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The Ghost MV1 came into the vaporizer market out of nowhere. Suddenly there is a new premium vaporizer company that no one has heard of, with an incredible looking vaporizer out of the gate? This created some controversy, and people have been very skeptical of the company’s claims. I was super excited to get my hands on this to see if it can truly keep up to even a portion of what the marketing materials claimed. Join me as I share my initial impressions of the Ghost MV1 after around 24hrs of use.

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Alex Hand says:

Portability is everything for me, but I don’t get the hype, here. The one button thing that requires memorizing codes reminds me of the stuff on the market 4 years ago, and that loading process seems so unnecessary when you can just dip another vape in a jar and stuff the bowl with no small parts to lose between the car seats. I don’t mean to dog on a new company but I do hope their next effort is aimed more at the pocket crowd. Dynavap replaced my Grasshopper and if I could get something the size of a PAX that worked with the efficiency of a vapcap I’d spend a couple hundred on it.

eddy1367 says:

Interesting, but the design looks awkward. Just doesn’t “speak” to me like some other models…

Wavy Vaporizers says:

What happened to the mv1 at 6:17 it started a rainbow effect… hmmm. I haven’t seen mine do that yet. Great review as always @sneakypetevaporizers

Dewayne Lindsay says:

I’ve been reading too many bad reviews. Your reviews swayed me at the beginning of the year to get a grasshopper and that thing has broken down so many times. I’m going to have to buy something else.

GrilledCheezeSammich says:

Looks like a big pile of shit

silkvein says:

A few things:
1. Silicone is not inert. It still offgasses even when pre-treated at temperatures above 340 F
2. Non-vitrified ceramic is not safe and will degrade at temperatures above 400 F causing ceramic particulate to be inhaled.
3. The air path flows over the internal electronics
Pretty much a perfect storm for health issues down the road. It’s really starting to piss me off that companies are trying to pass these materials off as safe when they are clearly not.

PureRageRS says:

Good lord I’ve been waiting for a review on this from someone less involved with it (not vapecritic). Good work, man.

Mike says:

After waiting months for non biased reviews, the G MV1 definitely doesn’t live up to the hype imo. Flavour/vapor or only one of the reasons to buy a vape. There are some really glaring drawbacks. On that note, I just bought a S&B Mighty which is incredible. Love it. Too bad the MV1 isn’t more of a complete package. And better built.

8985bobo says:

what a load of crap. over priced, over hyped. better choices out there at this price point.

Guilherme Alvares says:

This is the worst vaporizer ever!!! Dont buy it! Waste of money! My G pen works better!

TheNLSClan says:

Pete, I really love this video and if there’s a true review this is it. I own the device and couldn’t say it much better! There’s other videos out there promoting the wrong idea. You can sense the honesty you provide and love the site. Good deals. And keep on with the vids man, they’re awesome.

IveJustHadAPiss says:

Obvious shit that isn’t fixed before the units go out?

Not for me, I’m afraid.

Nor are the horrendous aesthetics; it looks like a cheap, die-cast rocket toy from my childhood.

I guess it could feel premium _in hand_ , but it looks like you need a gorilla-sized grip to hold it comfortably for any period of time.

Heugh Jassman says:

It feels like if I didnt have instructions, I wouldnt know how to use it and thats the first area this device went wrong.

Martin Schmidt says:

So you have to buy the crappy Quick charger so u dont have to wait 4 hrs? Sounds like a hoax. Totally turned off from this vape.

The Jester77 says:

Can’t wait to see the new Arizer Air II review

Nick Eide says:

that thing looks like a mf space ship

Luca Kush says:

How’s the taste of the concentrates compared to the pax era? Cuz it’s both live resin
What tastes better?:)

KA Persona says:

This thing looks ridiculous. Check out the volt by #vitalisvapor I hope you can do a review on it soon. Best conduction vape you will find and I heard they are working on a convection atomizer for it. It can vape anything, dab rigs, cartridges, conduction loose leaf. . E liquid w a box mod mode. . .

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

What would you guys like to see me review next, the WoodScents or the Cloudious 9?

– Pete

William smith says:

OG kush nice dude I vape this strain daily best on the flavor !!!

Āris Plūģis says:

was waiting on this review. thanks!

so heater sounds not too annoying. good to know. but what about a cleaning? some say that it is quite a hustle and biggest con for this vape. without ISO no way to gather that golden reclaim, right? maybe some advice how to do so? although i know that you are not a reclaimguy.

Daniel Felder says:

u did a great job handling this review of a product a lot of ppl have been waiting to hear about. Good job

matt says:

When’s the release sale date

shadym1lkman says:

High pitched whine is the hallmark of sloppy IC work. Modern electronics do not whine…

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