Atmos Raw Vaporizer Review

Well…I had hoped this would finally be the pen vape for leaves and flowers that everyone has been hoping for. It does what it does pretty well. Sadly what it does isn’t what its supposed to do.


If you are going to buy it, and many do to use as an electronic device that might overheat, be sure to do it from an authorized retailer.


street 75 says:

damn ..some bitter pathetic losers on these comments.bunch of unhappy poor ppl or something.little dick losers.haha.anyway..i guess ppl do use glass filters.question answered.

Rogue Rock says:

I smoked flowers n leaves. Didn’t get high.. got me sick.. no thc in leaves and dirt.
I did “get high” w cannabis tho ..

Eron Ibarra says:

trippy stix is the way to go

96rangerdude says:

Bought this from Groupon just a week or two ago and received it 3 days ago. Package i got had a glass screen included with it as well as an oil chamber. This is the second one I’ve bought of this exact style and it works great. The glass screen does its job in separating the herb from the element. I only use it every few hours so I give it one warm up cycle then just vape away after that.

Side note: I’ve removed the spring from both pens I have, no advantage of having it in there from what I’ve seen and allows me to pack more in there

Brian Frosst says:

are you guys going to review the source ORB? i dont think there is any better pen vape out there for wax

street 75 says:

ok..bought one THEN watched reviews…my mistake.i needed a vape to HEAT the bud and have very little smoke.if any. i ordered it a few hours ago. do u think its possible…if u lightly wet the bud…would it vape and not burn the bud. or hell no. and would a tiny thin washer…or those tiny glass screens u can buy thrown in the chamber keep the bud from burning?

L Vega says:

Now that pen vapes for dry herbs have evolved (this being almost 3 years after this video was posted), have you found any good pen-style vapes for dry herb?  I’ve heard that the Atmos Boss is a true vape, but I’ve also heard complaints that it’s hard to suck any vapor out of it.

iRonMrx says:

I like this guy’s reviews, but my Atmos does NOT combust dry herb because I always use it the glass screen so the herb doesn’t touch the coil. One thing this (or any) vape pen won’t give you is a mouthful, let alone lungful, of delicious vapor as most other non-portable vapes will do. So, it’s a different high, more mellow, lighter buzz, but very nice for being out and about.

FrostByte says:

I have this pen and it is HORRIBLE. Do NOT trust the prick behind the counter.

Brett Grauss says:

I completely agree with this review… I loved the pen because it worked well and was discreet, but it did combust the herb (I didnt really care though). I didnt even know about the glass screen.
Unfortunately a few years ago the coil fell out at a wiz khalifa concert, and I lost parts to the mouthpiece and filter (cant really remember exactly all that happened) and it didn’t work anymore.
It did it’s job for the price I payed while I owned it tho so no regrets!

Aman Singh says:

you sound like Obama when you end your sentences. 

Aaron Hamilton says:

well for one that is not where you put the weed yes this pen does suck but this guy making the video is also a dumb asd

Enzo says:

U gotta put a small screen in there dummy

Amanda Gonzalez says:

Well problem one, he packed way to much bud in the chamber

christy nebeker says:

I just got this pen yesterday and I am having a hard time getting it to burn.  Is the coil supposed to stay on the whole time I have the button pushed?  Am I supposed to let it het up some how?  I have the glass filter in it as well.  It’s fully charged and I’m pretty sure I have it all connected right.  Just can’t get a drag.

sprdvx says:

It should be called a pipe

Kraft says:

Enjoying some nice illegally bought cannabis out of this.

Ryan Anderson says:

my buddy uses this to hoot is oil. pretty sure its not vapin though. good way to do stealth oil blade hits for sure! There only worth 40 bucks here cause they are shit

Erik Pye says:

The dry herb attachment might make all the difference for your Atmos! We find that while people might need to replace parts more frequently, they reported better results when switching back and forth. A bit troublesome, but perhaps worth a shot! Cheers!

scott davies says:

i dont use the ceramic mouth filtre , you get better blasts….

MrNoah2009 says:

he didnt use a glass screen… that would have avoided cumbustion alittle bit anyway

Albert Myrick says:

Thanks. Just saw an ad for this and wondered if it was any good (now I know).

Travis Smith says:

this guy is an idiot, it’s not for dry material

Mathew Karim says:

i have the same kind of pen and it smokes fine i had to replace the battery with a better bigger battery

samlio325 says:

My dry herb attachment is clogged . How do I fix it

March Hare says:

Has anyone used the 8mm honeycomb glass screen with this pen?

Resilient says:

What’s a good rechargeable vapor pen that blows thick smoke?

BetterYouBetterWorld V says:

any good cheap dry heb vape pens?

Jon Finwall says:

tjis atmos shit is garbage = waste of money and time. Buy something else

Virginie Squaratti says:

this vape is not for dry herbs how can you review something if you don’t even use it correctly????

LaserDroid says:

It’s a total piece of shit, my local shop guy sold it to me like it was amazing. He and Atmos are a bunch of con artist. It’s not a vape and they continue to sell it as such, it’s a con.

420Rza says:

Don’t buy this peice of shit.

1LesbianStoner AngelKM420 says:

I find using a glass screen on top of the coil helps prevent burning

clerus17 says:

The best for Herbal is V Cloud Phantom

EaStxVaNxiNc says:

it’s not for dry herb it’s only for oils no matter what they say

Jigsjigz says:

Is there a good Dry herb pen yet? 

hobokengirl4you says:

The pen is ok … I have it … But u have to be sure not to pack it too tight and I have to constantly refill it because the chamber is indeed too small and def burns really quickly…

Justin White says:

can u smoke weed out of them

Jmagok says:

arggggghhhh this is so fucking frustrating, I already own the silver surfer vaporizer which is very effective yet not very practical (loads of glass parts) I am looking for something more portable, the most promising one ive seen is the T-vape but I cant find it for sale except from their u.s website ($179 plus another 45 for shipping ,fuck that) I want to stop smokin wen on the go but have little alternative 

Stanley Steamer says:

Sorry but your just a noob

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