Just ordered a couple Ignite CBD disposable pens !! giving my review on how they smoke and taste !! Please enjoy and please subscribe if you liked this video !!! thank you !!!


Hitman4Hire562GUNZ No name says:

Congrats bro I never thought or think i can’t stop smoking weed or dabbing I used to dab 24/7 but cause my situation rn I only smoke VAPES oil THC. I needa smoke something too but cigs are so bad and taste so bad. And same I hate the breathing after I can’t after a blunt. Tell me what you do every day like what you go thru or think to stop smoking weed.

Gexvy says:

Does those CBD makes you high to like weed ? Or it’s just the flavour

mikeiswhite3 says:

$49 dollars?

NLsmurfje09 says:

Doesnt ship out of the US? I cant order out from Europe is that right?

Jordon Liverett says:

Snake oil tbh

Chris Lathus says:

Hey bro what do u recommend lucid or recharge for feeling more like what can u feel more

marcus Gallegos says:

take a dab bro

Jimmi James says:

Fedex or UPS or USPS gave you updates on delivery so THEY GET 10 out of 10, not ignite.


Think it’s worth the money even though they aren’t refillable?

GVW Ricky says:

I like what you do man. Keep up the hard work!

Bonquisha 420 says:

You know they got high on banana peels in the joint. Might wanna give that a go while you’re at it. The placebo effect has to be as good!

Matthew Kelley says:

How long have you been smoking weed?

Jimmi James says:

The people who buy this are stoopid…..dummy boy….#free69

Mike Hatzl says:

Does anyone realize that weed is so fucking great it’s impossible to give it a bad review? It doesn’t matter what fucking form weed is in you cannot give it a bad review. it’s literally statistically mathematically applied scientifically impossible.

Anonymous Person says:

I got one and I was just wondering if the flavors are bad for you like the ones in the juul

DylannnG says:

How does Dan’s dick taste?

Dan Worwood says:

How much are they?

send it says:

MCT might be better than any other carrier. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t bad to be inhaling into your lungs… Quick google scholar search “mct/coconut oil respiratory irritant”
dry herb vapes with charlottes web, harlequin, acdc and etc is a much better alternative for people who want to take cbd in a healthier way…

Youric Hunt says:

what do u tell ur barber?

Chris Lathus says:

Just got mine a day after using I lost the taste it’s
Not bubblegum it’s like burnt has it happened to yoi

Brady Alters says:

Unfortunately mine ran out after 4 days of using around 10-12 hits. I messaged customer service so we’ll see what happens. Blood orange is tasty tho

Sir mota says:

Yo I’m dead this guy is ripping all of y’all off

Quinn Myers says:

Do not buy these Ignite products…..

P K says:

Can you refil it?

Colin Hobbs says:

How was the recharge for focus, energy and working out

Another Angry NPC says:

Your address bro lol.. U probably know tho

Justin Korbel says:

I bought two pens… For me of hardly using it… It lasted one day… Of hardly using it… Do not buy it.. Waste of money

I know im stupid but says:

How much he pay you

Mgtow Man says:

Pure snake oil. I assure you cbd is a complete sham.

owen coleman says:


Salvador barajas says:

For the price point I could definitely say there’s better cbd cartridges for the price point. I wouldn’t recommend pending that much for them

rbc74 says:

How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

Chris Sawyer says:

Great video. Anytime you you’re tempted to smoke go to the gym and kill a workout. If you ever get the calm version of the pen please make a review of it

marcus Gallegos says:

too much money

Santi B says:

How long did it take to arrive?

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