Difference PG vs VG Ejuice? Safe? Side Effects?

What is the difference between Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG)? Is e-juice/e-liquid safe or harmful? What are allergies and side effects of e-juice/e-liquid?

E-cig e-juice also called e-liquid is made with a mixture of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring, and nicotine. Occasionally water or a sweetener is added. The percentage of PG to VG varies by brand.

Difference Between PG vs VG
Vegetable glycerin is thicker than propylene glycol. Ejuice with more of VG will generate more vapor. Ejuice with more PG carriers the flavor a lot better and delivers a greater throat hit. You can also get 50PG/50VG ejuice to balance the two.

Ejuice Safe or Harmful?
Both PG and VG are used in food, medical and pharmaceutical products. Asthma inhalers actually use PG as well. PG is generally recognized as safe (G.R.A.S.) by the FDA. Source: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/fcn/fcnDetailNavigation.cfm?rpt=scogslisting&id=262

Some assume that propylene glycol is harmful because it’s used in anti-freeze. The fact is it’s used as a safer alternative for ethylene glycol to make non-toxic anti-freeze.

Allergies and Side Effects of Ejuice
You would likely know if you’re allergic to ejuice since a lot of consumables are made with these ingredients. Allergy symptoms of PG include eczema, throat irritations, and nausea. Switching to 100% VG should resolve these symptoms.

Side effects for PG and VG include dry mouth, sore throat, and increased thirst, which all can be cured by just drinking more water. The symptoms are usually just seen when just starting out vaping. Sometimes symptoms of switching from tobacco cigarettes to ecigs can be confused with ejuice side effects, but are actually withdraw from quitting cigarettes.


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So water is safe for drinking……….. according to you it would be safe for pouring in nasal pathways and lungs too.
btw “VG” is actually Glycerol and breaks into Acrolein and water when heated (and not to mention Acrolein is toxic). Provide further heat to the by products and Acrolein will break into Acetaldehyde or Formaldehyde by combining with a Base or Acid whichever is present in “E-Juice”
But who am I writing it to you might not have the basic knowledge to understand this stuff
So keep enjoying your “Safe Alternative”

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danny k says:

Thank you for this info,i am recently new  to vaping and I was told not to Chain vape with 99% vg ,the coils  have to  absorb the juice a little longer and thus , not burning the coil(s). I find that a blend of 70pg/30vg good for vape .

chicagofan76 says:

Best explanation I have found so far. My bubble gum e juice is 65 vg 35 pg. seems I have issues with pg. I need suggestions on good vg. Juices

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50/50 PG VG works well for RDA’s, 0.50 ohms at 22 watt’s

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John Meister Dupa says:

Im allergic to pg.,. 70vg 30pg is a very noticable irritation on my throat while 90vg 10pg is okay, im currently using max vg on all my juices cause of this.

And also im allergic to nicrome wires, ss, and nickel

This case varies cause my friends are not.

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Nicotine is awful for you so if you get 0mg then it is safe. If you have smoked cigarettes though it’s better to vape than smoke cigs.

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Pg makes me very tired, with higher vg I feel more alert and less tired than when I use the odd tobacco flavor higher percentage pg.

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I’m glad there are people that make videos like this, I love the analogy of “water is in antifreeze too” When people tell me vaping is dangerous I tell them to lay off of Facebook for a while

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So when they say PG has a greater throat hit..does that mean it’s smoother or harder?

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this vid helped alot, now I know why one of my bottles is harsh as fuck, too much PG

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