DIY THC infused Eliquid for Personal Vaporizers

A simple informational video on how to create your own cannabis infused vape juice. If interested in making your own vape juice out of herbal concentrates, click here: and order your very own bottle of EJmix! It’s just that easy!

Edit: I’ve discovered that the emulsions made will separate in 3-6 weeks. Just be mindful if one were to make a large batch, filling it into cartridges immediately could proved to be a pain in the ass later.


Outlaw cho says:

can you use solvant extracted oil

Johnathan Hayes says:

Can i just put vape juice and thc oil together ? Like mix it

Carl Pullin says:

Yes he is correct you are a super human keep up the good work

Christophe De Sloover says:

Normally with 10 grams, I can smoke (pure in glass pipe) daily for almost two weeks.

10gr gives you 1ml of pure oil.
You mix that with 1ml of ejuice.

I vape 2ml of ejuice in one day!
I guess with the thc that would maybe be, o let’s say 3 days…

Seems like ridiculously expensive to vape

Derassica Mercedes says:


Nixir says:

U look like great value post Malone

Verick Jr. Barcayan says:


Rebel Zoe Channel 1804 says:

I don’t feel high

Justin Little says:

My bottle of ej mix is coming in today, boutta try it out, I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

Math Don says:

Hey bro, thanks for the info. Keep doing your thing.
could you help me with some additional info and your personal experience.
How long does a .5 or full gram of concentrate/ej mix last you?
How many hits do you need to feel like you smoked a joint?
Once you feel like you have smoked a joint, how long do the effect last?

If someone smokes just a gram of flower a day,(2-3 joints) how long do you think a gram cartridge will last?
At those concentrations would it be better to dilute the concentrate with more e juice to help keep it fresher for longer?

if anyone with experience sees this please drop an answer 😀
stay safe, and blaze up sukas

Watch Blip says:

Found some nice liquidizer at a good price on ebay. WAXE liquidizer if this link isn’t still current.

Alfonzo Moore says:

your a queer for that disclaimer

.。*ೃ༄ Madeline says:

i love you

Sanse says:

love you

Chuey says:

Made some juice earlier. 4g shake/trimmings, 24ml of 65/35 pg/vg base. Came out a nice dark green, almost brownish. Been vaping it at 3v/16w from an Atlantis tank with a .5 coil for 45 min, and don’t really feel anything. Not sure what I did wrong. It’s not the material though. Used the same material to make butter and it came out great. 2 pieces of toast around 7pm, and I was still high when I went to work at 7am.

Drizz Molly says:

could I add Cannabis Coconut oil instead to the E juice

William Reed says:

do you get high from this?

Salem Thorup says:

Those pen cartridges are only like $4-5 at the local smoke shops here. $10 is also outrageous. They can’t possibly cost more than a dollar in textiles to make- and probably only cost about a dollar with both material and labor.

RFriend says:

EVOD Electronic Cigarette Round Mouth Atomizer (10-Pack / 1.5mL) $12.58 This item ships free (worldwide) Not many people know about this place Peace

Amran Sidek says:

you just make the vaping community looks bad in our country. They are now imposing a new ban because of videos like this.

UltiMogr says:

please help. once cooled, the oil stays on top and the glycerin in the bottom. i cannot get them to mix. why?

ChArLiE BeAtZ says:

Can you smoke your aroma-therapy essential-oil with THC? I wonder. It’s 100% Essential oil.

sumwhat 1 says:

PG works fine this guy just wants to sell his product.

N7-Spectre says:

Fuck the law, tryin to tell me I can’t smoke weed smfh

kr2nakr2na says:

Nice video in medical need ..

Brian GCV says:

Can this same thing be done with wax (shatter). Thanks for your help


Neck beard

Jay Taylor says:

Which industry is the money grab?

Sean John says:

Maybe this has been answered already, but have you tried mixing THC distillate with 100% PG? Word is, it emulsifies at room temperature and is as clear and pure as possible. Which i suppose means less gunk and longer lasting coil. Again, just hear say. Would be interesting to see if its true.

Jose Delgado says:

please do not forget to get high with pot while whatching the video…and also if you forget to do it before whatching video.

Derassica Mercedes says:


warp44 says:

Use PEG 400 instead of VG and you have your own ej mix ^^

MrRoleModel says:

You look like post Malone’s brother

Derassica Mercedes says:


Loni Wiebe says:

Why does it come out so black

Nordic .I says:

Tried mixing qwiso as well as 99% ethanol qwick wash with vape juice… it just formed like this caramely stuff around the stirrer. Was a complete waste.

ryan vanaken says:

please subscribe back
and plase give my video a view and feel free to make a comment good or bad thank you

Natasha Nickel says:

best video on this subject so far. keep it up

Watch Blip says:

Yea I’ve had some issues finding all these ingredients etc. so I grabbed some of this it helped out a lot with DIY pens.

Boomhower says:

60%? Your wax man needs to step up his game

Cardboard Box says:

Fuck the law

Tajdid Ajman says:

cookin tha crack

GeeZEvil says:

3:10 mark. The Stoner pause. I do that when I go to the kitchen and forget why…LMAO

Rob Atkinson says:

Thanks great advice

Eddie Plummer says:

what is the name of the E-juice

Honey Bee says:

Hello Fellow Honey Bee!

ChArLiE BeAtZ says:




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