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The Flowermate V5.0S is an affordable vaporizer that gets good marks in every category. Flowermate has a whole host of models in this lineup, ranging from the Mini to the Pro. They offer some unexpected features like an internally stored mouthpiece and crazy good battery life. Is this the best vaporizer for a first time purchaser? Is it a good vaporizer for a user looking to upgrade? Join me as I answer these questions and more!

0:30 Components
1:23 How to use
1:59 How to load
2:49 Cleaning
3:37 Flexibility
3:54 Battery life
4:04 Heat up time
4:28 Quality of vapour
5:28 Ruggedness
5:55 Efficiency
6:11 Stealth factor
6:31 Effects
6:47 Price
7:10 Favourite things
8:15 Gripes
9:27 Final thoughts

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Kris_c 17 says:

So you dont need the put a screen at the bottom of the white chamber before you use it?

Gary Moore says:

Great review pete…I wanted to ask you, what is a good little torch lighter to buy?

Al-way-s ON! says:

very nice review. Thank u very much !

Jose Vigo says:

I own a V5.0S and I really enjoy it, great review!!!

fukkingusernames says:

I really enjoyed your review. I own a blue v5.0s and I love it. It’s my first vaporizer so I’m purely using this now. I give it a pretty decent pull each time (about 5 sec upwards) but what I was curious about was roughly how many pulls would you get or take before you changed the load ? I seem to still get vapour once it’s turned browner.

Hshdjdjdhd says:

im often in the woods, and i need a new vaporizer cuz i lost my iolite 2.0…. Im interested in the prima or the flowermate…what should i buy. Which is better :/?

Galant Baptiste says:

Hey Pete, how does this model let you know that it needs to be charged?

themrmikemcd says:

Brand new user of THC here. (35 years old, man have I been missing out.) I decided i didn’t want to shove pills down my throat from drug companies anymore. Anywhoo. Any tips for a new user of this unit as far as how hard or soft to draw/ how long to draw at a time? The mouth piece screen seems to get clogged after every draw making me have to scrape the screen clean every time. I dont get a lot of vapor when using on the purple setting. I feel like I’m doing it wrong..heh Noobs right? would using the metal canister yeiled any better results for me as a new user?

FYI: This is the BEST review I have seen on this unit! Most people are just like “here is what it looks like, okay now im going to use it.” You helped me make the decision to buy it!

Zoe Brain says:

What about the ‘H’ in the word Herb?

Jeffrey Emerson says:

I have been enjoying your reviews. A user since 1974, I always smoked it but it is starting to irritate my lungs so would like to try vaping for a change. Since it’s my first, I’m thinking of going with this one because of what it offers for the price, and to to make sure vaping is going to work for me. Thanks for your insightful review……really helps us newbies out.

Cole Byre says:

Hey Pete I’m still saving for a good desktop vaporizer and I’ve never tried something premium aside from an Arizer Solo. I notice with the Solo I get very mild effects and more of a buzz, where as if I actually use a combustion method I get very powerful and immediate full body effects. In your experience do higher end (3 – 4 hundred dollar) vaporizers work as good as combustion? I’ve been smoking a little (bad, I know) but it’s only because I feel like I’m wasting good flower if it’s in my Solo and I’m only getting mild effects.

Jay Reimann says:

It is convection becsuse the heating element is not in direct contact with the herb. When not inhaled, the herb sits cold. Convection heats up the air so when u inhale, it heats the herb. From whst i understand.

Meada says:

Is the mini version worth it just for the stealth????

Anthony Ded says:

can i smoke hash with it?

Backyard Arsenal says:

bought it!
do you think it’s a good idea to try it with some vape liquid

Ryan P says:

How many drags can you get out of a full bowl?

Franky says:

How do you check the battery levels?

AWM says:

Hi Pete, please where did you get the water bong extension from?Thank you.

Francois6048 says:

where can I buy the water pipe and adapter? It looks so dope 😀

omgmmm3 says:

Another great review! Thanks Pete!

Peglar11 says:

Is there still a strong smell?

Scott Baron says:

U R awesome!


How do I load the the concentrate chamber?

AkirA900 says:

Magic Flight vs Flowermate V5.0S 😀

VapeLife Will says:

Get em, Pete! VL

Andreas Burger says:

I would prefer a bit calmer music, I hope you consider it. 🙂

shortfatgunguy says:

Hey bro, check out the pro version or the mini pro.

Tom bob says:

Great video, love your videos man !

I noticed, when I use the steel filter, more vape is being produced, then using the device without it.

I don’t really know why but this is what I noticed after using the device for a month. I used an older version of the flowermate , for a year, where the steel filter was already built in the chamber at the bottom.

When I compared both directly with the same amount and kind of herb, in the latest Version(shown above in the video) less vape was produced, in the older more was produced. The only different was the steel filter at the bottom of the older version.

So this is me trying to explaination for the phenomenon.
Using the metal filter at the bottom of the chamber will improve the conductivity. The air will be heated better, so the herb will be heated better. Due to the conductivity of steel, compared to ceramics.
Steel will emit heat faster then ceramics. So the normal/cold air will be heated more strongly and faster after passing through the steel filter, then through the ceramicsholes. Ceramics will have a consistent temperature, which is good but it will not heat up the passing air as good and fast, thus not heating up the herb as good.

I hope it made sense.
And I am sorry for any spelling/grammar mistake. I am from Germany.

Hope you can make a review/comparison between the grasshopper and pax 3.

13 9 vids says:

Can u put e liquid in that

jake hickford says:

Hi is there anyway you can have a external charger like a portable phone charger or something, just if I went away or something, how good is the battery life?

Tre G. says:

Why do people keep calling this a Vapor max? It’s obviously called the flowermate v5.os.

James Slocombe says:

Hey dude, dope review. Compared to a bong, would this get you higher?

Mike Chilinskas says:

is this backyardscientist? lol

Emmanuel Alvarez says:

A lot more compact than my Pinnacle Vapor blunt 1.0

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