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The Grasshopper has been the most highly anticipated vaporizer of 2015. It’s a device that was born out of a successful Kickstarter campaign, and people have followed along with every step of the design as they awaited their product. Now that it’s here – does it deliver on what it set out to? Super fast heat-up, small form factor, great battery, highly efficient, full convection vaporization….the list goes on and on. Can it really deliver all of this and more? Should you order one of these units, not knowing how long the wait will be? Join me as we go over this exciting new unit!

0:25 Components of kit
2:57 Take apart Grasshopper
4:19 How to reassemble
5:01 How to fill chamber
6:07 How to change temperature
7:14 How to use the Grasshopper
9:13 Charging the unit
10:23 Flexibility
10:36 Cleaning
12:30 Battery life
13:49 Heat up time
14:37 Taste
15:04 Size of toke
15:55 Harshness
17:01 Smell
17:38 Ruggedness
18:18 Efficiency
19:45 Stealth factor
20:26 Effects
21:01 Price
21:26 Red & Blue
23:33 Favourite things
25:35 Gripes
27:31 Final Thoughts

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Richard Kerckhove says:

If the dial is in the end and the on switch is in the end, then there must be some bits in the end that communicate with the burner closer to the front end. 🙂

strictlyred says:

just ordered one..coming in april…so they say

Helio Helix says:

Hey man, have you tried this device with old school temple ball hash? You mentioned it was dry herb only but I’d imagine since temple ball just gets hard and ashes it wouldn’t be too bad to clean up.

Scott Feiner says:

Hey SP. I posted this over in discussions, but perhaps it’s better here. I’m deciding between the GH and the G Pen Elite. Any thoughts?

sk8ernutdw says:

When are you planning to have the grasshopper back in stock? I really would like to have one..

Craig Ferguson says:

My Hopper is the best device I have bought. I have two other devices that are made for herbs but The Hopper beats both of them Hands down!

Ehcko McIntyre says:

Call me crazy, but after looking at the device’s design I would actually like to speculate that I don’t believe there even is a circuit board on this unit. Why I say that? Because all the control of the device seems to be all mechanical based. What I mean by this is there are circuit boards that can take a massive amount of uncontrolled electricity, and convert/transform that electricity into proper amounts that won’t cause the device to short out or damage sensitive, low energy components. So with that said, something like that can also “intelligently” control the temperature through the circuit board. Now back to how I was saying it was mechanical based control, the temperature of this device is controlled merely by a simple mechanical dial, which only controls the flow/amount of electrical current going to the oven or coils. The best example to imagine how this works, is to think of the dial functioning the same as the dial for a wall switch for a dimmable lamp/ceiling fan. It’s very unlikely that your grandma’s ugly coffee table lamp with a 45w incandescent light bulb has a circuit board inside it. So how does it keep a steady flow of electricity to make that lamp shine at the perfect eye straining level? With the mechanical wall dial a device that has been around long before circuit boards were invented. That’s how I believe the Grasshopper functions/controls it’s electric and heat flow. Which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, because this design is usually simpler, easier, more economic, and less fragile than say something to how a smartphone works. And the design certainly isn’t out dated, just look at how we still make electric stove tops to this day, same difference. Anyways really great review, keep up the amazing work!

~ Ehcko ♥

TickleMeShlomo says:

not sure if this is for the viewer’s sake, but you make yourself out to be a dumb person.

kevin ujueta says:

That glass looks amazing, where can I get one?

sk8ernutdw says:

This vape got my attention what i woud like to know is the temp? Is it 350 below?

Lisa Padilla says:

Hey, Pete! I just got a titanium grasshopper. Owner/inventor says this is an updated version. Not sure updated from when, your review? Anyway, can you update this episode? Thanks! Lisa

Chris Grimm says:

Your review was amazing. I am buy one of these as soon as I can. My only question is do you have to stir the material like most other vaporizers? This doesn’t change my mind on purchasing it. Just curious. THANKS!

J M says:

How does this compare to the Firefly 2???

krista conway says:

Bro, thats great and all, but tell us more about your bong! That shits tight!

ArnArmor says:

The plastic the grasshopper sits in actually functions as a little chute/trench for loading! The hole in the middle is for oven to come up through and then you can sit it at an angle and use the plastic as a loader! There is a reddit post on /r/grasshopper showing that. Definitely not the best method, as I will probably use the same push to pack method you did.

madsue11 says:

Just got my G.H. and I am loving it! Thanks for the review!

Punks Not Dead says:

Well considering I Live in the West Coast of the US(Cali),I know for a fact that I’m spoiled and yeah dude,I’ve traveled a lot of places and Europe doesn’t have that great of bud,sorry man.

RonnieBoy 707 says:

can I put wax in there?

Dewayne Lindsay says:

do you know where I can buy one in so cal. The website is back ordered until August.

Gendo Ikari says:

Thoughts on Grasshopper vs Magic Flight Launch Box? Particularly in the areas of vapor quality, efficiency, and strength of effects?

Andy Bishop says:

What’s the glass your smoking out of

theCrpldOrphnPrjct says:

Holy shit i want that!

Christian Corriveau says:

Its bigger on the inside!

Gendo Ikari says:

I really wish herbal vapes would stop using proprietary batteries if they’re going to be removable. The e-cig industry seems to use more standard batteries.


Excellent review.

Miguel Cruz says:

Hey Sneaky Pete, have you had any issues with your hoppers like you read on some forums?

maxXxbeck says:

I have no idea of how long it will take until i would get a grasshopper delivered if I would order it now. Some of the backers had to wait about two years. Do you know something about their delivery-time? I would buy a Titanium

TheIommisg says:

Is that a Rash shirt?

NoAddedSugar43 says:

Hey, I have an arizer air and I don’t feel like it hits me and gets me as medicated as smoking the same amount would. Any opinions on how hard the grasshopper hits compared to combustion? cheers x

Punks Not Dead says:

Why does your herb look yellow?was that bud or am I just spoiled?

Gendo Ikari says:

I feel like it’s really stealthy until someone catches you putting a pen in your mouth. The length makes it so you can’t conceal in the palm of your hand like the PAX. Would you think the PAX is more stealthy for that reason?

Quality Tunes says:

why is dab in the tags?

Aven217 says:

Hey nice review man, I just got mine this week and it works amazing, on my opinion so far is the best mobile vape you can find. The only problem is that I got the dreaded red/blue flashing light after only 5 tries. What could you recommend me to do?

Winnie W says:

Nice review! BTW, do you know the Black Mamba dry herb vaporizer? Heard they are very popular now, but i can’t find anything about it on google. Can you help?

The Deads says:

9:25 Failed to insert usb properly.
Major stonage confirmed.

Max Miller says:

400$??? no thanks

sk8ernutdw says:

Is this vapor convection or combustion? I heard combustion is bad.. i rather pure vapor.

Joel Poshusta says:

See ‘’ for good ideas on use and loading from pill bottle.


2 years I still ain’t got a working device the first one they sent me did not work the second 1 they sent me exploded inside the first time i turned it on i am absolutely sick of this company they have the worst customer service of ever been in contact with if i could save one person from going through what i have with this company i will be happy please stay away there are many better vaporizers on the market like the divinci

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