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Storz & Bickel truly started the vaporizer revolution that took place towards the end of the last millennium. The Volcano was the first device to have household name recognition, and it was/is well deserved. The Crafty represents Storz & Bickel’s first foray into the portable device market. With the tremendous expectations a user has when a device has a sibling like the Volcano, can this unit truly impress? Should have Storz & Bickel stuck to desktop devices? Join me as we explore Germany’s finest portable export.

0:27 Components Of Kit
3:18 Crafty Unit
5:03 How To Use
5:42 Filling Aid
6:44 Device Operation 
8:27 Charging the Unit
9:19 Crafty App
11:41 Flexibility 
12:48 Cleaning The Unit
13:21 Cleaning Demonstration 
16:02 Battery Life
17:00 Heat Up Time
18:02 Taste
19:08 Size Of Toke
20:04 Harshness / Smoothness
21:00 Smell
21:18 Ruggedness 
21:45 Efficiency 
22:20 Stealth Factor
22:43 Strength Of Effects
23:08 Price/Value
24:24 Favourite Things
25:58 Gripes
27:07 Final Thoughts

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Taco Tuesday says:

Damn good video. 10/10. Also agree with Steven, nice fingernails haha.

Sev060 says:

did you get a manicure for this video?

Zarren Spry says:

Nice urb 😀

jongalt26 says:

Dude, thats Dream Theater !!! Fuck Yea!!!
thanks for the awesome review too.

Based Riven says:

Do you sell the vaporizers you review but don’t use them daily? I’m interested in a pax 1 or 2 if you want to sell them for a decent price

MrTruemassa says:

nice review bro

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

@joe snow not it’s fairly smell neutral when packed, you shouldn’t be able to smell it much at all if you’re not using it at the time

Caleb Chavez says:

which vape gets u more baked with the same amount this or the solo 2??

Denis petek says:

Bought it.

I cant describe it with words. What a flavour. I really recommend this device.

lilsam2889 says:

i was wondering about the battery. i charged my crafty fully and didnt use untill 2 days later and it was at half charge. so im wondering if i leave it for a month without charge would the battery be completely dead to the point of it wont charge anymore

Matt Curtis says:

Sweet thanks for the review. Grasshoppper full review coming soon?

Sebastian YSL says:

Hey man, no offense but you get manicures- am I right?

Helt Weg says:

What are crasy pants could you make a vid or ss snappacking day
AWeSOME FIRM did an OFF last year cheers nice vid dude
Craking some slutpot

Music Easel Cat says:

Your fingernails look great.

TheFlyingSmidget says:

Fantastic review. Absolutely dying to see your full review of the grasshopper!

Jenefer Angell says:

GREAT review, Sneaky Pete – I was really not using it right until I watched your video. One nifty thing you overlooked (and the fact that you called it awkard should have tipped you off, because nothing these people do is awkward!): Finish grinding with smaller end of the grinder (the one that inserts inside) on the bottom. Put the clear lid over the top and flip it over. Then take your loader piece and screw it on to the upside-down lid. There you go. 🙂

Rickard Eriksson says:

About the leaking. How about placing a thumb over the mouth piece for the few seconds between the tokes? Would that help?

IHiltzGaming says:

Would you recommend this over the pax 2? Worth the price tag?

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

2nd hit is always the best. I’m always hitting it on normal level around 356F and then for the second hit i’m like  “psh, lets hit harder” and I’m always just assuming that I can handle it but nope…I cough every time I think I can do boost on the second or first draw haha.

Joe Snow says:

Loved the review. Quick question, can you smell this unit after packing the herb and after vaping? Would I be able to carry this vaporizer in my pocket and not stink up a room?

Terrial H says:

hello i have a 300$ max spending limit to buy a vape. i want cheap as possable but will pay 300 for quality. would you recommend this model or the Arizer Solo? also i am subscribing:D

madrush999 says:

I appreciate the time you take to get thorough user experience (which only comes from long term use) of each vape you review.  Consistently awesome reviews! 

Have you thought about reviewing a log style vape? When I did a search on youtube, both the E nano and Underdog are lacking in in-depth user reviews!

Thomas Robinson says:

Say ‘tamp it down’ one more time…

Romano says:

Fuck it…..mine just died…Go to turn it on & it flashes red/yellow red/yellow repeatedly. Anyone know whats wrong ?

lucky3026 Lucky says:

The problem I’ve been having is I’ll buy one then 3 months later it breaks. No matter what vape I’ve used. I keep it clean and don’t over use it. Can you suggest a good vape I can use a couple times a day that will last at least a year?

Popcorn says:

That was one of the best crafty reviews I’ve seen. In depth and high quality. Thanks for all the effort you put into this.

leoleonardo says:

Great review.

Apex Coup'detat says:

can you dab with this?

Hasan Dharamsey says:

Awesome review man definitely gona buy this unit :). On a different note, Can I use this has a pure Convection Vape, meaning take a decent size hit and turn the unit off and come back to it after a while and start vaping again from the same herb used to take my first hit.

aussem says:

Efficiency wise, what saves more money with herb usage compared to the crafty?

ThelMaverick135 says:

Great review, I really like these extended review, lots of helpful info and everything is covered. Thanks!

Sean Northrop says:

good review, battery life is fixed in mighty, i also think it heats up faster than the crafty, vapor quality is still amazing and i feel it can hold the heat through the hit better due to the two batteries.

Will Arthur says:

Love your reviews man

Jonathan Mraz says:

I’m thinking about buying either the Arizer Air, the PAX 2 or the Crafty, what would you suggest?

Marc Schroter says:

sick video thanks man! i have the volcano vaporizer and now this crafty. cheers

InhaleAwesomeness says:

So how exactly does one use the liquid pad? Just place it in the chamber and then put the kief/hash/oil on top?

ik0ueasyy says:

Really curious about how high this gets you. I’ve never used a vaporizer before and I am really interested in switching over from joints and blunts to vaporizing. Could someone could let me know the comparison of the highs between the two please. Thank you!

Jkorben says:

hey im thinkin on buyin a crafty, have your given you any problems??

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