Bear blend honest review. Is it any good?

Reaview of bear blend smoking herbs. Mugwort, red raspberry.


Scott Warmbier says:

Thanks Layne – I just placed my order (and I’m in Ohio too) – I smoke a tobacco pipe (very) occasionally and was looking for a tobacco alternative so I can enjoy the “ritual” without some of the concerns (not really health as I don’t really inhale pipe tobacco smoke) associated with tobacco in general. Sounds like it wasn’t a bad experience (not harsh or bad tasting) but no real “effect”. In one of Bear Blend’s videos they mix with some tobacco – worst case I can do the same with some basic virginia or burley. Worst case – I’ve just blown $40 on three tins – I’m certain I’ll “waste” as much at the taproom this weekend.

Spacetacular89 says:

Odd that you dont get any real effect, I know that valerian root relaxes you when taken alone, as I’ve used it before for that reason and it worked; it’s in the ‘drank’ herbal blend drink and it works just fine.

shockalocka hockafocka says:

I did a review on this bullshit ass product I was so-so dissapointed. I found some great legal shit no synthetic or harmful chemicals. If u want to try it I’ll send you a bag for free. If u like it hit me up and we can do business. I’m going to make a review and I want you to make a review on it when u test it out and receive it. More people need to experience this greatness. Afterwards I’ll put it up on eBay or Amazon. So other people just like me and you can experience this greatness.

Ben Paid says:

I guess it must be different for some people because I get the total opposite. I was a heavy smoker for many years of high grade marijuana before I went into trucking and went to trying this product and have been using it ever since with great results. I don’t even miss smoking marijuana because this gives me just enough of a relaxation to chill at night. Everyone that I’ve let try it that still smoke weed says that they like it. Your the first person I’ve ever seen that says it does absolutely nothing so that might just be your personal tolerance level being way too high.

jay man says:

Thanks for your honesty bro

Shawn Carroll says:

You find any herbs or alternative smokes yet that gives that effect?

Bear Blend says:

We are sorry to hear that your were disappointed with your experience. We do not make any claims about the psychoactive effects of the herbs. All of the reviews on our website and video reviews on youtube are from real customers who have had real experiences. The only videos that our company makes are available on the Bear Blend channel. Sometimes the experiences may be subtle, especially to those who are accustomed to stronger effects. We appreciate you for taking the time to share your experience. Thank you.

NewyorkDude says:

I bought 3 dry herb, vision, the purple and the red one did nothing… then I bought 3 “vaping” oil thinking that it was stronger didn’t completely nothing. I will give it a 0/10. Don’t buy it.

TripleM__QGTM says:

I loved their blends, but everyone is different, been a loyal customer for months now, definite great alternative to cigs or weed.I roll mine in fronto leaf and its great for relaxing.Dream Lodge did make me sleepy,so I only order one blend now.

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