Exclusive Premium Hand Crafted Blends e-Liquid Review


253vapes Emerald city says:

That’s way to much PG my throat would bleed ! That’s disappointing. You can tell it’s a higher PG just from the lack of cloud production

Bigwingrider1800 says:

Yeppers, after convicted vapes opened up on crimme, grimmy, shit. id like to know where and how the juice is made. If they dont have pic’s of a facility i picture bill bob with a boat ore in a bath tub. this scares the shit out of me. Vaping is the ONLY THING THAT GOT ME TO QUIT THE STINKY. But we all need to make sure that our juice is of good quality. ps: Zophie your so cute

Stephen Barnes says:

wow! you put your body through hell just to do a review for us! I’m honered. please don’t beat yourself up too much, you’re too lovely to do that. I don’t think that I have a pg allergy but even 50/50 blends suck . I use 70 vg which wicks well in a tank and is gooooood! Thanks for the review Zophie.

Hairy Bubba says:

An ecig juice would have to create an orgasm with every puff before it would be worth $00.80 per milliliter before tax & shipping.Very nice review, I hope juice companies watch.

djakarta hall says:

pretty eyes 😀

Edi kabashi says:

nice new logo cool review

Dave Gillman says:

Dr creemys vanilla yogurt is the bomb

Sith Yarael says:

Royal Reserve sounds tasty. Maybe skip the almonds but keep the bourbon. Which oddly enough is what I am drinking right now.

Phoenix Errlybird says:

i really want to eat her butthole…..for hours

Josh says:

can’t do pg either gives me what allergy feels like. anything over twenty I may throw up

Death Lord says:

Looks like high pg : (

Sheila Rasband says:

I make my own juice but sometimes I like to try something different. The caramel foster sounds really good! Good review Zophie!

Dave Gillman says:

That shit is expensive

Greg Paschak says:

Hopefully, the company will take to heart your plea for a max vg line for people, like yourself who have difficulty with pg. C’mon you e-liquid producers, get with the tour! Thanks for your reveiw, makes an old heart beat a little faster.

Thomas Williams akia5048 says:

thanks again I feel the same wit the pg that’s why I don’t order subscription box’s cause I never know what I’m going to get and that sucks unless you know of one that I can choose the VG/pg ratio let me know if you do till next time keep being happy

Lil Nutz Vapes says:

I love watching your videos I was wondering if you knew of any companies that sell 100% VG juices that was affordable thanks!

Doug Word says:

what happens if you have a pg allergy? just curious..

domhaul1 says:

amazing review zophie, thx for throwing in an awesome nose cloud

Dave Gillman says:

I love your videos keep them up

Liana Pau says:

hey vendors, do u dumbasses watch Zophies reviews or what? SHE HAS A PG ALLERGY!!! send her some high vg shit. she’s doing u a favor getting your names and juices out there. Wtf??

CousinMikey P says:

Great review Zophie thank you, keep emm coming!

ET XENO says:

Good video Zophie!

AL HoTep says:

tell the company to take that shit to ZampleBox ,lol

Jim Elders says:

I’ve warned you, the 500ml bottle is in a BAD place, mark my words, there will be a bad cocktail night coming up!
Side note, great review. While I don’t have a PG allergy I simply don’t understand why companies don’t put the mixture on their website. Actually with the attacks that vaping has had on it overall you would think they would try to post and be upfront with all of the information they can on the bottles at this point.

garrett2jz says:

I find it funny how companies still charge $12 for 15ml. They’re acting like it’s gold or something.

Josh says:

first but that’s not imortant

T Frensdorf says:

Yes companies NEED to put up their PG/VG , not everyone vapes the same and have the same taste in liquids. Just judging by the vapor, i’d say a 50/50, not for me thats for sure. good review.

Robert Tyther says:

love you Zophie. <3

mb2308 says:

Good review! With all the negative comments I hope the company starts posting all the ingredients. Another reason why the government is starting to clamp down on the industry. I sure as hell hope vaping can survive……

Thomas Williams akia5048 says:

Thanks Zophie please let me know have a nice day

Corbin Romig says:

if you are having a problem finding the pg/vg mix just go with a one or two hit and check the cloud production and if there is not much at all then it is a higher pg blend.

Vape Lord native says:


Jaem Maddog says:

hey zophie can i sniff your hair?

PopMoch98 says:

Her voice sounds like she’s gonna cry anytime.

Film produkt says:

Love your videos! You go girl!

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