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The name Volcano has been synonymous with high quality vaporizers since the industry began. Is this the best desktop vaporizer on the market? Join us as we take a deep look into the device.


1:54 Basic Operation
3:45 Heat Up Time
4:37 Components Of Unit
8:08 Packing The Bowl
8:56 Changing Heat Settings
10:02 Maintenance
11:32 Quality Of Vapour
12:14 Efficiency
12:51 Harshness
13:18 Sound Of Device
14:30 Vapour Shots
16:08 Design Of Unit
17:30 Final Thoughts

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John Dayton says:

I’m trying to stop using the the bong for health reason and trying to smoke less in general . Is the volcano so much of a game changer that you won’t feel urge to use bong anymore????

Y.J. Buit says:

great review by the way 😀

Billy Mo says:

Hey Pete, 2 questions about this vape. 1) does the unit itself smell when not in use? i assume not becasue their is no contact or vaping going on in the volacno. 2) how many bags can you get off a bowl? i have used portable vapes and they are usually one usage and done. love the vids

Slim Kim says:

dude thanks for this video! great quality, to the point and clear and was easy to understand! awesome work dude!

magisterartium says:

great video man

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

@borut I think perhaps you’re mistaking 1.2 for 0.2, unless you can point me to the time on the video that you are referencing so I can see?

Borut M says:

Hi,  have a question … was watching your arizer solo review where you mention it that 1 gram will last you about a week with solo. But here with volcano 1.2 gram will last you 2 days. That’s quite a difference …. am I missing something? Thanks.

Alberto Zermeno says:

Got the the digit. Not looking back.

Sam Matt says:

SNEAKY! You use the end of “The Fountain of Lamneth” as your intro outro! I got to see them (Rush for layfolk) one more time for the last time a few weeks ago…

sid smith says:

i’ve got one yesterday

ryan hernandez says:

Bro, your soooo right!!!
I save more weed the Any other method
Very easy to use, long lasting materials
Good taste and great high
I cant stop stop stessing the fact on How much I use un when times are rough. What él se could I say???


PSVR420 says:

I try and change the bag every couple of weeks at most, the longer you use it the more effect you lose through an avalanche effect of the condensed vapor in the inside of the bag, the stickier it gets the stickier it gets, if you leave it too long when you change bag it’ll really take you by surprise how much you’ve been missing out on by using a sticky old one

Darren Lowe says:

You ever feel like an expert on a subject? While I can’t say I disagree with most of what you have said, I have owned 3 VapourBros hotboxes (i gave em away) a standard Volcano … which was given away, a Volcano Digit which was purchased new and a Volcano Digit bought from Craigslist, both of which I still have.
I have been through countless boxes of volcano bags …. I have completely disassembled this machine and have intimate knowledge of it’s insides … I may make a vid of a disassembly because, since it is so well made, it’s also as easy as pie to work on and there’s no reason to sent it to Germany for any repair, good Canadian know-how has sufficed so far.

Tell you this … I emailed S&B for some replacement plastic parts that had broken on my Craigslist unit and was told they would not sell me them at any price and that I needed to send my unit to them. I hate what I consider poor customer service … and I consider this poor customer service … mind you … not because I’m saying they don’t back the machine well or don’t do good service in a timely and fair manner … but the haughty attitude instead of just selling me the parts … simple plastic assembly line parts that they have bins FULL of pisses me off. Do they really think their hot air machine … although the best on the market … is some complicated thing … a jet engine perhaps …


Eventually even the push button switches will seem to not work with every push, it will take two or three tries, or even to be pushed with emphasis on a certain angle or whatever … this is the brown dust that has infiltrated the switch mechanism. But don’t fear, and don’t bother the Germans, just get inside and you will find the kind of switch that can be completely disassembled, cleaned and reassembled … if you’re careful.

The spring … a very small spring … found behind the switch … broke in two on my blower switch and I replaced it with a spring sourced from RC modelling parts. It’s working well now but is stiffer than stock.

