Grim Reefer – Da Vinci Vape Review

Part 2 of my review
Highly enjoying this badass little piece of technology.
Healthy, stealthy and portable.
@DaVinciVape on Twitter


Philip Gabrych says:

it does stink but the smell doesnt linger. if you have a window in your room smoke out of that and air it out for 5 mins when youre done and there wont be a smell. you can even smoke it in your room but it will stink for a little but some air circulation and air freshener will make that smell go away.

brenda nunez says:

Would you recommend this to first time smokers. Ive only toked in some joints but never really got high. My parents real strict but need this for depression and anxiety. Does it have a strong scent or no? I need it to use after school or cruising around lol

djdozer88 says:

You don’t dab. The vape should come with a little canister that you fill with your selected oil then insert it into the heating chamber. If you dont have one then just google davinci vaporiser oil can

djdozer88 says:

Just go outside it’s not your house to stink out

flodog2 says:

what temperature is it on in this video?

Danno Green says:

you dont even show how to use it??? brutal

Rafeeky says:

It took me ages to find this but for those that want to know Yes the Da-Vinci operates using Convection. it took me a couple hours trying to find this info so i though i might share it.

Just remember, no matter the time of day, Its 420 somewhare!! ;’D}-<

stormycliffs says:

vapor isn’t the same as inhaling air

Robert Joseph says:

If it’s just vapor then why are you coughing your ass off? Also, when you’re wearing the T shirt of the vape you’re reviewing it doesn’t exactly make you look unbiased.

Jacob McDonald says:

Thanks Grim Reefer..Enjoy your review vid.. Here is some additional info from EV..

Rokcet Scientist says:

Jeez! Can you please play that at double speed bro?
You already had a few hits too many for a demo video, man!

Grim Reefer says:

head over to torontovaporizer dot ca 🙂

PianomanMNL says:

I like the upgrade they did on the DV. I like that they took off the usless button on the side and instead put a strong magnet inside to help keep it sealed. Also they set the temp limit better. I do notice a unwanted smell..kinda rubbery-electronic smell that I don’t like , but I’m hoping it will go away the more I break it in. Very good Vape. I will try some wax soon. Battery life is still not as great as others. But overall ..great bang for the buck. Truly amazing technology now a days.

Black Child says:

Im Getting one tomorrow!

claralix420 says:

how do you dab out of the davinci i love mine for flower but i really want to dab and i have no idea

dermagrafa says:

it has a heating can for oil & one for bud if you want to use it..

DaVinci Vaporizer says:

Hey! We would recommend cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol to keep the unit as clean as possible and a Qtip!

Robert Joseph says:

Got the Pax coming in the mail, will update.

Flip2this says:

check youtube video where guy shows inside of davinci. Just a harmful poison little plastic box full of contaminates. I own a davinci it taste like plastics , the draw tube fell off and it gives me a head ache. Go check video yourself. Nice shirt!!

PianomanMNL says:

The upgrade also makes the hinge work a lot better. If you unscrew the flexi-straw (don’t really have to, but it then you don’t have to squish the straw when bending back all the way). You can bend the hinge all the way back so it is easier to clean the deep bowl

Geowat says:

I’ve got a DV. It’s seriously good.

D Art says:

I dont know which one to get the Davinci or Pax ? i wanna get the davinci because it comes with a free grinder at Vaperworld im new at vaporizer 1st time getting one plz help

Joe Pope says:

Your name is awesome dude

Demos Damian says:

I’m validating that heavy vapor can cause a tickle in the throat.

Grim Reefer says:

I received the tshirt with the unit as a package. Im simply reviewing and testing the product. I also recommend the Pax by Ploom and Arizer Solo for portable vaporizers

Mr420ways says:

no youll get caught..parents arent stupid. especialy if they are not cig smokers it will be noticeable..

Grim Reefer says:

Max temp is 430 F and yes I tried it with Kief. I set it to about 410F and it did great with the included hash canister included

Eduardo Diaz says:


dermagrafa says:

a 1…a 2……..2…lol

dermagrafa says:

u put it in the can that comes with,one has cotton for tenture & was is empty for hash or grind..

bobisbad147 says:

my friend has one and its amazing, hes not kidding its a really cool little thing and so simple, the only thing is it gets clogged alot

claralix420 says:

no it smells and the smell lingers in the chamber

Niclas Jonsson says:

Bought one and it broke after 1 month. Have tried to contact their support several times without any answer. Great device tough.

Hannah Olivarria says:

Really want one just for the portable use and discretion. How many hits to get ripped? Is it a pretty small chamber?

Grim Reefer says:

being new to using it, vapor creates a slight tickle for those used to traditional smoking. I also have a high daily dose. I was given the tshirt along with the vape, kinda makes sense to wear it lol. Ive heard great thing among other portable vapes like the Pax, Arizer Solo and Vapir. Its all up to you to choose the model that works best for you

lovewolfdog says:

i live in winnipeg too!!!!

Grim Reefer says:

Sure do!

AttunedFlux says:

have you not used vapes at high temps? vapor can rip the shit out of your throat just like smoking if you do it right.

Totte Nator says:

whats the max temp for it and have you tried it with hash? since hash mostly needs higher temp than regular weed

Big City Herbal Reviews says:

hey bro would you recommend putting the bud in before u heat or after u heat

Bandon Scott says:

love mine!! battrey sucks n the tip breaks alot but he likes it he said it feels good in his hand 😉

Robert Joseph says:

Thanks for the reply. I think I’m sold on the Davinci. I need something to medicate in the concert setting, so looking for something that won’t draw attention.

Gunner 101 says:

sei ridicolo………..

Brad Ancil says:

Why would you were a davinci t shirt. You just make it easy to see its a biased reveiw.

Grim Reefer says:

375 standard temp. I usually never have to change the temp

Totte Nator says:

Does the unit do well with any type of hash? Here is hash all you get.. :/

frito lays says:

if anyone wanted to get one of these is having a sell.
I believe the sale ends Saturday 1/10/2015 but it could be the day before on Friday.
what you get:
Portable, pocket-size vaporizer
Digital temperature control allows for versatility
Vaporize dry matter and oils
Solid construction
304 stainless steel chamber
Nonleaded soldering
Medical-grade silicone body
Up to 1.4 hours of battery life
Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Features a small storage compartment
Choose from the following oils: Energy, Flex, Soothe, Recall, Breathe, Calm, or Endure

DaVinci car charger
5ml of e-liquid

Grim Reefer says:

It comes with a small canister that you fill it with and it drops into the bowl.

Grim Reefer says:

A full bowl get me nicely medicated with a pretty decent chamber capacity. It also has a stash box inside the unit with enough room for a nugget 😉

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