Blue Lotus | Smoke Review | Ep.2

Video 2 in our smoke review series where we identify the ancient herb, explain its qualities, and test the effects for ourselves! This herb originated along the nile river, with flowers 10-5 cm, dark purple in colour ranging to yellow towards the centre. Containing a substance known as apomorphine as the active ingredient.

*This video was filmed without a mic in which we will be investing in soon*

ALSO. many plans for future travels are ahead so keep posted!

Thanks for the cooperation, and enjoy the video.


George Jensen says:

4:40 wtf that was a huge hit. You clearly are a pro

Saeed Bodair says:

You guys should mix crack and weed on the next episode.

Saris X says:

Thanks for the post– I was curious sbout the Blue Lotus- I do not inhale smoke- but will give it a try as an edible or tea- :0

miles says:

Try amanita muscaria

Noah Wright says:

you guys need to do a video on Salvia

Aquarius Wright says:

Btw,you don’t smoke it to get high u brew it into yes then drink it before you got to sleep it stimulates the part of you brain that produces REM sleep for lucid dreams get your info right

andrew rothenberg says:

I respect you guys because you are coming from a strictly analytical point of view. Stay on the high road and stay on the path. Always remember to respect the plants. Om Shri

xRoadRebelx says:

Lmao you dudes are cool af

Rooin Maggot says:

Has anybody tried the resin? How does it compare to the flower?

don johnson says:

They used to have this ‘ Buddha blend ‘ herbal mix on eBay that had lotus extract. Pretty strong, but it also had cbd/hemp extract. I’ve never gotten any noticeable effect from the lotus plant material by itself

Kendall Phillips says:

I’ve been taking Kratom for years, the people I buy it from sent me a big bag of these blue lotus flowers. I’m just tryna see the best way to get it down. I burn, but maybe tea is better? I dunno. Thanks for the vid

Pixelated_ says:

Hey! Great video, super informative! Quick question though, where did you buy it?

Jack Hubbard says:

Hey, just wanted to say that your decription says that it contains apomorphine, however it actually contains aporphine 🙂

Dire Darlings says:

Are those just the purple petals or the yellow parts too?

er br says:

Does anyone else want to karate kick tyr middle guy in the head.

King Rat says:

Kratom is your friend. Been taking it for two years. Highly recommended

p4l4ti4l says:

I’m interested in trying this, I’ve only smoked weed and I’m really intrigued by psychs, but I know I’m not ready for the more intense ones

Ava J Lawrence says:

Where do I get some?

Michael Abraham says:

Question, did you guys buy your stuff in person or did you order it online?

paul productions says:

Drugs were a delicacy in the ancient world, in some cultures for high society class and most of it originated in Asia.

Laxis 710 says:

My buddy has that same bong; too bad it’s broken…

Anal Rampage says:

Yo that shits week asf we used to smoke like three tube cigs packed full of blue lotus in the morning on the side streets before school it was not strong at all. We also ordered shit tons of kratom before they fucking outlawed it. That shit was amazing. Take like five of those capsules and it felt like Vicodin or perks. Best part is its a plant too man a 100% natural herb. And it was helping all kinds of people from older people who did not want to take pain killers to addicts getting off pain pills and shit. But big pharma couldn’t have that happening not with their money at play. So they literally had it ban in all of america.

Gen X Posed Personal Account says:

Any recommendations re: bongs? I ask as your friend Brandon (?) appears to be King Bong :). I typically vape and do edibles, but when it comes to milder herbs (like Blue Lotus), I think a bong hit (or 12) might be more fun. 🙂

Gen X Posed Personal Account says:

Great channel! You seem like very cool guys, and this is coming from a fellow canuck! 🙂

I have tried vaping blue lotus (mixed 1:1 with cannabis), but prefer to use the 50 or 100x extract, blending it with ice water and lemon. I find it to be mildly psychedelic, with empathogenic MDMA-like (and other :P) effects in higher doses. It is very relaxing, without the couch lock, mind fog, or eventual green out. That said, it can help to produce vivid if not lucid dreams.

kim vaughn says:

You know alot about African culture wow

Elijah Ragland says:

if its anything like passionflower then im dissapointed. ive smoked a ton of that stuff over and over again and its frankly more noticeable as a tea. i wouldnt even really call passiflora incarnata a real high, youll get more out of peganum harmala because its a higher concentration per g and even then its better to smoke extract. im gonna assume its the same case here and buy extract over herb.

Wild Woody says:

I thought this was just 3 guys getting high on a couch saying how high they are like 90% of these channels. But this was actually very informative 🙂

Kody Lee says:

green tea is an amazing pick me up in morning. It doesnt burn your chest either! weed actually burns harsher.

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