Storz and Bickel … please supply us with the parts we need … your complete switches … front plastic escutcheon, complete front panel assembly.
All these parts would be easy to supply, and while you’re at it … sell the special driver to get in the thing and/or stop being sneaky Germans with special fittings and standardize your shit. The “special” tamper proof driver is available to any technician, anywhere ….

There is something I need to do inside my Volcano soon, so if I can figure out how to make a competent video I will cover it for you guys … I think it’s time.

and P.S. …. If you get the tool, S&B cannot tell you’ve been inside unless you fuck something up, so feel free to take a look inside if you’re so inclined … it’s yours’, you paid for it … and … and …. if you want to unplug the front panel and you see all the daunting different plugs involved, don’t sweat it … it was designed by Germans … each plug uses a different plug type and NO plug can be mistakenly plugged into the wrong place. You would have to TRY in order to FAIL … that being said ….good luck.

Hahahah … two packs of bags will last you as long as you own the unit ?????? do you still think that .. I know it’s been a minute since you made this vid.

Ok, I’m done … looks like I’ve written a script. …. shit … where’s that Volcano Bag, oh, right here!

P s.s.s.s.s – a strong blowout with a proper air compressor would be in order if you will not disassemble your unit … blowing the pushbuttons hard from the front side might lessen a problem with dust in the switches .. even as a preventative measure. Forget about cans of “Duster” used for computers, it will take more air … real air …than that … and make sure your in a well ventilated place because you’re going to be surprised about the cloud, especially if you’re experiencing problems with your buttons due to dust fouling.

I could literally write a book.

Christopher Raff says:

I got mine in 09.  I use it a lot, and I totally agree it is awesome. Literally the best purchase I have ever made.

Money saving tip: There is a knock off Volcano called ‘Phantom'(not a Cloud Phantom) it is really shitty I am sure, but the accessories are dirt cheap and fit the Volcano perfectly.  I broke the black plastic around the chamber, and had to get a full accessory pack(all my headshop had) but it was only $25.  This included the best accessory ever: an easy valve mouth piece that you can change the bag on.  You can then start buying the rolls from S&B which are far cheaper than the easy valve bag set, and you can make huge party bags like the regular valve guys do.

PSVR420 says:

My volcano digit is currently in the repair department at S&B, so I am having to watch videos on it as I await its glorious return, the heating element failed after 7 years of daily use and after all this time they are repairing it for free under goodwill even though it’s 5 years out of warranty, amazing company!

FuriousDon says:

So in 2016 is that still your opinion? What do you think of the volcano classic vs vapexhale turbine

Lucas weeds says:

$299 in Vancouver wa

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

I know you said you don’t like to turn up the heat to get more out of your vapor but i’m wondering if you noticed a difference in effects between a lower 320f and a higher 420f. I’m asking because i’m trying to decide between this and the herbalizer. With the herbalizer i haven’t heard of complaints between any temperature but at least with the volcano classic i’ve heard that people find a sweet spot. ANy opinion? Thanks!

XxChIvAsLuVrxX says:

Looks so sick!!

Big Clam says:

i kept the plastic on for 2 days. could not deal with it lol

Don Bellz says:

great review.

Victor Ferreras says:

Been watching all your reviews and you do what most people don’t! I love that you go into stealth factors and everything else because I live in a dorm and I dont wanna run the risk of getting caught so thanks to you! Best reviewer ever!

greenbag says:

Nice review dude. You can get a replacement easy valve housing chamber.. just the plastic part, without the stainless steel parts… $12 at Ignite on Cordova, or $11 at Puff. I just modified an Extreme Q to use the Easy Valve.. bowl and all. Not a real Volcano, but I couldn’t afford the $800.. even with a medical discount. I wound up saving $350 along the way. 🙂

When it comes to cleaning the bowl.. I’m not sure if you can do this at only 446 on the Volcano, but with the EQ, I set it to max 500 and pass the air through the empty chamber. This vaporizes anything on the upper screen as well as the sides of the stainless steel inserts. Also.. just got to point out… that discolouring in the bags is thc and other cannabinoids.. not the bad tars associated with smoking. If the stuff in the bags was on your lungs.. your lungs would eventually absorb it, and you’d get higher. It’s not bad stuff getting filtered out as you suggested.

