DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Review (Latest model)

The Ascent by DaVinci (portable vaporizer) is a conduction style of vaporizer that can be used with dry material as well as oils and waxes making it a very versatile device, but how good is the Ascent? Does the cost really justify the value you get? Is the Ascent worth your hard-earned cash? If your curious than sit back and enjoy the review and decide for yourself!

DaVinci’s Website: http://www.davincivaporizer.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/davincivaporizer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavinciVape

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review: http://youtu.be/p0FbR_yA5Os

My video explanation of how a vaporizer works and why it is a safer modern way to consume you favorite herbs:

More vaporizer health information: http://www.ehow.com/list_7568505_vaporizer-effects.html

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Alex Zuccaro says:

What is the purpose of the metal mesh round items ?

nosirindeed says:

Excellent review. Do you think you will do another video showing the vapor quality produced by the ascent?

Enrique Corchero says:

“good fucking” at 1:16 jaja

Wilt Williams says:

Ascent or the Solo ? What do you think is the best portable vaporizer who you can carry in your pants?

Lincoln Kush says:

Great Vid! So many Choices! I havent decided on one yet, but Ya Dont have to be an Electronic Engineer, should be able to re-engineer a USB connector power source if it was totally needed…cut, splice, voltage test and connect, I even would play with a in-car power convertor just to see how many power sources a person could create….
“If you smoke, your mind should already be at max creativity..” -LK

boobeggar says:

Hey there, my Ascent doesn’t stay charged for very long.. it was fully charged and I couldn’t even get one full session out of it… what could be the problem? it’s only 2 months old… TIA… pPp

ChrisHp617 says:

it looks like a flip phone heheh, ive tried it before tho and i like it a lot. may buy it someday. good video and channel

g0phuckyourself says:

You could use some moisturizer but I appreciate your finger nails are clean. Small point to be made but I can’t stand when people review products with disgusting hands…makes it impossible to pay attention to what they’re saying. Nice review, I was between this and the pax but I think the accent has the edge for the longer battery life, easier to clean and the fact it can do oils as well as dry herb. Cheers

Bob BURRILL says:

Excellent review. Best one i’ve seen on the Ascent yet. Thanks….

Hugh says:

Being from outside US seeing those F temps all holy shit noooo

LotusKaiP says:

I’m looking for a quality, yet economical convection portable pen. what do you recommend? 

Five Star Man says:

bought one on wednesday, awesome vape.  couldn’t be happier.  it does smell a lot on high temps but still coverable.

LotusKaiP says:

conduction vs convection. your take?

lyndon.m says:

does this get really hot if you use it for long periods of time ??

PocketableTech says:

Check out my full in-depth review of the DaVinci Ascent portable vaporizer by +DaVinci Vaporizer

Video: http://youtu.be/hUAgWIh6vxI

Loghan Moore says:

The Ascents charger has to do with the fact that you can vape while charging without having to worry about messing up your battery.

Jason Lortie says:

Pre-used it a bit earlier i got one today the battery is dead. Now charging ! Can’t wait. Cheers.

Haboobeker Naimee says:

my first unit i reviewed is the firefly,i like how you mentioned that this unit takes a while to charge compared to the firefly which takes 45mins.i guess its the price you pay to vape with portability.i like how they let you design your units now with different colors.good review man. 

Cody Catania says:

junk the taste is horrible this thing is not even worth $5 I’m telling everyone right now if you like nasty rubber taste go for things a piece of junk

Daniel Corich says:

High quality review. Nice work.

thenodfather says:

For the more, Refined Stoner.
Smoke Your Blunts, Business Class.

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