Essential Oil Blends | How- To | DaVinci Vaporizer
This video is an overview on the DaVinci Vaporizer oil can. Simply place oils in the provided oil can and insert into the portable vaporizer. The empty cans can also be filled with loose leaf and be used as an herbal vaporizer can.


Max Earing says:

can you use the oil can for BHO and waxes?

Stewart Armstrong says:

Does it come apart on some way to be cleaned? Not the battery part, but the pipe you suck on or anything like that?

MadPotter says:

when you say oils, does that include most concentrates like wax or just oils??

m b says:

It does not work well for bho imo…tried a few times with both canisters and no clouds even on 430° f…im kinda dissappointed

DaVinci Vaporizer says:

Yes, you can use the can for fine grinds, as well as oils. In my experience, it is important not pack the canisters (or the heating chamber, for that matter) too tightly. The looser your herbs are packed, the better the hot air circulation, which will facilitate better vaporization.

Grimvolf says:

Can I use wax in these oil cans?

lisadonne40 says:

I really messed up. I used the wrong oil can and leaked oil all down into my unit. It is leaking out the bottom and is a real mess. The directions didn’t point out the difference between the two cans and being new to this, I had no idea and filled it with oil. When it didn’t seem to be working very well, I opened it and saw the can was empty. Thinking I had used it all up, I filled it again. Then the REAL mess began and oil just kept leaking out of the bottom. Now the temp display isn’t working right and I can’t get to the inside to clean up the mess I made of it. Have I just completely ruined my brand new unit? Please, someone tell me I haven’t. :'(

Donald Boyd says:

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twiggit says:

how come there is no exchaie poof

nicholas urena says:

i lost the white heat resistant thing, can i still put my oils n wax in there? or should i try to find a replacement

Der alte Fritz says:

How to remove the can once its inside????

Matthew Jordan says:

Is there a video for temperature suggestions on oils?

Linda Ingram says:

I have inserted a can inside my da vinci vape.. now I can’t get it out?? Yes I only use the parts that it came with.. How do I get the can out???

Bibithang_ says:

Can you use for wax

Diane Palacio says:

I wonder if the oil can fits in the IQ

shaggyTEEVEE says:

the one he used is strictly for oils or more liquidy hashes. the other is for waxes and thicker dry concentrates.

DaVinci Vaporizer says:


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