Dry Herb Vaporizers: The 2 Best Tips For Enhanced Vapor Production!

This video shows 2 tips that will help you increase vapor production & get the most from your dry herb blends while Vaporizing! Hope these tricks help! ~http://www.todaysbestvaporizers.com 👇🏼

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Rob Mc says:

Shout out from houston

NotKanye West says:

Thanks for the completely obvious tip. *whoa you mean grinding your weed well is better for vapes? no FUCKING WAY* Waste of my damn time.

Rick R. says:

Creating CLOUDS with herb is NOT vaping. Vapor is a GAS. Gas is INVISIBLE! TRUE vaping of your herb should NOT garner ANY clouds. The ONLY thing you should see is what appears to be a light fog or mist, and NOT thick, dense clouds. The fog/mist your see is produced by the HUMIDITY in the AIR. Do they not teach basic science in school anymore?

If you vape herb PROPERLY your will barely see anything, if at all. And the left over (spent) herb, or ‘vegetation’ should look SLIGHTLY darker green. If it’s a deep, dark green or brown color you’ve COOKED your herb, not vaped it.

Cooked herb = WASTED herb.

Blend Mastering says:

Hey Man!

I love this video thank-you so much for your help. I have created a mastering tutorial video if you want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yJOOKPUQa4
it may help you as well! Have an amazing day.

Jesse Snyder says:

Does nobody pick out stems???…… i always break my bud up taking out the stems before grinding…

Diamon Sa-ardsri says:

omfg, so boring. I clicked on this link to watch about the vap as it says …….. not about a bloody grinder and how to grind weed … wtf. Just wasted 4.14mins of my time.

kartik kumar says:

I thought weed was illigal

Keith James says:

good tip on turning your grinder upside-down,

Diamon Sa-ardsri says:


leo ruelas says:

Drinking some tecate I see good choice +VapeLife Will

RealDeal says:

+VapeLife Will  Good tips but, why am I watching Retro centric on the centric channel and I see you in this Fat Joe video “what’s love”!  I knew I seen your face before on tv.  You used to model too right?

Offical Troll says:

bru thats not og

Fernando Fernando says:

is this nigga trying to teach us how to use a grinder? lol

wutdafeezi says:

Bruh who in their right mind waits a day to smoke after grinding. That’s like uncorking a wine bottle and let that shit sit in the open and be like, “let that shit breathe it’ll taste better.” No nigga it won’t, you’ll get slapped for some weird shit like that if you did that around me during a session

jeremy werchowski says:

is this Quinton miller

LFTCST8 says:

Whats does leaving it out overnight do?

YoungKush says:

leaving ground up herb out will only ensure it is extensively oxidized especially after grinding upsidedown disrupting most of the plant cell structure. Guarantee you are oxidizing turpines

also it gets dry as fuck so could combust more easily, counterproductive to vaping.

sure matter with less water content takes less energy to heat up since the water that takes the most energy to heat is gone, not worth the oxidation

YoungCheasy says:

str8 flexin

Jonathan Whitee says:

He sounds stoned the whole time.

ripper497 says:

did you seriously just give us a step to step lesson on how to grind weed? lmfao man wtf. and dont turn the grinder upside down till you’ve detached the crystal compartment or else they will go everywhere fucking idiot

Alvin H says:


VapeLife Will says:

2 of the best tips for dry herb Vaporizing: Dry Herb Vaporizers: The 2 Best Tips For Enhanced Vapor Production!

Max Carroll says:

On youtube straight flexin’

But seriously, the upside down grind has always been a godsend

HotSauceFan9 says:

I’ve been wanting to try headband for a long time. Damn I wish it was legal everywhere..

Chase The Mainer says:

flex it baby lolnext time you might want to have something to flex bro

Alanna L. says:

I’m laughing so hard cus he said “you’ll really start to feel great”

yixnorb says:

CURE your fresh bud properly and it will taste better and not require drying.

ForeverMasterless says:

In my experience fresh ground herb preserves a lot more of the flavor. Dry herb gives big clouds, is smoother on the throat/less likely to make you cough, and your material vapes more evenly. All kinda depends what your priorities are. Most of the stuff I get doesn’t taste amazing anyway, so I go as dry as possible.

Dan Leigh says:

I think it’s a joke. It’s gotta be some deep sarcasmic shit – who waits 24HR after grindining to toke?

Sam Wines says:

I used to do weed I stopped but do plan on doing vapes later years

derty QWERTY says:

Hell yeah, headband. Best strain ive had in almost a decade. The most under rated strain out there.

Al SmooV says:

Shout out from ILLADEL, PA My BROTHER! … I bought my first Oil Vape Pen while I was out in San Diego on a Business trip … I’ve been HOOKED every since! … GOOD LOOK with the INFO and keep doing what you DO FAM! … 1 #VLB#

Yuki Yuki says:

Does anyone know the black mamba vaporizer? Heard it’s very popular right now. I really really want to try one of those, so let me know if you guys know it.

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