yrs. I can’t get this shit

pki kiti says:

How many wats or volts whatever the duck do you vape this stuff at?

AltijdReno says:

Can you also do this with hash?

Blunt Addict says:

Will it get you pretty high tho?

Jonathan Whiteley says:

Solvent on top of solvent FUCK that!!! Stick to rosin folks

Giovanni Johnson says:

I have a very basic EVOD vape, will this work for the Wax mixture you described here? Thanks for replying

Lordhavik says:

Wonder how many gullible chumps bought this garbage. Why would you do this? Just get a pax 3 and be done with it. Not only do you dilute the potency of your product but you also ruin the flavor. Not to mention the fact that PG is derived from a petroleum product (propylene oxide) deemed a human carcinogen. I’ll take my product without adding chemicals thanks!

walter mcneal says:

Should ID card when do you decarb bho

Daviana Avelar says:

So did anyone have the guts to try this stuff and go threw the airport following tsa guidelines, and not get caught? Thought to bring for vacation?

Barlow Eathan says:

Did that make ur house stink?


Does it harden up as it sits or does it stay watery??????

Fasin says:

Bro issa goat

jdubb82 music channel says:

im thinking of buying this and making it with some gg4 sap shatter i have. does anyone know where to get good quality cartridges for wholesale?

xceleration says:

Can it be made with tincher oil made with vegetableglycerine

Sliviz says:

If their product is 100% propolene glycol, why can’t you just buy that and do it yourself. You can buy a litre of Pg for the price they are charging for 10ml?!

fukuwut says:

What are the best cartridges to use with the e juice?

Dayne Kujawa says:

Couldn’t I just heat up any vape juice and mix some some shatter with it

Erin Dishong says:

my kit came today and its great super easy, but i did the double boiler method

Keaganstow13 says:

does original produce any smell?

Jonathan Hindi says:

So I managed to make one but the taste is really really bad, is there anything I can do to improve the taste? also my oil’s color is a lot darker than the one shown. Would really appreciate some pointers 🙂

Jacob Hudson says:

Can you do this with a juul

David Veno says:

what wattage should I set my vape mod to?

Lasagna titty says:

That bho looks like shit

TheNorthFace715 says:

ok.. but if you have 2ml of juice, and 1g of wax, how much liquid do you end up with at the end? 3ml? 3.5ml? I find it hard to believe you could make 6-7 cartidges from just a single gram of wax

mightlife says:

Just use PG and perhaps some aroma for flavouring.

memax26 / says:

Can u use a box mod

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