CBD Oil Review – CBD Vape Juice Additive 300mg, 500mg

Big J reviews CBDfx’s 300mg and 500mg CBD vape additives!

This is high strength CBD oil at its finest. At 300mg and 500mg of full-spectrum CBD per 10mL bottle, these are our strongest concentration of CBD oils ever. Mix these totally organic CBD vape additives in with your favorite e-juice and enjoy the bold flavor and potency of our 300mg or 500mg formula.


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Issei Hyoudou says:

There’s a 1000 mg one on ebay for like 10 bucks

Matthew Knight says:

I bought about 5 of CBDFX vape pens the mint kind was ”OK” I’m gonna try the 120mg vape additive I’m hoping this isn’t gonna be a complete waste of $60 but I guess I’ll use it later if needed, but I am planning to go with a 1000mg oil hopefully it will knock me on my ass or have me on the floor twitching.

therealvegan runner says:

That brand tastes like s***

Stanley Rakoski says:

I use 1,000

Saved PirateOfGod says:

Does it last long how long?

ItsAndrewWest Wood says:

Really don’t know what is the point of the CBD if you not feel high ???

God's Son says:

Glad that you mentioned Big Pharma. CBD is awesome.

Morganchan Gaming says:

Shit I thought this was unbox therapy

Dude0351 says:

I thought it tasted earthy, but kind of like a bitter honey. Love this product

Nataly Salazar says:

Can you add this to vapes?

Mark Magnus says:

get mine at Sandmark. They have 300,600 and 1000. http://www.sandmarksales.com. Good quality stuff with multiple flavors.

yashin mujib says:

This won’t get me high right sir? I’m so confused w this and dab carts.

Spadez Childress says:

So. . . You add it to your vape juice and then vape like normal?

Jesse says:

How long does the bottle last

Vibezz says:

Damn, Lou sure has let himself go….

Cheese&Bacon 009 says:

Asshole sorry not sorry

SupremeGoCrazy • says:

Can someone explain to me the difference between this and thc ? And also does this get you high ? Is it like weed ? I’m just trying to find a vape oil or some sort I can use and get baked off of

Henry Padilla says:

I heard P.G. becomes toxic when heated

InDroVidual says:

Personally, I think Koi CBD has some bad-ass CBD vape juice. They got some of the best flavors I’ve ever tried, plus the quality is great…

silverss onyoutube says:

I could really use this. I’m in Australia I wonder if I could import this without any problems from customs ?

Stanley Rakoski says:

I use 1,000

Kev PV says:

This has to be one of the dumbest reviews ever. Did you even actually tell us anything we couldn’t get from looking at the box? Holy fuck what a waste of 13 minutes.

1984sFinest says:

It’s NOT approved by the FDA! LOL Omg. it said it’s “produced in an FDA resisted facility”. You can register your house with the FDA if you have a business name and you really felt like it. You don’t even have to specify a drug category to register with the FDA!!! If it’s produced to “Pharmaceutical Standards” that simply means that they followed the “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” guidelines pertaining to Liquids and Soft Foods as a vehicle for drug administration. Do you know what that means? That means they’ve read a list of “Considerations” from the federal government prior to manufacturing or producing said product. Whether or not they choose to follow those guidelines is up to them. It’s not inspected, verified, approved, or recommended by the FDA in any way, shape, or form! That label means absolutely nothing other than that the company can be back-tracked to a federal database. That’s it! Federal compliance is my game and I’ve been playing is for Years! 🙂

Lewis says:

How does he not have more subs?!?!

Joshua Menard says:

How do you get it stronger?

Nick Josef says:

Could you fail a drug test ?

Karina Dixon says:

Your channel is so underrated. Swear you give the best information for both newbies and other connoisseurs THANK YOU

Salah Udeen says:

How is 500mg strong? You can get 3000, 500mg etc for £50/10ml in UK.
Only need 3-4 drops in a 5ml tank of liquid and you’re mellow.

Daniel Miller says:

Great channel and I’m looking where I can buy the best CBD vape liquid to be shipped to UK if anyone can help!!

Polar Bear says:

Guess this douchbag isn’t going to vape it lol, what a pointless review, TIP review the product you are reviewing lol


Can you use it as a vapor

Vol Vapes says:

Great job man . I’m using 500 mg and it has changed my life seriously.

LA says:


GFue says:

Feel like this would be a dumb question to ask, but could I vape it while driving? Or does that fall under a DUI

Know Stigma Steve says:

10:40 Another thing that is guaranteed in life is that there is going to be people trying to make money off of others misfortune. If benefiting others was intended, you would not be pimping out a subpar product. The whole explanation of it being legal due to it being “European Hemp” is bullshit. There are plenty of both extracts and even flower that have THC under the legal limits, way better terps and higher levels of CBDs. I don’t feel like this is a review, I feel like this is an advertisement. CBDs have worked for me, but this specific brand is a con and a half.

Ginger A. Goodin says:

Users of legal age will be able to shop online! https://dailyweedonline.com

Kush G says:

Unboxtherapy tf y doing here

FiregosseGaming says:

WHAT when i clicked and saw his subs i was shocked i would have expected over 300k subs-

Jenn Jassal says:

Great video! Can you add pure CBD oil instead of the CBD additive to a 0mg vape liquid? I’m just concerned about putting the additive that already has VG and PG in it into a vape liquid and it diluting the overall CBD content in my tank. I’d like to go to my local vape shop and pick out what ever flavour I wish, instead of being limited to the pre-made CBD vape liquids flavours. Thanks!

Anthony Schanie says:

Taste like pollen

Know Stigma Steve says:

There are far better options then this and also just because you take CBDs doesn’t mean you should “not see your doctor” 10:06 You may be able to go less or use less meds, but this is bordering on snakeoil BS. Not because CBDs do not have benefits, but because people will hear this and say “well this guy said I don’t have to go see my Doctor anymore”. People hear what they want to, especially medical issues. That type of claim could cause people to not go when they should and then hurt them (and their loved ones) later.

Quality says:

very professional i must say! If you get a better mic im sure you will get more subs.

Kosh800 says:

Without further “ado”

Josue Valenzuela says:

hey man, my friends have some lyft cbd and we always get high on it and its super fun, how come everyone says that cbd does not get you high when i clearly felt it many times

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