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The Firefly 2 is a welcome addition to the portable vaporizer market. The original Firefly developed a cult following, with many fervent believers although the device had a number of known issues. The Firefly 2 was not released as a stop gap, or a device with a number of ‘fixes’. The Firefly 2 is a brand new vaporizer, 33% smaller and 55% lighter than it’s predecessor. But are those problems solved completely? What are the tradeoffs? Is it worth it at this price? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

0:54 Components of unit
3:45 How to clean
5:52 Firefly App
6:57 LED Issue/Explanation
7:46 How to use dry herb
9:30 How to load concentrate
11:28 Flexibility
12:00 Battery life
12:45 Heat up time
13:36 Taste
13:55 Harshness
14:49 Size of hit
15:18 Smell
16:07 Ruggedness
16:54 Efficiency
17:51 Stealth Factor
18:28 Strength of effects
18:57 Price
19:10 Favourite things
20:19 Gripes
22:09 Final thoughts

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Wavy Vaporizers says:

great review

Wayne Morris says:

Hey Pete. Love the videos. I don’t see one for the G Pen Elite. Can we expect one from you?

BurningBushes2008 says:

Nice review SP! Been a vaper since 2014, have tried many. Now enjoying the Hopper, PAX and Solo..Just ordered the FF2..Can’t wait to get it.

Fakroun7 says:

Your reviews are awesome man, thanks for all the details!

River Ryder says:

I have had a ton of issues with FF and the FF2, the LED is screwed,it burns material (makes it taste burnt) everything got so bad I actually got a Davinci IQ which blows the crap out of the FF2… really disappointing with FF2. The Ghost hopefully will fill the void that The FF2 has left in my heart

Juan Murillo says:

I need your help. What should I get for a dry herd and concentrates vaporizer

Mesa Life says:

Loved your review. +1 Sub! I got my Firefly2 yesterday and was concerned about that green LED light not blinking. Glad to find out I am not the only one and this is a known issue. I sent them an email already about it. Also, having some issues getting vapor clouds even after following all the tips and tricks. Wish me luck, & looking forward to more of your vids.

JWickyJr13 says:

This or the magic flight?

Christopher Russell says:

Love the Rush playing in the background.

Joe Tittiger says:

Don’t trust this company. You MUST use the app or the device is a brick. You also MUST turn on “locations services” in order for the app to use bluetooth to talk to the device. There is ZERO technical reason for needing GPS location services for this to happen. The ONLY reason that I can see for them requiring location services being on is that they want to spy on you….
I am a network admin, I do have some experience in this field.

Buerinni says:

solid review man, nice work. just ordered a firefly 2….never really hit a vape besides a friends pax 2 once…
i guess you tell that your material is done and discardable just by the fact that it is no longer producing vapour? or is there another way? sorry for the amateurish question….. SUPER AMPED TO USE THIS VAPOURIZER THO!!!!

Ritchie Christian says:

buy this or the pax 2?

AllenStarkwell says:

Hey man! I’m thinking about getting the Arizer Air (for herb) + Puffco Plus (for concentrates) or just this Firefly 2 for both. What do you recommend?

Arjun says:

Watching this with my Solo set to 5.

Corbin Fairbanks says:

Great review Pete! First time watching here, just bought my Firefly 2, gotta admit… was pretty frustrated at first, definitely a learning curve, which was a little upsetting because I had spent a lot on it. I expected it to be fairly out-of-the-box easy to use. Your video really helped me use my Firefly, this is something that I think should be in the instructions and that you can’t use fine grind 🙁

Tola Vann says:

I’ve found you can almost eliminate stirring by packing it slightly lighter and placing a concentrate pad on top.

Cole Byre says:

Another excellent review as always Pete, thanks.

Vapletrichs Gne says:

Will this thing last me years?

Pistol Pete says:

Thanks for the great review. I’m loving my Firefly 2, it is much more efficient and way smoother than my iolite. My favorite instrumental, La Villa Strangiato

2000toinfinity says:

Has a chemical taste when pulling from the mouth piece. Is this normal for a new unit? Is there a remedy for this?

Aston Brissett says:

I currently have the G pen elite.. Would you recommend I upgrade to this or is the Elite not too different?

River Ryder says:

The only gripe I have with the FF2 is that on Medium HIgh with the power tune all the way down to 90 it still turns the canna black and has a burnt taste on the second draw… anyone else have this issue with theres?

Markus YT says:

Suggestions for improvement 🙂

i wish, the firefly 3 would have a little “whole” where i you can put in the “toothpick” from the cleaningset. like a pen from a tablet pc. i everytime need to search for something where i can mix with. and PLEASE, this thing need a mini usb charger connection and a adapter for apple, if u have a iphone or something else. i dont want to take this “dockstation” with me when i chill somewhere, everybody have a mobilephone charger where i could load with.. – this is a 350 $ vaporizer guys.. and.. what the hack means “power tuning” in this app..? 😀

but i still love my baby <3

Kirill X says:

I hope someone will make and sell a cap for the glass and a metal mouthpiece.

SomeSortaPro says:

Background music is YYZ by Rush

Adrian L says:

Excellent review Pete! Love the articulation of your reviews_

ray wilson says:

like the rush in background

FettersProductions says:

In terms of efficiency and vapor quality/amount, how does the Arizer Air stack up to the Firefly 2? I’m leaning towards the Arizer Air, but efficiency is quite important for me and from what it looks like just from watching reviews the Firefly 2 is more efficient. Am I right or is there no significant difference?


hey man im deciding between the mighty and this. discreetness isnt an issue cause i only vape at home and once in a blue moon ill take one out. taste, vapor output and how much i can put in a bowl is the mostttt important to me . i prefer using small amounts like 0.1 to 0.15. which one do u think i should get? and since u did this review have they fixed the led issue

scorcoz says:

dumbass said the battery on the app doesnt work and then fucking shows it working on camera smh

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