E-Nano by Epic Vape | Convenient, Powerful & Affordable Log Vape | Sneaky Pete’s Vaporizer Reviews

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The E-Nano is a powerful little log vape the produces mouth watering vapour clouds. The ceramic heater provides convection heating to gently warm your herb, producing amazing flavour and huge cloud potential. You can leave it plugged in at a low temperature, then boost it up when you’re ready to use it which provides very simple and convenient operation. Overall this is a very affordable desktop vaporizer with amazing performance! But there are many log vapes on the market, is this the right one for you? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

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You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Mirthy says:

this style of vapes has been around for ages, starting i think with the Purple Days and Underdog vapes about 12 years ago. I have 2 Toasty Tops

Stephen Turczynskyj says:

I was wondering what you thought of the E-nano vs the HydroBrick Maxx? I have an Underdog and for me the Brick wins in every category; flavor, convenience, ease of use, ease of cleaning, accessories.

Rush – La Villa Strangiato FTW 🙂
I recommend The Mars Volta Cicatriz E.S.P. for your next video, another similarly epic song.

I really appreciate the effort you put into researching, producing, and editing your videos so keep it up and I’ll keep watching.

Vince Noir says:

Really have to love the simple yet elegant power of the E-nano. I use it with a stepdown converter because my country uses 240V, yet it still works perfectly.

Awesome video! 😀

Carlos V says:

what’s the name of the grinder your using in the video again?

Āris Plūģis says:

this really made me think of buying one. but in their page there are so much accessories i’m not sure i need. i guess long stem and watertool adapter is a must. anything else is realistically needed what is not included in standard package? what about those glass screens they offer? are they any good and practical in usage, are they adjustable?

i took your advice on SitckyBrick m8. very happy with that beast. the fact that i can leave e-nano turned on is amazing. and glass vapor-path adds on that selling point. i just hope they do models for European plugs and 220 volt electricity….. hate to use adapters. they tend to blow up.

Red Eye says:

Wtf how much abv is this? xD

Luca Kush says:

would you say, the taste is comparable to vapexhale?:)
and how many tasty hits will you get from both?
best regards

Mike Cornford says:

hey Pete love your review I have a walnut enano. got stems and gongs. I use it mostly with a stem or through a j hook.
they seem to differ slightly as I get results from 5.5 up to 7.5 and a friend that has one has to go to 8 weird. also the videos I’ve seen your using the epik wrong setting your basket screen. from what I’ve seen and been doing is the longer leg has a little lip on it and you place it on the edge of the stem or gong so my screen would be closer to the heater. I use less material and if you careful it doesn’t combust. I also put my herb in the stem or gong and leave it on the heater for up to 20secs and then you get a little bit of radiant heating and it milks a bong I’ve got that’s about 50cm tall. give it a try. the main thing your happy with it and getting results.

Caleb Perkins says:

Around the 2:00 minute mark you commented on some of the accessories. The little chain connects to the corner of the stirring tool. And the muslin bug I think is for ABV, so you can put the bag around the glass piece and blow it easily. But I guess you can store stuff in there too.

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