G Pro / K-Vape Review by The Vape Critic

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gene lion eyes says:

lousy, waste of money…

biel m says:

tanks a lot man

Justin Salsberg says:

K-Vape Micro-DX vs Pinnacle Pro? (so similar i know)

Brittney H. says:

I’m totally new to dry herb vaping and I need help! I think I’m doing something wrong. I got a Micro DX Kpen. if anyone can help I would seriously appreciate it!

Rivers Phenoicks says:

I got titan 1 same garbage

tom wolf says:

is this tool just use to smoke marijuana?

John Bridges says:

Waste of money. Not worth 2 cents much less $200.00. Non existent support, broken put of the box and they have ZERO return policy.

Scam all the way.

Daniel McNamara says:

This was my first vape. Now I’m waiting on the ghost review.

Cameron Carbellido says:

this gpro is fake dosent even have a g on it

gene lion eyes says:

lousy, waste of money…

Ícaro Martinez says:

This is the best review, thanks.

James Ardila says:

a esos vaporizadores se les derrite la tapa

Sonaper says:

This one is fake, the original is Kandypens K-vape!

Eric Sc says:

All 3 demonstrations of the different heat types are all the blue indicator… that’s the hottest setting.

fredo santana says:

how is it inexpensive if it’s $100

Vape Thoughts says:

cool video

Rizzo Mars says:

They gave me a hello DGK x G beautiful presentation, I have not really used to be satisfied, I feel the steam to take it and exhale almost nothing or no steam
I’ve seen videos of this product and make off steam if the users mouth, I wonder if you can advise me or guide me or repair the device that works well with the naked eye but I can not take fumes may be clogged? roasted taste mild air enters my mouth, very poor experience if it is actually correct use and operation, I greet warmly thank you very much

The Vape Critic says:

☞ 2017 BEST PORTABLE VAPORIZERS: https://www.vapecritic.com/best-portable/

sweedisven says:

Im confused, ur wearing sunglasses for wat purpose? Ur inside. Doesnt make sense

KrypticKidd says:

I’m guessing the vapor smells like weed?

waldman aurelio says:

why sun class??

Renee Sheftall says:

Very good review. Just got one of these (G Pro). I like the auto shut off too. Which is probably a safety nod to the heating issue.

kingschwab says:

Dog I found this vape on the jersey shore in snookies ass bro

Pavel Vodnar says:

i ve got this one but use it without that additional rubber mouthpiece is hell…

Darwin Huggins says:

How much is a Handful of sessions? 1 hour?

Gary McKinnon says:

Great review pal, finally, someone showing the vape against a black background. Did you have to burn it in to get rid of plasticy tastes ?

Mike Gucciardi says:

i had the g pro as my first vape, 2 months later it broke down. I was happy with it, it did get hot air on the high setting, but it worked and got me toasted. (no warranty because i bought it on the streets for $50 Canadian.)

I ended up purchasing a PAX 2 now, will i be even more impressed with the pax 2 when i get it? all in all i didn’t hate the g pro, just hated how it fell apart so easy.

OutcastJoey says:

What heat setting do you guys find the most effective in terms of getting high? With the G Pro

Sky Watcher says:

BUYER BEWARE! All the bad reviews are true. In addition, the screen holder falls out of the plastic sleeve of the mouthpiece due to a gravity/heat combination as there are no screw threads to hold it to the expanding plastic. That metal piece becomes too hot to handle, hot as a fresh shell/bullet casing, but lasts 3x as long making it impossible to reinsert, and now all your vape has escaped and the screen holder will just slip out again anyway. I would NOT recommend this to anyone, let alone a first timer. Whichever name it’s sold under, none of them will stand behind the product and you will have lost a lot of money.

melaina ryan says:

I must be doing something wrong. The vaporizer gets hot but I get no vapor! Anyone have similar problems or solutions?

Chad Muskaa says:

Listen to TOM LEYKIS!

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