Hebe titan 2 dry herb vaporizer review

I just got my new hebe titan 2 dry herb vaporizer and heres the review


Neftali Baltasar Silva Alvarez says:

thanks for the review dude!

Scollet93 Collet says:

minute 7:00 my favorite part .. easy air flow xD haha

David Murnane says:

Love your work!

Jonathan Achoy says:

Little bitch I wanna kiss you

420 Dab says:

cuh weed some boof ass bunk shit

street 75 says:

id be miserable if i had to look like u

TheDarkLordOfTheNocturnalCosmos says:

You got a giant fucking stem in your “herb”

seth03131989 says:


dogstar167 says:

do all smokers live in shit holes or just you

street 75 says:

nasty chomo

MrBlue888 says:

It seems to work,,LOL…

nicholas langevin says:

messy ass room I wouldn’t want to make a video in a messy room

seth03131989 says:

peppermint and damianma i belive. i dont remember wich combo i used the first time

Francisca La Maga says:

Great vídeo thanks for you help!!!you haven’ t eyes!!!!

Bread Basket. says:

air frow thanks i was starting to think mine doesn’t work

April Ashby says:

he done got stoned and couldn’t think of shit hahaha this is funny I love it

Nightmare Wolf says:

I have this vape i love i take it everywhere

Jakub J. says:

Another moron with vertical camera 🙁

street 75 says:

i hope thats weed and not that nasty chemicals they throw on catnip and call it spice.that garbage and bathsalts have been hurting ppl for years now.dumbest…trashiest…losers do that shit. damn…this dude never even got off the couch.

street 75 says:


street 75 says:

that shit IS spice. fuck that! no wonder he never gets up

EL Flintstoned says:

Hi Seth, would you recommend this vaporizer for someone who is a non smoker and medicinal purposes?

Thatboi Frmtx says:

dude smoking K2, cuz that’s not cannabis

Gediminas Jesinas says:

It produces no sound when heating up?

Mr. Poopybutthole says:

the fuck u vaping bro?

javier sepulveda says:

Guaton culiao flaite.

Amber Goree says:

What temp would recommend putting it on for a smoke sesh? I always put it on 420 for shits n giggled but it taste weird. I think it burns too high and then I taste the plastic or something…so would you say 350 or less?

rodol2123 says:

cut ur nails bro… ur hands are so grose

robby981000 says:

I also just bought this vaporizer from hebestars. In your experience have you had any plastic taste whatsoever like some may say or have you had to do a burnoff in order for the vaporizer to work?

Justin Jeremy Jase says:

lol vapin some k2

master shake says:

At 8:26 did he knod out?

seth03131989 says:

thats cause its not weed

Reggie Salad says:

This guy is laying down…friggin piggy toes hanging out and kept forgetting what he was going to say. I don’t know this dude at all….but I like him. Hilarious video

nicholas langevin says:

do you think you could do a review on the titan 1 dry herb pen i ordered it and am still waiting for it

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