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Firefly 2 –

Grasshopper –

The Firefly 2 and the Grasshopper are two of the best on demand convection vaporizers. The Grasshopper hit the scene hard and is still in crazy demand due to it’s diminutive size and massive performance. The Firefly 2 is a true connoisseur’s device, when the best possible vapour is the only goal, this is one to consider. It is also the best dual purpose device I’ve tried, it performs equally well with both dry herb and concentrate.

My goal with these comparison videos is not to judge one as better than the other, every vaporizer has it’s own unique strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to offer my insight on the subject matter, to help you buy the vape that is going to suit you best.

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


fionn rogers says:

Great reviews, thank you. I cant decide between Grasshopper with water pipe or Crafty. Most important thing for me is flavor and a smooth cool hit. Whats better in this area? FF2 looks great but aint cheap.


i too had to replace mine 3 times(SS hopper), but now the 2 i have, now have been problem free for several months now also they are quick to get the replacement i love my hopper now

TurtleTrader says:

Your videos are insanely good!

Thank you

Luca Kush says:

whats your opinion between iq and firefly 2? i thought iq will have a better taste then firefly 2 even its conduction,…

hendrixnut64 says:

Great review!!! Love the water pipe…where did you get it? 😉

Oscar Corbell says:

Awesome kameo of animals as leaders here! Lol

Josh Garcia says:

I just noticed animals as leaders was playing

scottyc202 says:

What do you think about the Hopper vs the Pax 2?

RUS38 says:

Need a review for Airvape xs

Āris Plūģis says:

GrassHopper all day for me. don’t like that FireFlys2 requires stiring. and therefore there is no way that you can bust whole FF2 bowl in one huge rip. with Hopper you can.

Aaron Schade says:

I really like the comparison, good detail, non-biased. Really good content-wise.
But that music.. it just doesn’t fit the style of you talking.. just, chill, dude 😉

Psillytripper says:

stirring my firefly2 suxxxxxxx. it always gets on the side of the bowl x.x. but the hits are amazing. the first two long hits taste phenomenal. does take some trial and error. and cloud easily with concentrate and is near impossible to clean when that happens

Godless Glen says:

So which in your opinion provides a smoother, cooler hit: the FF2 OR the Grasshopper WITH the water piece? I kept waiting for you to specifically say.

Billy Mo says:

Hey Pete, with the amount of time you have had with the grasshopper have you noticed it to carry a residual odor, also how stinky is it loaded on the go?

mr sticky says:

Hey Pete how would you contact the grasshoppers customer service

Cadillac Smith says:

Really not happy with my Grasshopper. The draw is terrible, and I’ve tried everything including finer grind, mutliple grinders, lighter pack, tighter pack, higher temp…. It’e like sucking through a jammed straw. Yes, it works well with a water pipe, but I need it for on-the-go. I had a cheaper vapre that konked out, but it gave acceptable hits. It was a Pax knock-off, but now I’m thinking of buying a Pax3. Thoughts?

harles5000 says:

Grasshopper key to success, do not overfill or pack, every once in a while, heat the element with no herb this cleans out the pipe, I use mine with a Nexus Puck using the Silicone Mouthpiece Cover, this works well, do not overdraw, use on heat setting 5.

Zyzzus Christ says:

I luv the ff2

greplink says:

The grasshopper is easily the worst vaporizer I have ever owned. After 10 warranty claims I completely gave up. When it works its great but unfortunately that is very rare. Look over at the thread on Fuckcombustion, I am not the only one.

systemdeadlock says:

Great review. Sounds problematic, thanks for the heads up.

Markus YT says:

Suggestions for improvement 🙂

i wish, the firefly 3 would have a little “whole” where i you can put in the “toothpick” from the cleaningset. like a pen from a tablet pc. i everytime need to search for something where i can mix with. and PLEASE, this thing need a mini usb charger connection and a adapter for apple, if u have a iphone or something else. i dont want to take this “dockstation” with me when i chill somewhere, everybody have a mobilephone charger where i could load with.. – this is a 350 $ vaporizer guys.. and.. what the hack means “power tuning” in this app..? 😀

but i still love my baby <3

Blank Reg says:

Yah, app-only stuff for vaporizers is absolutely stupid. Just because we CAN control some stuff with our phones, doesn’t necessarily mean we SHOULD.

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