Another trick I found.. while the lowest setting isn’t enough for cannabis… it’s perfect for quickly cooling down the unit, especially if you want to take it somewhere. Put it on 104 or whatever it is, turn the fan on.. the temp will drop quite fast.

Lastly.. when it comes to small batches in the bowl… having the material fly around like a cyclone is actually perfect for convection cooking. It cooks each and every particle evenly. When the material is packed.. even lightly.. it stays in place, stuck to the walls of the chamber. And even though the top portion of the chamber has a reducer, forcing the air to circulate before being pushed through the tube.. the particles aren’t all being cooked at the same rate.. evenly throughout the chamber. Coming from a cook’s point of view that is. 😉

shadyville32 says:

Nice video. I got it for $400.

Christopher Russell says:

have you tried the easy valve reducer yet?

The House of Cobraa says:

Sneaky Pete, hi. First time viewer here, I have a question for you if you do not mind. Would you mind telling me the software you use to edit your video? I like the time lapse moment, it was really fast, and what I use only lets me go up to 5 x which = 5minutes is still a full minute, yours was a matter of seconds. I appreciate it. Great video, keep up the good work. I will sub and follow your future reviews. Thanks

Mojo says:

This is the best unit others I had all went into the trash only this one is worth it and over time it has fully paid for itself :]

MicrosoftSam says:

I have an original Volcano that was last serviced in 2003 so I assume its a real 2001 original , Its got an old solid valve that has no yellow band around it. I got it as a hammy down about a year back and had to just replace the buttons (power button finally snapped after like 12 years!) and when I removed the cover that’s when I found a last serviced date and my mind was blown. This things lasted at-least 14 years and still kicking full force thanks to some small maintenance.

Anthony B says:

I hope someone told ou already but sneaky Pete you are missing an o-ring on your easy valve thats why it’s leaking

Gordon's Alive! says:

The prices on these have dropped massively since I last looked at them.

First Last says:

This is by far the best unit for vaporizing. I bring mine wherever I go!
.. its portable to me, I just use an inverter plugged into the lighter and it works like a charm! I do go through more weed using this though :

Lester Love says:

what’s up, I just subscribed to ur channel and I like the way you go into detail with ur reviews,  I would like to know if you have a review on a dry vaporizer called  HEAVEN.

Jimmy Chadwick says:

My mouth is watering, … and I held my breath when you toked. Thanks.

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

@robm425 that is not one that I’ve used, have you tried it yourself?  If so how do you like it?  It looks interesting for sure

Driz says:

gonna start calling tokes “hoots” now hehe

YBlazeWon says:

Can I switch from easy to solid anytime as long as I buy both??

indica 777 says:

I’ve watched a million vaporizer reviews and yours are always the best. Clean, respectful of your audience, you cover everything, and it just appears you were born for this sort of thing. Another exciting and excellent video! Thanks!

Y.J. Buit says:

How many times can you fill a bag before you have to replace the weed in the compartment?

tony g says:

Awesome video man. So excited over here in portland.

Dr. mostsadistic says:

0.2-0.3g for two days? How many bags you fill from that .2-.3g?


You keep yours at work? I wanna work where you work.

Roger Fielder says:

In order use this device efficiently you should turn the temperature up after filling each bag ending up at the highest setting. You will have extracted all the goodness from your weed if you do this. This is the method recommended by the manufacturer Storz and Bickle. I have used a Volcano classic for better than 15 years and it still works fine today. The temperature setting controls the thickness of the vapour the highest setting will produce a lung ripping fog, inhale this and you would feel it in your toes. I get 3 to 4 good bags out of .3 to .4 grams of weed starting at 6.6 and increasing the setting to the maximum 9. People say they get stoned smoking the duff, the toasted weed left over after vaping or they use it to make cookies and get smashed eating them. These folk don’t know how to vape their weed smoke my duff weed all you will get is a cough.

Daniel Felder says:

Great video. My question is, i do enjoy the high i can get from my bong and i haven’t done vaping but want to switch for the health reasons. Am i able to get a good high going with this one? Thank you for your time.

neaumusic says:

leaving the sticker on is tacky

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