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The Boundless CFX is the big brother to the CF by Boundless. The heat comes primarily from conduction, with some added convection as well. The device features great battery life, smooth & cool vapour, 1 degree temperature adjustment, and a bright informative display. It certainly shares some design cues with the venerable Mighty & Crafty, but how does the performance compare? Is this a great value for the money, or is it worth spending more on what the German’s have to offer? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

0:27 Components of unit
2:27 How to use
4:35 How to load concentrate
5:40 How to load dry herb
7:55 Flexibility
8:48 How to clean
10:17 Battery life
10:48 Heat up time
11:31 Taste
12:12 Harshness
12:44 Size of hit
13:23 Smell
13:57 Ruggedness
15:07 Efficiency
15:56 Stealth Factor
16:11 Strength of effects
16:30 Price
16:40 Favourite things
17:26 Gripes
18:18 Final thoughts

You must be of legal age in in your area to purchase any vaporizer product. These products are intended for legal herb use only, do not use them for illegal purposes. Vaporizers are sold as hot air extraction devices, for use in aromatherapy and natural medicine purposes. Any reference or alternate term such as but not limited to – herb, weed, shatter, wax, concentrate, hash, budder, bud etc refers to a legal herb blend or CBD wax.


Chris Lambie says:

love the animal playing in. the background..and good review thinking about getting one

TheMadProphet says:

really nice i think this would be a nice upgrade from a xmax v2 lol

fuzzbuzz49 says:

mine only goes to 220C can anybody help me get it to 430F

john M says:

try filling it up and starting at 430!!!

Eric Chavez says:

Great video!

Matthew P says:

Obviously a crafty knock off but for the price point fuck yea ill take a knock off

GuyGoxx says:

What is the best portable vaporizer? i did a research and mighty looks the best in vapor quality/build quality but now i`ve seen lots of negative reviews and problems.

Will Arthur says:

Which portable do you find yourself using the most at the moment?

Lewy Pierson says:

How does this compare to the Alfa? My Alfa just broke and I’m looking for something new. I loved the Alfa

Frank Zhang says:

Hi I’m trying to decide between the titanic 2 and this vape. From what I’ve read (not knowing either vapes) the titanic 2 is a rebranded cfx but it claims to use a lot more convection and the only review it had looks promising. What do you think would be the better choice? Btw had an Arizer solo before… Does this vape beat the solo in terms of taste or anything?

VWG Reviews says:

I just found you channel and I subscribed. Love your channel. If you get a chance please check out my channel and if you like please subscribe. 🙂

Dorian Appeldoorn says:

Is there a large difference in vapor quality/amount with the CF? And in battery life? I have an Arizer solo, how does it compare to that? I was especially attracted by the smallness of the CF, I was looking into the Flowermate Mini first, but this one sprung out of nowhere and sparked my interest.

Āris Plūģis says:

thanks for review! first time see this vape. looks like a copy/paste from Mighty. nothing bad about that. if this Boundless can do a similar job for less dollar, then copying is OK with me.

bay ze way,… are you planing to do a FocusVape review? in community this vape is surprising everybody. i’m hardcore using Focus for 3 weeks now. so far so good. i’m doing a reliability test for that thing. and it is still alive no matter how hard i tied to kill it.

Bruce Nathaniel E. Lee says:

should i buy this one or should i just save a little bit and buy mighty?

William Ross says:

Mine just arrived and the display is in Celsius. Does anyone happen to know how to change it to Farenheit? Thanks.

Medieval jedi says:

i think the cotton on that concentrate barrel is a filter thats why the hole goes down the cotton might prevent spillage to.

Gibarian says:

Animals As Leaders!!!!!!

Bianca Velasco says:

Awesome video! The CFX is amazing!

Jeff YouTube says:

I agree with your comment to the manufacturer’s to stop making vaporizers that are multipurpose just for the sake of it. Especially if it is not very good at either herb or concentrates. Doing one thing really well is all that we ask for. I hope that they listen.

ting280 says:

what would be your suggestion for the best concentrate vaporizer? the one I use has a cotton wick and low quality coil and it chokes me, I hate it but its what I have.

Romano says:

I have alot of portables, including the crafty and this unit. For the price its a great unit!!! If you want less resistance unscrew the metal mesh holder out of the top section and leave it fully open then get yourself some small mesh buckets which sit perfectly into the chamber and use them as the mesh filter itself…… Works really well. Battery life is great on this unit.
Great review BTW. Thanks

jack van lierop says:

Could you do a vaping kief video?

ThelMaverick135 says:

Great video, in-depth and informative. Thanks!

Acid Skies says:

So you don’t have to pack the chamber tight? no liquid pad or pusher needed?

Paul N says:

such an underrated vaporizer

samsacre says:

good show Bud! just ordered the CF the lil brother to the CFX got it for 109 USD on Same same just smaller and no display screen! just lights!

Stefan Stefanovic says:

Is it worth to spend a $100 more for a pax 2?

hellomoto123ish says:

Great review. I’m gonna buy one now

Wavy Vaporizers says:

great review. For the price of this unit it just might be the crafty and mighty killer/competition. Stay wavy my friend.

Wavy Vaporizers says:

btw congratulations on the website

Walter Woshid says:

I’m sorry for dumb question like that, but I’m a rookie, because you know, everybody gonna begin somewhere. So when I buy some flavour concentrates from where do I put this into this device? In the oil chamber? With the cotton? Or without? Because the concentrates from this site are… liquid. Im kind of confused. Thx in advance and forgive my stupidity 😛

scottyc202 says:

This vs. the Goboof Alfa??

isaac robles says:

Very good video. I’m buying it.

Carphi2000 says:

Great review, is there a specific reason why you preffered this one over the CF? (apart from the LCD?)

Bruce Nathaniel E. Lee says:

which vaporizer is better? this one or crafty?

N1v3K77 says:

Been watching a couple off reviews now and whereas others say this is one of few real convection units, you immediately start off by saying it’s not.
So what is it .. !?

Jinthan Ran says:

do a review on a extreme Q

Tsunami Scott says:

To be fair, this vape is really a hybrid system. The internals prove that.


I just bought it as my first vaporizer. The first time i hit it the taste was awful… the taste was unpleasant and disgusting almost like a plastic.. Should I return it or how many cycles would I have to run it in order for it to go away

Sean Walker says:

Which would be an all around better device, the Boundless CF/CFX or the Haze Duel v3? I can’t decide!!

omgmmm3 says:

Another awesome review!!!! I don’t know why anyone would bother with another reviewer other than yourself and Vaporizer Wizard. You guys put all the others to shame.

PocketableTech says:

Very nice review brother. I like how you get so in-depth. I’m pretty excited to check out their Hybrid device their coming out with which vapes dry herb on one side and e-liquids on the other end. Keep up the great work man!

dub warrior says:

it works good also with a little more solid material then wax? thanx for the review

Claire Bennett says:

Mouthpiece is easy to break.

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