G Slim Ground Material Vape Pen (Herbal Vaporizer)

Hey guys! This was my first video on the g slim herbal vape pen, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE if this was helpful at all I’ll try to be posting more videos in the next couple of weeks. Also this is a shared account between my girlfriend and I so there’ll be videos from the both of us.



Nicholas Trenton says:

cool !! i just brought one 🙂 i hope it works well for me ! when you vape is there a noticeable smell ( like if you are in a house would another person in another room smell it ?)

Jose Cabrera says:

Does it filter out the smell?

Mr.james13 says:

When you use it, after every hit, does it blow out herb smell?

Tyler Tyler says:

YewNuser15 lol

mr One says:

hi i have a question, how do you know if it’s time to charge it?

Dare Spektrum says:

What size screen should I put in it?

Disturbed_child 4life says:

It take like 10 min to charge up and it does smell a lil bit u might wanna use it outside I got one for the first time I def like it off 2 hits I’m gone really so it worth the money

PA- PYRO says:

come on man review means…. use it pack, it smoke it, tell us how it hits, how is the battery, does it suck… simple stuff considering that you did name the video as a review

Crafty_ Gem says:

Any smell?

Indiapr 13 says:

when you vape does it smell like weed

Teachermark says:

Has it got a 510 thread?

gabreup says:

How many hits before you gotta refill it?

DroopBoys says:

Only video I found helpful. Gonna buy one rn.

Paulette A says:

wait on the site I only see the tank? what about the bottom half??

Salvador Huete says:

Good video but should have smokies out of it for a better review!

Natalie Weber says:

how bad is the smell

Braden King says:

“You Newser”

Cam Dempsey says:

Nice review bro ,straight to the important points unlike an ad for this that didn’t explain as clearly.
Been using one for a few days now , it’s good not the best but it gets the job done, you might not get super high but you’ll get an ok buzz going from 2-3 hits x 2-3 bowls enough to chill out ( of course would also like to remind you guys that what you’re smoking matters just as much as how much, if it’s bad herb you won’t get much of anything from it ), the coil heats up super quick which is why the herb you load dries out quicker and turns to ash, but honestly I bought this along with another handheld vape budspirit conqueror and really I prefer this because it’s quicker, I don’t like waiting 5 minutes for the damn thing to heat up but if as people have said this breaks down easily I may need to just be patient because I can’t afford to keep buying new ones, this was still relatively inexpensive and easy to use , very straight forward, I’d give it a rating of 3 out of 5 and recommend it for others new to vaping

Tony Jones says:

i ordered one,i should get it within the week…i dont have HIGH expectations,since it was only $20,but this is my first vape pen so im kinda excited.

Joseph Whitehead II says:

Good vid. Watched in full.

Christopher Christopher says:

which website u bought?

81 Shots says:

When you used it, did the smoke feel extremely hot and tasted horrible? I just used mines for the first time, packed it really tight, took only 2 hits and couldn’t continue from how horrible and hot it tasted. I tried to clean out the tank but the weed turned to charcoal lol

sammy says:

can I use it for weed?

lfrohling says:

Thank you 🙂

Avisado says:

I don’t have one but many are asking if it smells and the answer would be … If it is a COMBUSTION unit meaning the herb sits directly on the red hot coil then it will BURN and is not a VAPE…it WILL SMELL as dry flower gets burned and goes up in smoke, not vapor…

For Vaping you need CONVECTION unit which has a little basket or tank to hold the DRY HERB or flower so that it does not get burned on the coil.. I bought a Yocan Evolve D for $25 that i thought was a vape but was a burner like this one here appears to be… Now shopping for a small stealth NO SMELL convection unit…

Mainman Mademan says:

man i bought one recently , it gave me about 3 good hits and stop working . Its crap

Paulette A says:

I am so excited im gonna buy one yay!!!

Eyy Banana says:

By herb do u mean bud or wax

Josh Rodriguez says:

Not bad for your first video man!

Mr Green says:

oy how much is that ?!

Tg G says:

Erb you fucking idiot

Neto Cont says:

How often do I have to change the containers?

Marie Wharton says:

Great job Very informative. Thank you..

Richard M says:

It is not a vaporizer. It is just an electric one or two hit pipe. I am new to this but to my understanding a vape heats the herb so that the oil is released without combustion so you get vapor not smoke. I have one of these and all I get is smoke not vapor.

Monkismo says:

Easy to use but not smokeless

Matt says:

I can never get hits with this thing. The pen heats up but it doesn’t burn the weed. Any suggestions ?

Mark C M says:

These weed “burning” pens are crap.

Audio Porn says:

would this work for wax?

Kevin Coleman says:

Mine don’t heats up like yours in the min 0:50 that the the cahmber is the problem or is the battery?

ronthekingronny says:

Awesome video ima buy one

Deborah Robertson says:

how long does a charge last? I just got mine and I am charging it now

michael decina says:

speak up

Youbetcha says:

Thanks man

Star Gazer says:

I just got one it’s ok mainly for on the go . it’s a one hitter so I hit in the movie theater at restaurants where ever but u only get one hit but overall I give it 7/10

Ben Hilton says:

this video was actually extremely helpful. Thank you!

Winston Smith says:

Great job, man! Question: I got the original G Pen and was not at all satisfied. Would you say this one is better than that one?

Señor Squiggles says:

get him to 420 likes boy’s

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